Boys Get Undressed To Save ‘Boom Boom’

California queers pulled out the big guns to save Laguna Beach’s historic gay bar, Boom Boom Room. The Save The Boom Boom campaign recently held auditions to compile Laguna Beach’s finest men in a calendar, which will then be sold to save the BBR from greedy developer’s fat hands.

QueerSighted nabbed exclusive pics of the audition’s twenty finalists, including this shot of our favorite beach bunny, Chris. A former employee of the endangered Boom Boom, Chris just returned to Laguna to study law.

Chris ain’t just a brainiac; he’s also quite the athlete, says QueerSighted: “An avid snowboarder and runner, he’s likely to be seen jogging the trails of Laguna with his law books in hand.”

Because that’s how Laguna lawyers study – through their hands.