Brave Dan Savage Wear Teeny-Tiny Pin Criticizing Obama’s Marriage Views

To protest the president’s slowly “evolving” attitudes on marriage equality, last night Dan Savage wore a microscopic pin no bigger than a nickel to the White House’s Pride celebration. The pin had even tinier letters spelling “Evolve Already” on it. This eensy-weensy protest from a man who once handed Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer a saliva-coated pen in hopes of giving him the flu?

Savage said, “[The President] says he’s evolving, I believe him. I want to hurry him along. We can scream and yell and be dicks and wear buttons (and still eat Obama’s cupcakes and drink his champagne). We need to keep the pressure on and take ‘yes’ for an answer. I’m not one of the gay activists furious at the president because he’s not out on the furthest limb.”

Savage also predicted Obama’s evolution on gay marriage would be complete in February, 2013. Though sadly the Mayan calendar has set the world to end in 2012, so none of us will be around to see it.

PS. AmericaBlog is selling “Evolve Already” t-shirts perfect for the next time you eat the President’s cupcakes—no, that’s not a euphemism.

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  • Kay

    Is this the same Dan Savage who denied that bisexuality exists? Or that bisexuals can be happy without turning gay or straight? Sure it would be bolder if Obama gave full support to marriage equality now but he’s the one judging how fast he can give us support without loser moderate support. I’m more concerned about DADT discharges still going on, even this week.

  • Cam

    Hey, it’s something.

    As far as Obama “Evolving” position on gay marriage, considering he once “Unequivically” supported gay marriage, his position seems less evolution and more politically cowardice.

    Considering that nationally both dems and republicans support marriage at 53 and 54% according to the last two polls, and that number is much, much much higher if you just look at Dems and Independents, Obama’s position is actually a fringe position in his own party.

    The GOP are turds on this issue and can’t be trusted, so Obama is lucky on that score, but I’m all for somebody like Savage reminding him of his responsibilities in a small way appropriate to the occaision.

  • James

    Why do so many gay people want Obama to lose reelection in 2012?Because that’s what going to happen if he comes out for marriage equality right now.

  • alan Balehead

    Does Dan still think Bisexuality is fake?….evolve that!!!

  • Chris

    Why are we being so short sighted about this? If Obama came out for marriage equality right now it would destroy him in the southern states and with many minority communities.

    So unless we want a republican (all of whom have preached about how evil we are), then we should focus on long term strategy of getting Obama reelected and then allowing him to evolve, when it won’t be so damaging politically.

    I mean instant gratification is great, but definitely not the best political strategy.

  • Blue

    @James: You just condoned lying and deceit to get elected, just so you know.

  • Chris

    Where exactly did I condone lying and deceit? Delaying the announcement of of an initiative like gay marriage until it has the best chance or succeeding certainly isn’t lying or deceit. It’s common even in business, you announce a new product when it’s most opportune.

    So where is the lying and deceit? I am suggesting that we, as a community, think politically and realize that this fight with Obama is perhaps better taken up after the reelection.

  • Max

    Yes, Queerty, we get it. Dan Savage should be shot for being so popular when he’s such an idiot. Anything else?

  • Cam

    @James: said…

    “Why do so many gay people want Obama to lose reelection in 2012?Because that’s what going to happen if he comes out for marriage equality right now.”

    Ahhhhh, the HRC strategy of hide who we are, apologize for being gay, and hope that nobody notices.

    If polls say that NATIONALLY 54% of the U.S. INCLUDING republicans support gay marriage, and that support is MUCH MUCH higher among Dems and independents…the two groups that are needed for OBama to win. Please explain why supporting this will ruin his chances. Explain to my just how many right wing republicans would turn around and vote for Obama because he dithers on same sex marriage.

  • velocifero

    So to the usual un-education gays: Is Obama suppose to sign some Executive Order that suddenly makes Gay Marriage legal? Do you think Obama has any power over that? And do you think him even discussing his views on the matter would even make a difference? Grow the fuck up. He’s done more then any president we’ve had and still the same whiners whine because they don’t understand the political process (try School House Rock — its a cartoon so you don’t even have to read!!) The issue is that you want the majority of the states to adopt marriage equality, then, if it goes to the Supreme Court for a challenge, then there so much case precedent for marriage equality that it becomes codified by all state. But go ahead meat-heads, stay at home on election day and help Michelle Bachman or Romney win the White House. Or let the Senate swing Republican. Then you can kiss all your gains goodbye for the rest of your sad lives. One other piece of advice — when everyone has a good paying job — then the haters have time to read, go to school, travel and become smart and stop hating on you. But go ahead, don’t vote or waste your vote on some third party Ralph Nadar type. That’s what the repubicans, the Tea-Party and the multi-national corporations want you to do anyway.

  • christopher di spirito

    Why am I not surprised AmericaBlog is whoring t-shirts?

    John Aravosis used plead for donations to his shitty re-cut and re-paste blog so he could take month long vacations to Paris each summer. But people stopped giving him money, so what’s a lazy girl to do but launch a retail t-shirt line?

  • Pete n SFO

    I’m not exactly here for the substance, but seriously…

    pissy queens, please go back to bed.

  • ewe

    We can also vote for a different candidate for US president.

  • ewe

    Btw: Dan Savage has not ever been elected as the voice of all LGBT people. Remember he started out as a vicious skank answering peoples questions about sex with hostility and hate. I support him out there speaking for himself ONLY.

  • Cam

    @velocifero: said…

    “So to the usual un-education gays: Is Obama suppose to sign some Executive Order that suddenly makes Gay Marriage legal? Do you think Obama has any power over that? And do you think him even discussing his views on the matter would even make a difference?”

    And again the excuse and defense given by all Obama defenders is

    Well gee, is he supposed to wave his magic wand? etc….

    No, but not coming out and saying that he is pesonally OPPOSED to our marriages would be a start. But nice attempt to deflect from the subject.

    Look, is he better than the GOP? Of course, but don’t try to pretend that that means he is somehow absolved from all critique.

  • jay_max

    @ewe: Dan Savage has never purported to speak for all GLBT people, so what’s your point. He’s as free to espouse his viewpoint as anyone else, including you. And if you don’t like his advice column, don’t read it, or write your own.

  • evanb

    Our “Fierce Advocate” has turned out to be–as in virtually all other areas of his Administration–lukewarm, directionless, lacking either vision or conviction, and generally disappointing. Better than some generic Republican? His “states’ rights” and pro-civil union/anti-marriage baby-slicing is pretty much in lockstep with moderate-right candidates like Jon Huntsman, so maybe he’s better than a generic rightwing nutjob but pretty much equivalent to a moderate Republican. I refuse to reward any President for being cagey, noncommittal, and playing brutal political games with peoples’ lives and liberties. If that sort of attitude wins us a Republican, then maybe the lesser of the evils wasn’t really worth rewarding. That’s a message the Dems might listen to.

  • randy

    When you are invited to a White House cocktail party, you wear a suit or something similarly professional. At least, that’s what my Emily Post book on Etiquette says. Shame on Dan!

  • Jaroslaw

    Dan NEVER said bisexuality doesn’t exist. And as others said, if you don’t like what he says or writes, don’t listen, don’t read it. Start your own advice column and write your own books. I think he is usually an eloquent voice for our community and we are fortunate to have him.

  • Interesting

    @James: Are you delusional? The more interesting question is in what reality do you live that you think the economy will not determine who is President?

    The rest of Rome is burning, and you are busy going on about how its because the pink house in one particular neighborhood looks.

    the president wins or loses next year because the economy after 4 years is still shit, and likely in a worse recession than when he started. that’s been true of every president we have ever ehad.

    Its interesting that we have the internet, and yet people still are able to live in their own bubble delusions in American. That the economy could be doing so bad, you could still post that is the height of absurd.

  • ewe

    @jay_max: Get a grip. My point is made as the photo of him at the fucking white house pride celebrations supports Dan Savage as a spokesman for the lgbt community, one of many. Have you ever watched cable news you stupid bitch? That’s right i did not like his vicious shock sex column decades ago and i stated as much without needing your prudish opinion on who can critique your pathetic gay elite that is nothing but a fantasy in your own mind. Fuck you too cunt.

  • Red Meat

    @Blue: Since when was that not the way to get elected to office? There will never be a president elected who runs on his private beliefs, as you can see what happens… Ron Paul.

  • WillBFair

    I’m beginning to wonder if these folk who demand total service from Obama and Co. are trolls sent here by the right wing to confuse the issues and trash the democrats. Either that, or they don’t understand the two party system and basic arithmetic.

  • Ganondorf


    Did your electric scooter break down in front of your grandson’s laptop again, old timer? “I’m old and don’t understand the world anymore! Young people are loud and scary!”

    The “evolve already” is yet another act of blatant advertism. Savage is a quasi celebrity, and should never be confused with a gay rights activist just because he’s the cable news go-to-gay. What a waste of time it is to hate him, though. To even have an opinion of him is very sad, like taking bravo programming seriously. He’s the go to gay for faux news shows like anderson cooper 360, and joy behar, promoting his brand (himself)–pretty insignificant in the grand scheme.

    And of course Obama’s reelection prospects have nothing to do with this fringe issue, and everything to do with the economy. I won’t be voting for him as I’m not a gay friendly pro choice republican, but that’s how it should be. The economy, stupid.

  • CJ

    Time for Savage to evolve.

    By the way, I didn’t even SEE that tiny little button on his shirt until this article. Hmmm. A very small button (black with small print) on a checkered black shirt. It is almost like, “Where’s Waldo” in trying to see his “evolve already” button.

  • Cam

    @CJ: said…”Time for Savage to evolve.”

    Time for him to evolve into what? Somebody who doesn’t support gay rights?

  • WillBFair

    @Ganondorf: ‘Old timer, advertism, I’m old, young people are scary’? None of what you say ever makes sense. You might take a course in logic. And please don’t address me with gay ageism. It bores me.
    Fyi, I wasn’t talking about Savage but about the people on this thread who would vote against the dems because they haven’t yet produced the Ultimate Perfection of Universal Equality.
    And fyi, there’s no telling where the economy will be in 2012, or how much of an issue it will be. But the right have often used us as a wedge issue to tip elections.
    Really though, your economic argument is probably just another far left excuse for trying to make things worse in order to have something to complain about. We’ve seen the left sabotage the dems and the gay community for thirty years: from their voting for Nader, to their betraying the first AA president by sitting out the election last Nov., to the nonstop humping response to hiv in the 80s, to the trashing of our allies in the liberal church.
    In the 80s, they responded to questions with profanity and insults. Now they have a mountain of rhetorical tricks to disguise their actions. Queue the change of subject, diversion and distraction, misplaced emphasis, false equivalancy, cherry picking, profanity and name calling, conclusions without evidence, etc…

  • ewe

    @CJ: Exactly. Savage should not have gone at all if he doesn’t support Obamas views. But no, he is as much a suck up as HRC. Very disappointing from someone who has always portrayed himself as underground.

  • alan Balehead

    Michelle might’s crazy but it might happen…and civil war too…

  • ronsfo

    “Evolve Already,” How Cool is that.

    I saw Dan Savage on the Keith Olberman show,, what a splendid interview. When are we going to see Dan Savage with his own show, he would be great at diluting the hatred with his “in your face” remarks against homophobia. Dan Savage empowers us to be who we are, by allowing expression of our unique talents, forcing the insidious nature of homophobia back on to itself. Dan Savage is truly, a leader for the LGBT community.

  • tjr101

    Ugh, I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but could he have worn a more tacky shirt for such an occasion.

  • the crustybastard

    “I’m not one of the gay activists furious at the president because he’s not out on the furthest limb.”

    Well, I’m not one of the gay activists who cheers because Obama acknowledges the existence of the tree.

  • the crustybastard

    @christopher di spirito:

    LOL. So true. Aravosis banned me for failure to kowtow in one of his regular “Wow. How Great Am I?” articles. What an absurd little man. What a lot of vicious antisemitism among his regulars, too. Creepy.

  • Art Smith

    to think that dan savage could generate such a comment post is actually pretty pitiful. but then to come across HIV STIGMA just goes to show how far we have not come since the eighties.
    to think that those who are NEGATIVE live more meaningful and productive lives is utter bullshit when every hiv-positive person i’ve talked to in my years has confided in me that they are much happier with who they are now versus who they were “back then” when they were self destructive.

    what i see: the inability to care for those in your community. Instead, it’s the same ol’ bullshit of making yourselves feel better and more privileged in yet another minority group that is somehow convinced that breaking into a mainstream, CAPITALISTIC, evil hetero-normative society is going to magically make things better – HA! Savage is an A-Gay and is upper middle class and lives in the suburbs with a house and kids and just wants to emulate a Heterosexual lifestyle and thinks that all bisexual and gay men should do this or that we all somehow want to like him. Savage is a media whore with Peter Pan syndrome who just loves attention and can’t get enough of it even if it’s negative attention.

    I find it hypocritical that gay men are claiming that most bisexuals and trans people are somehow victimey or want to celebrate victimhood. Yet if a Straight person or even another gay man or LBT person who can think for themselves says anything criticizing their sacred cows or anything against the “Community” they’re branded as homophobic.

    I’m not sure why so many Savage/It gets better queens on this blog are now claiming and denying that Dan Savage is poz phobic? He clearly is and if you’ve read his “advice” column or listened
    to his podcasts one can easily see how he has major issues with people who are HIV+ and that he is poz phobic. Or how they’re now revising history and claiming that Savage has never been
    bigoted towards bisexuals, trans people, and African Americans.

    Try doing the resarch on these topics for yourself and you will see how Savage is very bigoted.

    It really is just as bad as the shit we get from Heterosexist society and Rev. Phelps but it’s from another GLBT person so it’s 10,000X more hypocritical and worse when it’s from someone on the inside like this.

    fuck this shit. IT DOES NOT GET BETTER!
    you’ll spend your days feeding the wallets of major corporations. allowing them to sell you a version of gay culture that is more concerned with KILLING YOU and this thing you call “individuality.”

    then instead of actually doing anything about being metaphorically “fucked in the ass” by nearly 99% of americans (because queer/GLBT people still fuck queer/GLBT people over in extreme
    ways) you’ll turn to some MONEY-HUNGRY ICON like Dan Savage, and repost false, generic information and claim it as your own.
    and don’t forget the pride celebrations and nightly outings, which take you on a spiral into ALCOHOLISM, meth addiction, bareback sex, and recklessness. where a quarter of you end up hiv-positive because nobody has learned how to talk to one another or give a shit about knowing their status or using condoms either in the heat of the moment or as part of having safer sex. and instead of blaming yourselves, you’ll blame others, until you hopefully realize how fucked up the “community” is, and start living a more productive and meaningful life.

    but fuck it, it’s pride and we all know what that is about, right?
    going out, buying shit, getting wasted, buying more shit, getting more wasted, angry, annoyed, horny, stupid, redundant and ugly.

    well, not so much. it’s about stonewall. it’s about resistance. it’s about a memory and celebrating a time when queers were brave enough to stand up and fight against the system in hopes of thriving and forming their own unique culture. stonewall was a riot! not another dreadful, self-loathing party in the gentrified Castro district while watching your “It gets better” video and pretending that you’re actually doing something and actually helping GLBT youth when you’re just giving them the stock quote that EVERY KID-even straight kids-get when school isn’t going so well or when they’re being bullied.

    Someone like Dan Savage who is a primadonna media whore that does not like bisexuals, people with HIV/AIDS, or Trans people is the last person we need representing gay men and GLBT Americans in the media. Yeah Dan, “It gets better” for you! Then again he did start the IGB project just for self promotion, since he can’t resist jumping on any bandwagon while pretending to give a shit and getting your money and attention, and to get a reality TV show on MTV.

    Savage is a tool, media whore, jumps on any bandwaggon-Started his whole “It gets better” project not to actually help GLBT youth but to self promote he and his husband and get an MTV reality TV show with crocodile tears claiming that he’s for GLBT rights when in reality he hates HIV+ people, bisexuals, and trans people and his “advice” column writings and podcasts on these subjects show his hate.

    Then again he did start the It gets better project not to actually help GLBT teens/youth (all while trashing bisexuals like he is still doing now) but he started It gets better just for self promotion to get a reality TV show on MTV, and because he’s a media whore who can’t resist jumping on any bandwagon or saying or doing anything as long as it gets him any sort of attention or media/press coverage.

    @#4-Alan Balehead-Dan can claim he’s not biphobic and never has been but we’ll let this hypocritical lying sack of shit named Dan Savage speak for himself in his own words and show how he’s biphobic. ;)

    Nobody reading this article is fooled even if Dan now wants to claim that he’s not biphobic and never has been biphobic which is pure 100% grade A Bullshit.

    I also do not like how Transphobic Dan Savage is and he’s poz phobic as well.

    @14-Ewe I agree with you. Dan Savage is a concieted asshole and media whore and here in Seattle we’re all tired of her and wish she’d go away and back to her McMansion in a rich suburb with her fugly hubsband.

  • Kanga

    >>>from a man who once handed Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer a saliva-coated pen in hopes of giving him the flu?<<<

    This epitomizes everything that is wrong with what Dan Savage gets up to. Childish, vindictive and tacky.

  • mike

    @Kanga: Dan Savage’s “childish, vindictive, and tacky” approach is changing our world in a good way.

    His sophomoric “santorum” definition has done substantial damage to, and remains a large hurdle for, Rick Santorum’s dangerously anti-gay campaign.

    His heartfelt outreach to gay youth via “It Gets Better” has captured a nation’s attention and has brought together of diverse collection people, all of whom have joined voices to offer a message of love and hope to isolated and bullied young people.

    The world needs more Dan Savages.

  • mike

    PS – I read these comments and can’t help but wonder why Dan’s many critics want to tear down a genuine, if imperfect and human, hero. Show me your accomplishments for our community.

  • Kanga

    @ Mike : You’re terrifying me! “The world needs more Dan Savages.” and he’s a “genuine…hero”. Have you read his columns??? Do you know anything about him besides “It Gets Better”??? Dan Savage is *no* hero. He thinks he’s being profound in an “ACT-UP” sort of way when instead he is childish and vindictive with his attention-seeking stunts. He may have indeed done something wonderful with “It Gets Better”, I won’t argue against that ‘cos y’all tend to go off the deep end when that gets specific criticism, but I will reaffirm and reassert that he is *no* hero. His “advice column” [and I am using quotes deliberately] serves as an example of so much that is WRONG with our “community” — he hates Transfolk, he hates Blacks, he hates Poz people, he hates fat people, he hates monogamy and the key point to all of it is how disdainful and hateful he is toward all of it. I find myself aghast at folks who are jumping on the Savage As Hero bandwagon ‘cos of “It Gets Better” when according to his own columns, for Transfolk, blacks, Pozfolk, fatties and those who believe in monogamy it DOESN’T get better. You’re entitled to adore him, but quit trying to silence those of us who see him for what he is with your praise. He is not some saint, he is *not* a hero, and he has put a lot of hurt into the world with his column for many years. The recent “It Gets Better” fanfare does not make *that* better.

  • Jaroslaw

    Kanga and Art Smith – Where did Mike try to silence you? Because Dan says something unpopular, (or not 100% politically correct) you can make the absurd claim he HATES Blacks, Trans, Bi etc.? You can’t possibly BEGIN to prove that because it is not true. No wonder people don’t like to get involved discussing things on the net, when they have to deal with people like you two.

    Yes, I’ve read his column for years, he used to be a bit snarky, but as has already mentioned, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. But because you don’t like him personally does not invalidate all the good things he has done.

    Or would you prefer Gay people have no voice at all? People who never bend, are 100% true to their cause go down in flames.

  • James

    Jaroslaw-No it is NOT absurd to say how Dan Savage does not like women, hates trans people, hates bisexuals, and is racist.

    All of these things are VERY well documented about him just look them up if you want to. He has said these things in his own words in his column, in videos, and it’s very well known that he is a bigot. Again look up these things and you’ll see how they are true about Savage.

    He started his whole “It gets better” project not to help GLBT youth but to self promote himself and get an MTV reality TV show.

    Dan Savage is a self-centered embarrassment.

    Mr. Savage himself is the worst spokesman the gay community can ask for. He should stick to offering advice on putting metal rods up your dick and stop pretending he has anything intelligent to say on matters of institutional importance.

    Dan Savage makes lots more money by saying controversial things. He does not simply have an opinion about non-monogamy, he strongly pushes it any chance he gets. It is part of his money making brand, just like always wearing a T-shirt, and making himself Mother Teresa with “It gets better”.

    On Dan Savage, I certainly don’t want him representing gay men. Who the fuck appointed him? If he wishes to be a media whore, he should represent himself under the Dan Savage banner, not the gay rights banner.

    The more Savage opens his mouth, the less interested I am in what comes out of it.

  • xander

    Such rabid attacks on Savage lead me to wonder if individual grudges are in play here? He generates so many words on many topics, sometimes contradicts himself , offers apologies at times and has been an informative voice on issues which other columnists or ‘experts’ wouldn’t even discuss.

    He did not appoint himself a leader of a ‘movement’ and does not claim to speak on behalf of all L G B or T folks.

    Don’t like him? Don’t read or listen to him. Think you’re a better spokesperson? Lovely, get yourself a column, write books, get yourself heard with your alternatives. All that will be more productive than to pass off drive-by critiques as actual activisim.

    Meantime, cry in your beers.

  • Jaroslaw

    James – you show me, since it is so easy to look up; post some links. I remember how people went off the deep end because he said SOME Bi-guys were really Gay all along. I remember reading the column myself.

    He writes a column, people constantly write him for advice, he gets invited on TV and sells books. Is he fooling everyone? (I doubt that sincerely) Or do you have a grudge against him for making a good living?

    If “it gets better” helps even ONE Gay kid, then it is worth it. What are YOU doing to help Gay humanity?

  • James

    Jaroslaw-I help out with GLBT youth in a GLBT community center. Do you actually do anything?

    Dan Savage is super transphobic, as has been noted on more than one occasion. He’s also biphobic. And an all around general asshole. I can forgive him for that last thing, but transphobia and biphobia are not okay. No he does not apologize for when he says things that are completely wrong. Instead he uses circular logic and claims that he’s somehow correct, never wrong about anything, and knows a lot about trans issues, bisexuality, and human sexuality when everyone can see that he doesn’t know these things at all and talks out of his ass.

    There’s even a recent “advice” column where yet again Savage shows how he is biphobic, hates bisexual youth/teens, tells bisexual youth/teens and young adults that they don’t exist as a sexuality, and he hasn’t changed at all.

    All of the quotes I am posting have been well documented and you can look them up yourself.

    Note that I’m just quoting SOME of the racist and biphobic things he has said over the decades. I’d advise you to get off your lazy ass and do your own research but let’s be honest you’re not going to do that.

    Here are some quotes from Dan Savage that show his biphobia:

    “Avoiding bi guys is a good rule of thumb for gay men looking for long-term relationships. Outside of San Francisco’s alternate-universe bisexual community, there aren’t many bi guys who want or wind up in long-term, same-sex relationships — monogamous or not.”

    “I’m not saying bi guys are bad people, or they don’t make great one-night stands. Bushes, bathhouses, and sleazy gay bars are crawling with bi guys.”

    “There are definitely some people who should fool around with bisexual men: OTHER BISEXUAL MEN! Jesus Christ, bisexuals — if straights and gays treat you unfairly, then why not turn to each other for love and comfort? Judging from my mail of late, there’s an unlimited supply of easily offended, extremely verbose, highly ethical bisexuals out there looking for love. Fuck each other!”

    “Bisexuals all disappear into heterosexual relationships!”

    One person wrote in asking about bisexuality and he told them how bisexuality exists in women but somehow it does not in men and he claimed the false porn study done by Dr. Michael J. Bailey at Northwestern that’s a joke of a study.

    Here’s the racist tantrum he spewed when Prop 8 passed in the state of California:
    African American voters in California voted overwhelmingly for Prop 8, writing anti-gay discrimination into California’s constitution and banning same-sex marriage in that state. Seventy percent of African American voters approved Prop 8, according to exit polls, compared to 53% of Latino voters, 49% of white voters, 49% of Asian voters.

    I’m not sure what to do with this. I’m thrilled that we’ve just elected our first African-American president. I wept last night. I wept reading the papers this morning. But I can’t help but feeling hurt that the love and support aren’t mutual.

    I do know this, though: I’m done pretending that the handful of racist gay white men out there—and they’re out there, and I think they’re scum—are a bigger problem for African Americans, gay and straight, than the huge numbers of homophobic African Americans are for gay Americans, whatever their color.

    This will get my name scratched of the invite list of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which is famous for its anti-racist-training seminars, but whatever.

    Finally, I’m searching for some exit poll data from California. I’ll eat my shorts if gay and lesbian voters went for McCain at anything approaching the rate that black voters went for Prop 8.

  • Jaroslaw

    James – “Do I actually do anything?” Interesting, you ask it as an insult, I asked in the framework of “are you just grumping at Dan or do you do something constructive?” The word “actually” gave you away…

    That is enough to tell me you don’t want a rational discussion. But for the benefit of others reading your (mostly) nonsense, I’ll say this: Many of the quotes you pulled out are taken out of context.

    For example if Dan is flooded with bisexuals who complain they aren’t accepted by either gays or straights, then “fuck each other” seems to be reasonable advice. Alternately, why are you offended because he said that? People love to complain and even though it should be obvious that SOME straight people will accept a Bisexual and SOME Gays will too, maybe the majority won’t. Whatever that’s life and unless there are options to change it, one must deal with it.

    It seems he’s apologized – I’ve read him for years but not every single column so who knows – you may be right. But you and I disagree that he’s absolutely wrong. His comments of “outside San Franscisco’s Bi community, Gay guys would do well to avoid Bi’s. I assume he has some frame of reference for that – again, I read his column all the time and he is forever quoting research or experts. But knowing firsthand how many people lie about everything sexual and especially deny being Gay, I doubt if there is any reputable research on the topic and the writer DID ask for HIS OPINION. It’s hardly hateful, whatever the case.

    I’m not sure what to make of “Bisexuals disappear into hetero relationships” I think I’d like to see the whole column. He does have some tongue in cheek humor, irony and sarcasm from time to time.

    I would love to see the original column where he said bisexuality doesn’t exist in men, only women. He is totally wrong on that one.

    Exit polling on Prop 8 – boy I hate to tackle that one. I have a friend who is extremely well educated, reads a lot more than I do (and I read quite a bit) he says the polling data DOES show African Americans voted higher than other groups FOR discrimination. What is your beef, exactly? The only logical one is that the exit polling data is incorrect?

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