Brandon Routh, Justin Bartha Cast In Gay Couple Roles; JT Likely For Elton Biopic

Holy gay casting news! Brandon Routh and Justin Bartha are set to play gay boyfriends in two separate developing projects, while Justin Timberlake is in talks with Elton John to star in the “Candle in the Wind” singer’s biopic.

Routh, frequently shirtless Superman stud, will play Michael Urie’s partner in an as-yet unnamed CBS comedy pilot from Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, the creators of Will & Grace.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the project stars two architect friends and business partners: Urie as the gay Louis, alongside the uncast straight Charlie. Routh will play “Louis’ steady partner, a former alcoholic, club-hopping model, now a sober, vegan nurse.”

Bartha (left)—that cute guy who appeared in the first 5 minutes of The Hangover—will be playing gay for Ryan Murphy’s NBC pilot, The New Normal. The Hollywood Reporter says that Bartha will star as the partner/husband of Andrew Rannells, who has wowed Broadway audiences while starring in the wildly successful Book of Mormon.

The drama centers on the couple’s quest to raise a child via a surrogate mother named Goldie (Georgia King), whose often racist grandmother will be played by Broadway doyenne Ellen Barkin.

Finally, Elton John’s husband David Furnish told E! News that Elton has had “conversations” with Justin Timberlake about the biopic, but that they’re still “searching for a director.”

“Justin also says he has to feel comfortable with the director and the director has to be comfortable with Justin,” said Furnish. “The chemistry is really important. There’s no race to make this. We’re just going to take the time to make it right.”

That sounds like something you say to a guy who keeps buying you dinner but you don’t really want to sleep with. Do the damned thing already, boys!

Photos via Gage Skidmore, Justin Bartha, Jorge Barrios

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  • nathan

    JT does absolutely NOTHING for me. ughhh

  • William

    Holy God, this CBS show is getting Brandon Routh now?


    They are not messing around. I might actually watch.

  • Aki

    I want to know who Justin is fucking because the guy can’t act his way out of a paper bag

  • Oh, ok.

    If only Brandon Routh had played a gay way back when OLTL wanted him to. I’ll check out the CBS show just to see him though.

  • Peter D

    Well role will not be a stretch for Mr. Routh….

    On JT – agree, who is he doing? The only acting and best part of ‘his’ In-Time movie were the 15 minutes Matt Bomer was on screen.

  • Rockery


    AGREED. JT is not sexy at all. (Exception: the Rock Your Body video, that is only time I thought he was a little bit hot)

    Brandon is hot though

  • Phil

    Google searching for a “Young Elton John”, I am inundated with images of a queeny, balding old man in sunglasses. Lord did he love him some sunglasses. And he was balding at 28?

    Justin Timberlake has no idea what to do with hair, does he? It just always looks so bad. And he always looks high and perpetually surprised.

    Ha, look at me, I’m a cliche at this point.

  • wc1

    I think they are both sexy.

    What’s with the mismatches? Someone who looks like Routh would not date a guy that looks like Urie.

    Just like on Glee. The Darren Criss’ of the world do not sleep with the Colfers.

  • Aunt Sharon

    @Oh, ok.: But BR has played gay. In “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” he played the partner of Justin Long. They were pornstars/lovers. All I remember of their screen time was a lot of jealous fighting and pulled punches. The movie itself was unpalatable and despiriting.

  • Oh, ok.

    @wc1: That’s not really true in high school. You’re confined in close quarters with the same people day in and day out with a chance to actually get to know them beyond just looks.

    I mean straight guys and girls in high school can take their pick but gay guys and girls have a pretty limited pool. Many gay guys in high school are just happy to find one other guy they can talk to and be with sexually regardless of what they look like.

  • Jeff R

    @wc1 – you got that right!

  • Lefty

    JT is sex on legs. :)

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