Brazile Rips Begala On Party Unity

Girl! The gloves came off last night as undeclared Donna Brazile, her hair from the future and magenta lipstick ripped into Clinton-backer Paul Begala.

Brazile, a superdelegate we sometimes dislike, but always love, got especially angry after Begala questioned Obama’s ability to unite the party: “We cannot win with eggheads and African-Americans. OK. That’s the Dukakis coalition which carried 10 states and gave us four years of the first George Bush.” Well, Brazile simply was not having it:

Paul, you didn’t hear me right. Maybe I should come and cook you something because you’ve got a hearing problem.

I was one of the first Democrats who are going to those white working class neighborhoods, encouraging white Democrats not to forget their roots. I’ve drank more beers with Joe six packs, Jane six pack and everybody else than most white Democrats that you’re talking about.

In terms of Hispanics, you know, Paul, I know the math. I know Colorado, I know Nevada, I know New Mexico. So that’s not the issue. I’m saying that we need to not divide and polarize the Democratic Party as if the Democratic Party will rely simply on white, blue collar male. You insult every black, blue-collar Democrat by saying that.

So stop the divisions. Stop trying to split us into these groups, Paul, because you and I both know we’ve been in more campaigns. We know how Democrats win. And to simply suggest that Hillary’s coalition is better than Obama’s, Obama is better than Hillary. No. We have a big party, Paul.

Brazile concludes by saying “don’t divide me and tell me I cannot stand in Hillary’s camp because I’m black, and I can’t stand on Obama’s camp because I’m female, because I’m both… And I’m grumpy so I might — I might go with McCain and go sit with Bill Bennett!” Brilliant!