Seal Sledd Deal, Gay Fate

Bravo Makes It Official

NBC Universal’s bent boy loving Bravo officially announced their virtual relationship with gay “man” William Sledd:

As part of Bravo’s ongoing effort to deliver original content from the buzziest personalities on the web, the network announced’s June 21st launch date of the popular “Ask A Gay Man” webisode series hosted by Internet sensation and Gap manager William Sledd, a 23-year-old Paducah, Kentucky native. Timed to coincide with Gay Pride, the first webisode entitled “Ask a Gay Man: The Wedding/Commitment Cake Edition” features Sledd and his BFF Stephanie, “the best wedding planner in western Kentucky,” demonstrating how to make a pink-on-pink-on-pink cake, perfect for gay/straight/bi betrothal ceremonies.

Pink on pink cake? How gay!

But wait, it gets much, much worse…

Bravo also announced that Sledd will be’s voice at a variety of gay pride-related events providing commentary and posting man-on-the-street video installments during the course of the week.

Armed with a video camera and a mission, Sledd’s weekly vlogs (which are several minutes in length) tackle thorny fashion and pop culture topics and offer witty and irreverant advice about the fashion/style issues of the moment.

The baby-faced Sledd, who leans toward preppy in his own choice of style, admits that “it just really bothers me when people look like crap.”

And it really bothers us when gay “men” make a name for themselves by perpetuating stereotypes. Especially when they’re unoriginal, unstylish and uninteresting twats.

The good news, at least, is that Sledd’s presence will remain contained to the web. The idea of having him up on the television made us cringe.