Skinhead Offended By PDA

Brazil Pride Murder Confirmed As Anti-Gay

In case your intuition weren’t enough, Veja São Paulo confirms that Frenchman Gregor Ervan Londoar’s gay pride murder came at the hands of a homo-hater. Club Whirled translates:

With major repercussions, the death of French tourist Gregor Erwan Landouar, stabbed in Jardins on the 10th of June, had a homophobic explanation. The victim had participated in the Gay Pride Parade. “He said in court that he was disgusted when he saw two people of the same sex kissing each other and decided to murder the first person he saw in front of him,” said public defender Mauricio Ribeiro Lopes, referring to Genesio Mariuzzi Filho, or “Anthrax”, who is being held as the suspect who killed the Frenchman.

Wow. He decided to kill the first person who crossed his path. What a fucking psycho.

The piece goes on to explore the socioeconomic realities surrounding “Anthrax” and his skinhead friends, including their penchant for hanging out in homo hot spots. They’re cruising for an anti-gay bruising. Literally.