Brandonna Summer Says “Shut Up,” But Nicer


Silence. Rumor has it, it’s golden.

But did you also know it has untold health benefits?

That’s what self help drag guru Brandonna Summer is telling all her babies in the third episode of Brandonna Summer Says, and we’re inclined to believe her. So take a cue and see what a little peace and quiet can do for you.

You might, say, realize you want to help Brandonna, aka Brandon Alter, meet her/his goal of bringing “Brandonna Summer Lives” to the stage for NYC Fringe Fest.

You may recognize Brandon (under all the makeup) from the 2014 surprise hit Dear White People. He’s also appeared in shows like NBC’s Heartbeat and TruTV’s Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack.

But it’s hard out there bringing your own content to life, and this is the make or break week! Head here to learn more about “Brandonna Summer Lives.”

Watch the episode below:

Brandonna Summer Says, Ep 103– SILENCE IS GOLDEN from Brandon Alter on Vimeo.