Brazilian Church Outraged Over Penis Art

Rio di Janeiro has a reputation for good times, but that doesn’t mean the Catholic Church doesn’t have a firm grip on the goings-on there, especially when it comes to inflammatory art works. Brazilian artist Márcia X made a piece called “Desenhando em terços” that makes penis silhouettes out of rosary beads and the church was none too pleased, forcing the removal of the work from the exhibition “Erotica – Os sentidos na arte,” which our poor Portuguese tells us has something to do with sex.

Marcia X gay rosary Brazil

The exhibition went over with no problems in São Paulo, probably because the fashion gays bought all the tickets so no church people could get inside.

The nature of this artwork and the controversy involved reminded us that Madonna recently shared an expensive detail about her upcoming Confessions Tour: A $10 million “disco ball crucifix” made out of diamonds and Swarovski crystals from which she will be lowered onto the stage. While we think Márcia X’s gay rosary beads are harmless, pretty, and sort of sexy, we find Madonna’s big cross actually offensive, especially to those of us who bought overpriced tickets to help pay for such a trite and cynical stage prop.

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