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Brazil Archbishop Is Losing Sleep Over Children ‘Spontaneously’ Turning Homosexual

It must be stressful to be Pope Benedict XVI. He has to decide every day whether to wear the red Prada loafer of the red Gucci slip-on. Also, all of his top-level priests around the world aren’t falling into line about THE EVILS OF HOMOSEXUALITY. Like that guy in Brazil, who’s going to stir shit up again.

Monsignor Dadeus Grings, seen here in not-so-recent photo, and what is allegedly not his mug shot, must get on the super secure line to the Vatican at once, because his conspiracy theory is true.

Monsignor Dadeus Grings, the archbishop of the southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, told a Brazilian bishops’ annual conference he believed paedophilia was on its way to becoming as accepted as homosexuality in society at large. “Society today is paedophile, that is the problem. So people easily fall into it. The fact it is being denounced is a positive sign,” he told the gathering on Tuesday, according to the O Globo newspaper.

Archbishop Grings, a 73-year-old priest with conservative views, said the gradual acceptance of homosexuality by the public was a precursor to a possible broad acceptance of paedophilia. “When sexuality is banalised it is clear that that can have an effect on all cases. Homosexuality is one case. Before, no one spoke of the homosexual. He was discriminated against,” he said. “When we start to say that they [homosexuals] have rights, rights to publicly demonstrate, in a short time paedophilia will also have rights.”

Soon newsstands will be stocking magazines like Playchild and Child Jocks and Boy Nudist (actually, that one is a real magazine), but for the love of all that is holy, please put them in shrinkwrap! To shield the children!

But that’s not all Grings had time to say.

The archbishop also said it was important to help children avoid homosexuality. ‘We know that the adolescent is spontaneously homosexual. Boys play with boys, girls play with girls. ‘If there is no proper guidance, this sticks. The question is – how are we going to educate our children to use a sexuality that is human and suitable?’

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