Brad Pitt is my Hero

Brad Pitt, the liberal lion of Hollywood, has donated a cool $100,000 to fight anti-gay Prop. 8. “No one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn’t harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8,” Pitt said in a statement. Pitt is one of our truly great movie stars/philanthropist. Leave him some love in the comments. Thanks Brad!

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  • ggreen

    So where’s Clooney’s contribution?

  • tallskin

    Nice gesture by Brad Pitt

    But where are all the other hollywood and music stars’ contributions????

    where’s Madonna’s contribution? That bitch has used the gays since she first started and has never given anything back.


    Thanks Brad!

    Brad and Angelina have always put their money where their mouth is while all the other Hollywood elite it’s all talk but no real show of support when it comes to us. But hey Obama is their guy so what do you expect.

  • Key

    It’s always nice to see Brad making a philanthropic effort, here in the states.

    As for Madge – she is completely self centered. All her charitable donations are only out there because they cast good light on her brand and she rarely follows fully through with them. Better she remains silent rather than half heartedly offering up lip-service to gain more press, imnsho.

  • tallskin

    I do have a question.

    if this anti-gay marriage referendum wins, is there any chance the supreme court might rule it against human rights, or something?

    Cos, if a similar thing were to happen in the EU, eg the British Parliament were to ban gay marriage, the European Court of Human Rights would, probably, rule the individual state’s to be against the human rights of lesbians and gays. Like what happened when the british government’s ban on gays in the military was ruled illegal and the British govt was forced to amend its ban.

  • CitizenGeek


    This would amend the constitution of California, so there would be nothing left to interpret and judges could do nothing about it.

    Brad Pitt is a truly awesome guy!

  • Woof

    (getting back on my soap box) That is why every freaking gay and lesbian in California MUST vote in this election and kill this bill of hate once and for all!

  • Raf

    [joining Woof on his soap box] and volunteer! We really need people to man phone banks (

  • charlie

    Back in high school, I always had this fantasy that the really cool popular guy would stick up for me in public. It took years, but I guess it finally happened. Thanks, Brad!

  • Bill Perdue

    Pitt’s donation is welcome because the rightwing, racist anti-GLBT groups in California are raising more money than we are. There are plenty of GLBT celebs who make money off our communities, and although they may not make as much as Pitt, they make enough to donate to our fight.

    On another subject, racist vermin like tallskin and CHURCHILL-Y may be accidentally correct on this or that issue but their racist attitudes against African Americans, muslims and others combined with their self loathing homophobia makes them unfit for the company of decent people.

  • mark

    Brad Pitt is WONDERFUL, his work to restore New Orleans with green houses…outshines the horse sh*t useless Bush administration.
    Thank You for the donation for EQUALITY

  • Rock

    Brad Pitt, I love you!

    But not as much as Matt Damon. Woof!

  • tallskin

    Perdue, you anal slime, one thing you could never accuse me and churchill of is self loathing homophobia.

    You on the other hand have been guilty of the most blatent anti-gay attitudes in advocating Irish fascism against gays and that vile little island cuba which put gays into concentration camps.

    You really do have a fucking gall coming anywhere near a gay site.

    Go fuck yourself you vile homophobe.

  • Lance

    We need more people like Brad Pitt in this scary world!

  • Cody

    Seriously, where IS Madonna? Kind of annoying…

  • Truth

    Tallskin, you fool no one. Anyone who has read even one of your or Churchill-y’s comments knows you both for the loathesome scum you are.

  • tallskin

    Truth, here is the truth. I don’t hide it. I am not remotely interested in issues around race. I am only interested in gay issues. I comment about race issues only insofar as they intersect with gay issues – and these are usually reports about black or muslim attacks on gays.

    Anyone with even half a brain must surely recognise that despite blacks’ small percentage of the population the proportion of them involved in crimes of violence against gays is off the scale!

    If you want to deal with race issues then I would suggest you find yourself a black issues blog to go infest.

  • michael

    Brad rocks! To have a super hot, beautiful man like him do something like this for our community is such a blessing. I have read interviews of him before where he stated that he thought their was nothing wrong and if thats what you are nobody has the right
    to tell you to be otherwise. Often times it seems like blessings fall on those who are cruel, mean, self centered and egotistical (Madonna). But Brad is a good example that life does bless those
    who are good in heart sometimes. Thank Brad!

  • andy

    I’m definitely buying tickets to his next movie! Thank you Brad! You are a true star and a wonder roll model to the world!

  • Truth

    “Anyone with even half a brain . . . ”

    Well, that certainly explains what’s behind your thinking on the issue.

  • tallskin

    Truth- “Well, that certainly explains what’s behind your thinking on the issue.”

    Oooooo, Miaoooow

    cutting, have you been sleeping in the knife drawer?

  • Mr C

    Hey Kids,

    Miss Tallskinhead says:

    Anyone with even half a brain must surely recognise that despite blacks’ small percentage of the population the proportion of them involved in crimes of violence against gays is off the scale!

    You lying piece of British SHIT. The bottom line is plain and simple you are PREJUDICE! and anyone with half of brain can see that!

    Idiot ass fucker you!

  • tallskin

    Mr c, how is what I say a lie???

    We had this “discussion” a few months ago, when I found all the statistics on black on white crime (and hence black on gay crime).

    It is pretty pointless arguing with you because you point blank refuse to accept the evidence I offer to support what I say and just scream “RACIST” at me. Yet, you have not the ability to provide evidence to the contrary.


    And you have access to a computer, which is perhaps more depressing, cos you can use your paws to clumsily type out gibberish.

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