Brad Walsh Gay Basher Terminated

Good news, readers!

The Yuengling truck driver who attacked photographer Brad Walsh has been sacked. From Mr. W’s blog:

Regarding the incident from last week, I have been contacted by the distributor that Yuengling contracted to deliver their product. After the distributor was notified of the incident (albeit nearly a week after the incident occurred and was reported to Yuengling, and merely a matter of hours after the story was reported by several news sources) they called the driver and his union in to discuss. I have been told that the driver was terminated.

Yuengling also released a statement again reiterating that the driver worked for an independent distributor and insisted the attack was “against all principles Yuengling holds true.”

Walsh is super thankful for everyone who spoke up for him. He would shed tears of gratitude, but he lost his tear ducts in a freak accident. It was very sad.