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  • Quinton

    We have been talking about this at our office for the past two weeks!!!

  • GoKitty

    I’m not positive that he’s gay yet. Yes, on last night’s episode he would throw adoring looks at his hispanic male best friend. Yes, he eschewed advances from young cute girls and ended up dancing with a chubby older woman instead. I think he may just have a dorky personality, combined with wealth, that won’t allow him to interact with those outside social standing. He does dress impeccably though but they haven’t said if he has a stylist help him. The rich can always afford to pay someone with taste.

  • TANK

    I hope he’s not. I’m tired of the horrible gays that are on bravo used to represent others. Tacky disgusting people. It’s humiliating to see these things paraded about as if they’re somehow representative of all gays. This would be no different.

  • Cam

    This guy is SO gay! Oh, and does anybody want to take bets that he first tells his friend “That loud girl” that he is “Bi”?

    I love it when guys say that they are “Bi” but then of course it turns out that the last 100 people they’ve dated have all been other guys. LOL

  • Tony

    Sadly, I must admit I have watched this show. Yes, I think he might be gay. So. He is certainly not the most annoying gay male on Bravo. And Bravo makes everyone look bad, not just gays. The “housewives” are absolutely horrible, yet I cannot stop watching them.

    Atlanta Housewives are my favorite.

  • daftpunkydavid

    the guy is a teen for godsakes… what do they have to do to satisfy you? beat up a gazillion gay men? womanize every passing girl. i think it’s ok for them to have “bromance” like he says in the clip. straight men are entitled to male friends. this obsession on the orientation of a teen is absurd.

  • J

    and who the hell names their son Peter Peterson?

  • Jon B

    @J: I believe the answer to that question is the child of Peter Peterson, the founder of Blackrock, and self made billionaire.

    @daftpunkydavid: Yeah, he’s a teen, but he happens to be a closeted gay teen. It’s sad, he seems to be struggling with it. The only ones who dont realize are him and his clueless lovestruck friend.

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