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    That douchefag should have had his Gay card revoked when he felt the need to slam those grammar school kids that sang “Over the Rainbow” at the end of the Oscars………

  • justiceontherocks

    Who is this Andrew person?

  • wsyb

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: He was right though. Who the hell thought it was fitting for a Staten Island second grade choir to close out the Academy Awards? It’s senselessly and inappropriately cutesy. The entire presentation was disastrous, and the pointless singalong was the cherry on top.

    That said, he went a little too far in calling the kids out. The director and planners are the ones that deserve the flack.

  • Red Meat

    @wsyb: Wow really? You are so full of yourself.

  • Stephen

    He’s actually a very sweet and very funny guy! He can make fun of himself and take a joke, obviously. He’s apologized a million times for that Oscars remark, even naming himself Jackhole of the Week. He’s also nominated for Time Magazine’s most influential person of the year…which may be pushing it a bit.

  • Zonk

    His only nickname should be Pushy Out-Of-Towner.

  • Jonathan

    He’s a bloodsucking war profiteer exploiting the GLBT community without regard for the implications its enormous negative effect.

  • wsyb

    @Red Meat: I’m sorry for having an opinion? Don’t know how thinking that the Oscar’s this year were particularly cheesy and poorly directed means I’m full of myself.

  • Cam

    He may be a nice guy in person as some have said, but he’s made the mistake of trying to make himself a star. For some reason he comes off very irritating on camera.

  • kayla

    @Jonathan: I think he’s exploiting straight housewives, actually…The fake ones on screen and the real ones addicted to watching all those rhw franchises….

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Right. Watch out Qadafi!

  • Jay P

    he seems like a douche.

    ..but i’d still sleep with him.

  • Mark

    @Jay P: agree completely jay but with him on his back, who cares?

  • john

    I don’t understand who watches Andy’s show ?? I hate it due to the constant House-Wives guest stars & could not waste my time.

    This show’s format could feature some of the best up and coming, and current straight / gay artists being provided with a platform to speak / perform all in a comical and fun manner for the audience to enjoy……and which could show all that there should be no fear in diversity and different life styles !

    And as far as the Oscar show, enough said — the 2011 production was a complete disgrace and the ending with school kids singing a sickening sweet farce – why after all of these years can’t the Academy find a template that works !!!!

  • Marcus M

    ^ The reason the housewives are on so much is because it’s supposed to be an after show for the week’s Bravo programming. It’s not really just another talk show unable to get other guests…it’s a companion to the network’s shows and a branding opportunity to extend the “Bravo Family.”

  • evji108

    I think he is cute. And I would definitely do him…… I’m just now imagining him lying naked on his tummy….. He’s on Bravo for god’s sake, given what annoying Biatches those housewives are I think he handles himself pretty well. The Oscars this year sucked big time and deserve any flak they are getting. Tough luck 2nd graders, you’ll get over it – It was their big moment and I am sure they never noticed a word Andy said.

  • netnite

    I agree with John. If Cohen would lose all those boring Housewives on his show and do something different, it might actually be interesting, but I don’t consider those Housewives genuine celebrities and since all he does is fawn over them as though they actually were, there’s no reason to tune in.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Yes, he should dump the “housewives” (none of whom have done a lick of housework in their useless lives) and interview Queerty posters instead.

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