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Where the boys are: 5 shows to stream that feature full-frontal male nudity


Spring has sprung once again, and with it, the human libido. Of course, the months of March and April don’t exactly have the best weather for getting out of the house and socializing. Besides that pesky COVID-19 pandemic, there are still fluctuating temperatures, nasty rainstorms, and worse. In other words, we still plan to spend a lot of time stuck in the house.

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Thank goodness for streaming then, which offers no shortage of thrilling series… including some that allow male stars to do the full monty. Find here five of our favorites that make for delightful viewing on a night alone…


This drama about a men’s prison focused on the rivalries–and homoeroticism–between groups of prisoners. The show became notorious for its extended scenes of male nudity, including a number of appearances by Christopher Meloni’s package.

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Here and Now

Not too many people remember this weird HBO series from True Blood creator Alan Ball, and with good reason–we’re still not sure what the heck was going on. The most memorable scenes of the show involved full-frontal male nudity, particularly from the gay character Ramon (Daniel Zovatto), and a number of his boyfriends…including one beau played by Matt Lloyd.

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This Showtime stalwart ran an impressive 11 seasons, and featured no shortage of male nudity, including from stars William H. Macy, Cameron Monaghan, and Noel Fisher. One of our favorites, on the other hand, involves this hilarious scene that features Ryan McIntire in all his naked glory.

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True Blood

God bless Alexander Skarsgård, the handsome Swedish actor who seems to just love getting naked on camera (and hey, if we looked like him, we’d get naked all the time too). That also includes several appearances on True Blood. Our personal fave: the Season 6 finale, which sees him go full frontal and burst into flames.

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Perhaps the most recent entry to this list, Euphoria has generated considerable buzz thanks to its many scenes of naked young men. That includes displays from stars Eric Dane, Ansel Wolf Pierce, Elias Kacavas, and Jayden Marcos, among many others. Every time we watch, we feel the urge to take up wrestling. For some reason.

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