Brad Walsh Gay Basher Terminated

Good news, readers!

The Yuengling truck driver who attacked photographer Brad Walsh has been sacked. From Mr. W’s blog:

Regarding the incident from last week, I have been contacted by the distributor that Yuengling contracted to deliver their product. After the distributor was notified of the incident (albeit nearly a week after the incident occurred and was reported to Yuengling, and merely a matter of hours after the story was reported by several news sources) they called the driver and his union in to discuss. I have been told that the driver was terminated.

Yuengling also released a statement again reiterating that the driver worked for an independent distributor and insisted the attack was “against all principles Yuengling holds true.”

Walsh is super thankful for everyone who spoke up for him. He would shed tears of gratitude, but he lost his tear ducts in a freak accident. It was very sad.

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  • villager

    *whew, i didn’t want to have to give up drinking yuengling.

  • An Other Greek

    but really, shouldn’t this have been a police matter?

    The guy WAS assaulted, right?

    And why no lawsuit?


    Yeah, and if he was working for an independent contractor and not them how could Yuengling have called him and his Union to terminate him.
    Seems to me that they’re trying to wiggle themselves out of a possible lawsuit.
    I still think he should’ve put some lead in that homophobe’s body and then called the police.

  • Kree

    He did make a police report, and it’s up to them to investigate, but I am glad to see that Yuengling took appropriate action.

  • Woof

    Gay justice is served

  • mark

    Sometimes We WIN.

  • Sally Duval

    I have a lot of gay friends and I love that Brad Walsh saw justice. Now, if only he tried to convince his boyfriend, Christian, to get rid of the Edith Head look. It’s not flattering.

  • D.B.

    Yuengling didn’t terminate the truck driver — the driver’s employer, a independent beer distributor, terminated him.

    Yuengling’s only real connection to this incident is that they were unlucky enough to have an ad painted on the side of the distributor’s truck. While I am very glad justice was served, I find it a wee bit troubling at the rush to place blame on Yuengling.

  • John Fredson

    maybe the fag should stop crying and have called the police when the incident happened. i think he’s making it all up. he was probably thinking about smoking some pole and walked into the path of the truck

  • rob bargery

    dudes are gay

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