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Brave Basketball Coach Creates All-Girls Team To Fight ‘Lesbian And Homosexual Lifestyle’

Thank goodness there are coaches out there like Jaye Collins (on left, with Isiah Thomas), the Kentucky basketball enthusiast who with his wife created the Lady Legends team so he could be “encouraging young girls to be proud and secure in not being part of the lesbian and homosexual lifestyle which is so prevalent in woman’s/girl’s athletics.”

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  • Steve

    A man coaching an all-girl team. Yeah right. Probably helping them to find the “right man” so they don’t become gay.


    Dear Coach Douchebag,
    I will attempt to break this to you gently. There is no such thing as a girls basketball team without Lesbians. You need to run down to the nearest clue store and buy a whole bunch. Cause it is quite clear you do not possess a single one……….

    Signed, The Gay Community

  • Ogre Magi

    Typical christian crap!

  • Cindy

    I wonder how many of those poor girls on that team are lesbians trapped in their Christian upbringing and just hating the hell out of themselves right now.

    As a former college basketball player, I can tell you it’s hard enough when those kinds of attitudes aren’t constantly expressed so openly (though expressed nonetheless). Can you imagine what that must be like for those closeted girls, hearing that shit all the time about who they are. Oof. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Bareback Cuntessa

    What immediately sprang into my mind is this:

    How many of those Lady Legends have been seduced and raped by this asshole? He just looks like the kind of Christian fuckwit who would rape teenage girls he’s coaching.

    Just sayin’….

  • bluenosedive

    Fail -_- what is this guy trying to do, reinvent the sport itself?

  • Jeffree

    Call me naive but I thought the goal of any coach of any sports team was to…..WIN GAMES, not to weed out players based on immutable characteristics such as race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

    I can only speak from personal knowlege of two college Womens’ Basketball teams, both near the very top of their league/ division, but more than 70% of players were most definitely Lesbian.

    And, in both cases, none of the players really cared who was or wasn’t. Their primary motivator was to win championships & keep their “full-ride” scholarships.

    “Coach” needs to get his priorities in order.

  • adman

    Whatever, everyone who thinks at this stage of the game realizes that hyper-masculine men only function well in society despite themselves. A huge percentage of them are facing immediate self-inflicted meltdown of some kind or another. I but this guy learned how to gain power from others in social settings by his church going “folks”, carefully instructed in the careful methods needed to slander, degrade, and dehumanize others for personal gain, while still looking like a “good guy”. He’ll get his, or he’ll drain the will to live out of every living thing around him, family, friends, those under his tutelage, etc. That’s how it goes.

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  • anon

    i played on the team. it’s nothin like what the title says . yes he was against it , but he never called anyone out . although he did tell this one girls parents that she was gay. didn’t turn out well

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