A Brave 14-Year-Old Boy Shares Amazing Drag Queen Transformation Video

14 year old drag queen transformation video featured image
Image Credit: YouTube.com/clawdeena9

There are an unlimited amount of drag queen makeup videos on YouTube, but it’s not too often that a young, teenage boy is willing to share his transformation with the world.

14-year-old YouTube user ‘clawdeena9’, who has more than 42,000 subscribers, bravely shared this amazing drag queen transformation video. Matt, his real name, starts by contouring and highlighting his face and applying eyeshadow, lipstick, mascara and even false eyelashes before completing his transformation with a black/pink wig, mini dress and bright pink platform boots.

While his makeup skills might not be on par with top drag performers, we give him major kudos for the look he was able to create! We give him even more kudos because it takes a lot of bravery to share such a controversial video with the world at such a young age… everybody knows how cruel high school students can be, let alone anonymous commenters on the Internet! Major kudos, Matt.

The comments on the video are mostly supportive so far: Teenage drag queen youtube comments 01Teenage drag queen youtube comments 02 Side note: At least at his age he doesn’t have to worry about his 5 o’clock shadow popping out after a few hours in face! 😉

A few days after he posted this transformation video online, he followed up with the video below, which is entitled ‘Being Gay and Coming out at 14‘. The video description reads, “Hey I’m Matt, I’m 14 and I’m gay. I think being gay is a big challenge for people my age, but a challenge that you can get through.”

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