Brandon Sanchez Will Serve 4 Years For Putting Stranger In A Coma For His ‘Gay’ Haircut

Brandon Sanchez, a 21-year-old Portland, Oregon-area man who drunkenly targeted Mark Bryant at a house party in August because of Bryant’s “gay” looking faux hawk, was sentenced last week to four years in prison after pleading guilty to third-degree assault. The unprovoked attack — where Sanchez fled after pushing Bryant off a five-foot retaining wall, sending him into a 22-day coma where doctors removed part of his skull because of brain swelling — was a result of Sanchez acting “stupid,” the jerkoff told his victim in court. Bryant wasn’t terribly impressed with the halfhearted apology.

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  • tallest

    How gay is this fauxhawk? Not that it matters and 4 years is too good for this dumb ass.

    At least there was no long lasting damage for his victim. Aside from 22 days of his life he’ll never get back.

  • tallest

    How gay is this fauxhawk? Not that it matters and 4 years is too good for this dumb ass.

  • tallest

    wtf queerty?

  • Pygar

    NO LASTING DAMAGE?! I have a friend who had to have part of his skull removed after an accident over ten years ago. His entire personality changed. He is still living on disability and seems stuck at the same age he was when hurt. The guy in the story had brain swelling. Actress, Natasha Richardson, died from the same kind of injury.
    I’m sick of violent douche bags like this.

  • Franky

    Very sad, the victim was only like 20 when he was attacked by this savage. Mr. Sanchez, not to stereotype, looks like the typical douchebag bullying type who gets drunk for fun and I guess gets aggressive when doing so. Unfortunately prison many times is the only way people like this learn. It’s just so sad that someone had to be hurt in such a severe way at the hands of someone like this. He’ll get his in prison, though.

  • kayla

    …I’m sorry to be the one to say this…but the guy is quite physically attractive….his insides…not so much!

  • Vic Kohring

    He will find out about prison gayness. I just got out and it is no fun for good looking boys.

  • justiceontherocks

    For the next four years this clown will have a very gay haircut.

  • redball

    @kayla: True!

    Do people not have parents?

    When I was little, I would hit my younger siblings when they annoyed me. My dad trained me (mostly) out of it by constantly reminding me: “If you go outside and lay your hands on anyone, they will LOCK YOU UP!”

  • redball

    “they” being the police

  • Mike

    No lasting damage is not an accurate assessment for the victim of a traumatic brain injury that requires removal of part of the skull.

    The victim is looking at a life of partial impairment including but not limited to personality changes, higher incidence of stroke, possibility that the brain swelling damaged some ability. All of this and probably a huge medical bill for the hospital stay that the bully probably will not pay for even if he has a judgement against him because bigoted jerks are usually under employed.

    Yeah, victim has just started to feel the affects.

  • Oh boy

    Well he can make lots of friends in prison and see what happens if he tries to push one of them off of something.

  • Adam

    @kayla: Why are you here? This is a gay site.

  • B

    No. 11 · Mike wrote, “No lasting damage is not an accurate assessment for the victim of a traumatic brain injury that requires removal of part of the skull.”

    The extent to which the victim recovers from such injuries varies significantly and in some cases a complete or nearly complete recovery occurs. Let’s hope he is one of the lucky ones.

  • Superman

    Be careful with some of the hot ‘straight’ dudes out there. Some of them will be more than glad to FU up for even hinting that you’re attracted to them. Insecure monsters!

  • tjr101

    Ugh, why do all the cute ones turn out to be monsters?!?

  • kayla

    @Adam</[email protected]kayla: Is it your contention that only gay people should be allowed to read or comment on this site?? I beg to differ….But if you really want to know, my brother is very very happy, and he’s away fighting in THE AFGHAN…and I’m his faghag, but he’s not here….whatevs….Next time mind your own biz please…

  • Zzee

    @kayla: You had me until you said your “happy” brother was fighting in a blanket, and of course, when you used that vile, disgusting, wrongly-promoted-by-the-media term.

    I have a black friend. Can I be his “blackhag?”

  • Zzee

    Also, I do not get why so many of you are referring to him being “cute.” He looks like the sort of asshole who hits on a woman in a bar and then says “whatever, you’re fat and ugly anyway! Freakin’ whore!” when she tells him she’s not interested. He looks like he’d be crawling with STDs and just general greasy skankness. Still, I hope that doesn’t prevent any burly guys from having their way with him in the hoosegow.

  • kayla

    @Zzee: What are you talking about??? I really don’t have to justify myself to anyone….Nonetheless, if “happy” is offensive to you, I’m sorry. I use it all the time with my brother, and he’s not the least bit offended…Some people just have thin skin….I still don’t comprehend what’s offensive about it. as for “The Afghan” thing, I was trying to be witty, remembering the beauty contestant who kept saying “The Iraq” or some such thing…Again, some people just don’t get my humor and that’s completely fine…..adieu.

  • kayla

    Also if faghag is offensive, I’ll stop using it….I just didn’t think it was…I really had no intention of offending anyone…I am truly sorry. I guess sibling talk doesn’t necessarily translate in the wider world….

  • Adam

    @kayla: It’s not my contention, no, but I still don’t understand your being here on a predominantly and explicitly gay site.

  • redball

    Not sure what’s going on here but I for one like you, Kayla! Don’t go anywhere. Besos :-)

  • Superman

    Kayla, it’s obvious you’re a friend to the friends of Dorothy. There’s just been so much animosity directed at some of my gay brothers, especially recently in the media, that the walls have gotten thicker than usual. My best to your brother, and a well deserved freedom in this post-DADT era. I can tell you find camaraderie among gay guys, so you’re definitely welcome here. We need more of you. Cheers!

  • sara

    i say this stupid fuck needs more then 4 years!!! and for his fam at least he has his hole skol!!

  • Shannon1981

    WTF? Four years? IDK where they get off with this. He could have killed his victim.

  • idiots

    All of you can hate on him all you want butt he gets out in May. Which means he only did 2 years. And i’m a friend of his and he’s one of the most amazing guys i’ve ever met. So FUUUUUUCK ALL OF YOU. The victim wad a damn coward anyways and got what he deserved.

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