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Boys Scouts of America Covered Up Thousands Of Cases Of Child Molestation


The Boy Scouts of America does a great job of kicking out lesbian den mothers. Too bad they’re not as vigilant about weeding out child molesters.

In the Oregon State Supreme Court, the BSA is fighting a legal battle so they won’t have to disclose the organization’s many accused child molesters and their victims. The files, which date back as far as the 1920s, detail around 5,000 cases of sexual abuse allegations made against the BSA.

In one case, a scout master named Dick Turley raped 15 boys over 20 years and was assisted by leaders in covering up his crimes: Boy Scouts officials didn’t call the police after Turley admitted to them that he had molested at least threel boys. Turley returned to Canada, where he signed on with Scouts Canada and continued his abuses for years.

Can we safely assume that the BSA is basically the Catholic Church with merit badges?

Images via RDECOM