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Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer share kiss while filming new movie

Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer
Bradley Cooper and Matt Bomer (Photo: Shutterstock)

Bradley Cooper is currently busy in New York shooting the movie, Maestro, in which he plays the legendary composer and conductor, Leonard Bernstein.

Bernstein, who died in 1990 and is probably best remembered for scoring West Side Story, was gay. However, rising to prominence in the 1950s, he kept his sexuality a public secret and even married a woman, with whom he remained married until she died in 1978.

It’s uncertain what exact aspects of Bernstein’s life Maestro will cover, but clearly, his sexuality is addressed. Yesterday, paparazzi photographers caught Cooper, 47, in character, sharing a tender kiss with co-star Matt Bomer, 44.

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The scene was shot on a sidewalk beside a Manhattan park. Bomer is playing a clarinet player with whom Bernstein had a brief romance. Joining the actors at one stage was Kate Eastman, who plays the wife of Bomer’s character.

TMZ and the Daily Mail ran several photos of the scene being filmed. Cooper, as well as starring in the movie, is also its director.

After kissing Bomer, Cooper—as Bernstein—was filmed skipping happily down the street and waving his arms in joy.

Maestro is being filmed for Netflix. Last week, the streamer released the first official photos from the movie, showing both Cooper as Bernstein later in life, and as a younger Bernstein, alongside Carey Mulligan, who plays his wife of almost three decades, Felicia.

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein
Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein (Photo: Netflix)

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A release date for the movie has not yet been announced.

Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper in Maestro
Carey Mulligan and Bradley Cooper in Maestro (Photo: Netflix)