Brady v. Manning Bigger Than Civil War

You kids may be surprised to hear this, but football has never been one of our passions. Shocking, yes, but it’s the truth. We’re captivated by this year’s face off not for the fouls, passes, commercials or even the half-time celebration. This year’s Super Bowl captures our attention simply for all the objectifying attention paid to the game’s biggest stars: Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

It seems everyone is debating which player they find preferable.

The Fug Girls are weighing the men’s commercial, physical and tabloid appeal. CBS News offered a hard hitting comparison of the mama’s boy and the playboy, while The Hollywood Gossip keeps it simple: who’s hunkier? America’s obviously got a crush on beefcakes these days, huh? And our countrymen have obviously lost their minds!

We can’t even believe there’s a debate about which boy’s better. There’s no question in our eyes that Brady’s the top QB. His dashing good looks, supermodel girlfriend and innate style aside, Brady’s rise resembles a fairytale. The Patriots front man came East from California, where he attended Catholic high school, headed to Michigan University and hoped to become a pro footballer, but his odds didn’t look good. In fact, the number one stunner didn’t get snatched up until the 6th round of drafts, making him the 199th pick of the season. Manning, meanwhile, comes from a football legacy. His father played pro, as does his brother, Peyton. No wonder the New York Giants picked him up first thing come draft time.

Manning’s path seemed set from the get go. Brady’s natural star appeal and talent helped rocket him into the upper echelons of American celebrity. And, if you ask us, that’s a far greater achievement than just tossing a ball around.

Anyway, you may have seen this homo-toned Brady lust video, but give it another twirl just for kicks.

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