Brad Renfro Oscar “Snub” Solved

A lot of viewers may have noticed Brad Renfro’s absence during the Oscar’s requisite “In Memoriam” montage. Now the Academy’s addressing all those scratched heads: “It was really an editing decision because we can’t fit everyone in. There was no specific reason.” Yeah, they simply couldn’t find aplace for the 25-year old actor who died of a heroin overdose, but ended with the 28-year old who died of an accidental pill overdose. (PS: Did anyone see Roy Scheider in the remembrance?) [Us].

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  • Ari

    Deaths were shown only through Jan 31st 2008. I believe Roy Scheider died after this. That’s why he wasn’t shown.

  • afrolito

    It was incredibly tacky of them to ignore Brad Renfro, and that bullshit excuse does not fly with me. His contributions to film seem just as important to me, as those of anonymous stuntmen/caterers/technicians/makeup artists, who no one watching knew existed.

  • Jack Jett

    I thought the entire show kinda sucked. I love John Stewart and he seemed off. I liked the chick who won for playing Edith Piaf.

    The rest of it seemed like Disney on Ice, only without the ice.

  • marco

    I cant believe that dissed Brad like that! They dissed Whoopie Goldberg in the best moments/hosts tribute too!

    Do you know that The “in memoriam” montage is my favorite part of the Oscars! I don’t know why…does anyone else eagerly await that part like I do? Or am I just weird?

  • dVd

    Like they said, they can’t include everyone. As far as the tribute including behind-the-scenes people, well its not all about just actors, and those people are clearly important to the Academy. (btw, I had never heard of Brad Renfro until after he died.)

  • Alexa

    I can definitely understand including behind the scenes people, but publicists? I’m pretty sure there were a couple of those listed. And the fact that so many people are asking why Brad Renfro wasn’t included and are calling it a snub is pretty damning evidence that they fucked up.

  • The_Latino

    Even in death or in the Oscars, this kid couldn’t get a break.

  • Maverick69

    He passed away Jan. 15, 2008. ( A Week before Heath) R.I.P.

  • Paul Raposo

    Liberal Hollywood at it’s best. And no, marco, you’re not weird.

  • jiminportlandoregon

    Yes, it is horseshit that they didn’t have “room” for Brad Renfro. However, as far as Roy Scheider goes, he died in February and the memoriam was from February 1, 2007 to January 31, 2008.

  • G

    I seem to remember them leaving out Jonathan Brandis the year he died as well.

  • marco

    thanks paul! ((hug))

  • Vic

    Couldn’t fit him in the montage?? Well, BAFTA could in their’s earlier this month…

  • Rick

    hmmmmmmmmmm. they managed to get all the agents in.

  • gay as life

    Oh please. It’s the Oscars. It’s Hollywood crap. Nobody cares.

  • Scott

    Oscars have always been selective. Last year they left out Yvonne DeCarlo. At least Heath Ledger was in an Oscar nominated film. Renfro, RIP, but he was below the radar for the most part.

  • todd

    Where was ROY? He was in Jaws, the highest grossing film of its time. One year they left out Peggy Lee – who wrote the score of Lady and the Tramp. Stupid Oscars.

  • rock

    Roy Scheider was also an Oscar nominee for Best Actor in “All That Jazz” and was an excellent actor.

    I too look forward to seeing the montage tribute to those that have passed. It is sad but to me a fitting tribute to some amazing actors/actresses/directors, etc.

    I also thought they horribly slighted Whoopi Goldberg, who was the first African American woman to win an Oscar in modern times (Hattie McDaniel won in 1939 but for a very stereotypical role in Gone with the Wind) and Whoopi was the first women to host the Oscars.

    This was the 80th Oscars and they did nothing special to bring back many of the bygone era Hollywood stars….as they did at the 75th anniversary….

    Did anyone notice that many of the presenters were also television stars but not stars from the movies…I thought I was watching the Emmys and not the Oscars….

    I thought it deserved its lowest ratings in history for the Oscars….it was miserably horrible.

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