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Bradley Cooper Shaves His Body, Whitney Houston’s Biopic Gets Degayed, Kid Rock Doesn’t Want To Marry Gay People


If you already knew that red-neck poster boy Kid Rock is an ordained minister, it’s probably no surprise to learn that he isn’t looking forward to officiating same-sex marriages.

Didi Conn Joins Olivia Newton-John On Stage At Flamingo Las Vegas To Perform

They still go together like rama lama lama… well, you probably know the rest. Beloved entertainer Olivia Newton-John, whose residency at Las Vegas’ Flamingo Hilton is a big hit, got a visit from Grease costar Didi Conn and the two performed a rendition of “Summer Nights.”

Dangerous Minds, one of our favorite sites, unearthed this fascinating 1975 interview with Tim Curry, who reveals he tried to make his Frank N. Furter character more evil for the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Pedro Almodóvar is without a doubt one of the most brilliantly unique filmmakers of all time, but it’s probably best that he turned down the opportunity to direct Brokeback Mountain. The man who gave us Law of Desire and All About My Mother says he was offered the project but found it too “physical.”

Let’s all cross our fingers that Benedict Cumberbatch wins the Oscar for his excellent performance as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game if only so he can continue to give entertaining acceptance speeches like this one from the Palm Springs in which he again salutes the greatness of the late war hero.


If you’ve been wondering whether Lifetime’s upcoming bio of Whitney Houston (airing January 17) will depict facets of her alleged romantic relationship with longtime gal pal Robyn Crawford, Michael Musto reveals that you have to watch carefully for the subtext, such as actress Yolanda Ross as Crawford wearing “a mannish suit” and being “touchy-huggy” with costar Yaya DaCosta, who plays the late icon.


Who knew Turkey had its own version of flamboyant entertainer Liberace? Late singer Zeki Muren sported women’s clothing, outrageous makeup and was held up as a gay icon and is the subject of “Here I am, Zeki Muren,” an exhibit in Istanbul through January 15.


Why is this happening to us?? Typically-hirsute and tan Bradley Cooper, who’s currently starring in American Sniper on movie screens and The Elephant Man on Broadway, appears pale and completely smooth for a Fellini-meets-Hockney-inspired photo shoot for W magazine. Please let this be a bad dream.