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Brad Pitt’s Commitment to the Gays (and Pot Smokers) Is Not an Empty Promise!

Watching Brad Pitt discuss serious things is either: 1) much harder with that gray beard he insists on sporting; 2) much easier, with that gray beard he insists on sporting. But we like Mr. Pitt’s comedic take on real politics, the apex of which hit when joked to Sunday newspaper padding Parade that were he to run for the mayor of New Orleans, it would be on an anti-religion, pro-pot, and pro-gay marriage platform. But: He’s not kidding about those things!

Pitt’s support for The Gs (and his lack of support for religious types) ain’t new. Nor is his hi-lar-i-ous approach to these issues. Speaking to Bill Maher on Real Time, though, he had a chance to articulate his stance: “You really have to check what country you’re living in. The freedom that allows you to practice religion is the same freedom you’re stepping on [by opposing gay marriage]. It’s not right. … If there was a nation of gay married couples who were telling you you couldn’t practice your religion I’d be speaking for you too.”

Man, this Brad Pitt guy is swoon-worthy. If it wasn’t his $100,000 donation to Chad Griffin’s Prop 8 lawsuit, or the fact that he’s smokin’, well now we’re totally read to jump in his lap.


Or maybe it’s his proclivity to pose for pictures with giant dildos.

(Thanks, Jon!)