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Boyfriends Luke Montgomery and Nate Gudias Are On a 2-Man Mission to Rescue Haiti. Want to Help?

The Haiti earthquake disaster has left nearly 200,000 people dead. It has also given boyfriends Luke Montgomery and Nate Gudias the opportunity to become heroes.

The pair have launched Cause Commandos, a true grassroots effort that raised $10,000 for drugs and medical supplies, baby formula, tents, and other much needed supplies. Then Luke (a branding consultant and the activist once known as Luke Sissyfag) and Nate (an environmental researcher) got on a plane, took everything there, and began working side-by-side with relief workers.

Not just because the pair have warm souls, but because Luke used to live in Haiti, where he founded an AIDS orphanage — which miraculously managed to survive was destroyed, but no children were injured.

“We’re not disaster aid professionals but we just had to take action, so we simply got on a plane,” says Nate. “After landing in the Dominican Republic we went to local medical supply stores and pharmacies and loaded up on antibiotics, prescription painkillers and other essentials from bandages to baby formula, from IV fluids to injection syringes. We crammed every inch of our big rented SUV full of supplies and every bag we had was overflowing with urgently-needed drugs. We then drove all through the night to the Haitian border. There we hooked up with the Dominican navy. We loaded our all of our supplies onto a relief ship and set sail for Haiti and have been running back and forth ever since.”

While there’s much debate over how to “best” assist the Haitian relief effort, and whether institutional relief organizations can provide the best return on the dollar, we fully support Luke and Nate’s on-the-ground personal effort. You can donate to their project here, where they say 100 percent of all donations go toward relief.

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  • AlanInSLCUtah

    What a wonderful couple. I hope they are successful with their mission.

  • B Damion

    This just melts my heart. God bless them both.

  • Fitz

    Bigger men than me. I’ve sent some small monies.. but I would never have this kind of devotion and courage.

  • Nick

    That’s Luke Sissyfag!

  • mojojojo

    Is that really Luke Sissyfag? When did he get so butch?

  • Georgy Pie

    Fitz, every contribution helps, no matter how small. Good for you. Sending a smile to you.

  • A now confused John from England

    Who is lukesissy fag? Or are we being funny? Over my head! And Fitz, it all counts. :-)

  • Nick

    He heckled Bill Clinton during a speech

  • Freddie

    I’m so glad the previously misguided ex-Luke Sissyfag has found a new trendy avenue for his occasional craving for fame. The thin-bear look is so now!

    Poverty chic!

  • mojojojo

    I had heard he became an ex-gay at one point. Is that true?

  • Nick

    A friend told me that, and it sounded vaguely familiar. The last thing I remember was his race for DC mayor. I heard that he ran off with his campaign donors’ money before the election, but that may just be a rumor.

  • Jason

    um, yeah, so run to haiti where they hate gays and help them. um yeah makes sense. media whores.

  • Mike C.

    Their whole website stinks of ego. Every photo on the website is of them, heroically shielding black babies. And then there’s the tough model poses. The beginning of their video features 10 seconds of their logo and photos of themselves.

    Look up Luke Montgomery, his self-written, self-aggrandizing Wikipedia entry reads horribly, and it sounds like this Haiti mission is to get another citation.

    I wouldn’t necessarily trust guys who seem more concerned with their image and making a statement with my earthquake relief money.

  • Charles Merrill

    Their website says they stock up on prescription pain killing medicine in the Dominican Republic and take it into Haiti. Who is writing the prescriptions and who is injecting it into the Haitians? Are they also doctors ?

  • Mike C.

    They’re definitely not doctors. Nate’s best qualifications, according to the website, is that he graduated from Northern Arizona State University and has a working proficiency of Spanish

  • Sassy

    Aww, bless their souls…

    As a Black woman, I’m touched to see them reaching out to my people. It’s so nice to see good people helping out their fellow human beings.

    Thank you, Luke and Nate. And thank you Queerty blog for sharing their story.

  • KirilleXXI


  • Charity

    Luke Montgomery only does what he does to make draw attention to himself. If you would like to know my story and the interactions I have had with this man please contact me. I have letters full of abusive and foul language that he has sent to me in response to me having asked for my money back when he failed to fulfill an order I placed on

  • Charity

    @Mike C.: never trust your money to this man…so thrilled to know someone else saw past the lies and overdramatization of his heroic efforts

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