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  • Truthful

    Oh, c’mon – is this really news?

    That script moustache is added to pretty much every billboard in the subway station I live by.

    Does Queerty have some deal with Andy Cohen or is JD just trying to fuck him?

  • PersonOfInterest

    Call me ignorant, but what’s your beef with Andy Cohen? Is he one of those “famous people who should publicly identify with all gay people in the world—otherwise be scorned by your own”? If someone can tell me why Mr. Cohen is a “twat,” and should be publicly labeled so on this website, I’m all ears.

  • Marc V.

    @Truthful: @PersonOfInterest: You guys realize Andy himself tweets out the links to these photos, right?

  • PersonOfInterest

    @Marc V.:
    Seriously? This is self-inflicted? If so, well, then, I guess Mr. C is nothing but an attention-seeking skidmark.

  • Truthful

    @Marc V.:

    so, what you’re saying is – JD is trying to fuck him.

  • Cam


    Well he was just some VP at Bravo that did whatever he could to get himself on the air…so….yeah.

  • divkid

    that porntache is really a dirty sanchez from queerty.
    cohen will reciprocate a milk moustache on jd.
    it’s just how the gay media works. god bless ’em.

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