Brazilian Gay Series Creator Daniel Sena Kidnapped And Gay Bashed By Violent Critics

Following the assault on a 19-year-old during Rio de Janeiro’s gay pride parade, and a gay bashing of a 23-year-old by five teens in São Paulo, comes news Daniel Sena, writer and director of a Brazilian gay series, was kidnapped, forced to drink gasoline and eat dirt, and nearly raped by three men until he was rescued by a truck driver passing by.

His attackers, who snatched Sena up near his home, specifically asked whether he would continue work on the new independent series Apenas Heróis (or Heroes Only) and threatened to insert an iron rod into hit butt so he could feel “how good it feels to be gay.”

In an interview about creating the series, which features a gay storyline, Sena said (and we’re translating here), “It’s the price you pay. But [I] have no fear of that. I have the courage to face anything that might come ahead and will benefit our history and to help the public understand our message. I think from day one know where I stand, people who are part of the project as well. It’s a challenge I am prepared to hear good things and bad.”

You can watch much of the series here.

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  • Blake J

    This is what “straight pride” is all about!

  • tallskin2

    Jeezus, this is monstrous. Undoubtably the homophobia is caused by church hatred spouted from the pulpit every week.

  • Thomas Marx

    I cannot believe how intolerant you homosexuals are! You want us to give you jobs and rent you apartments and stop bullying children into committing suicide when they’re helpless teenagers. Seriously! Just because the Bible is Greek mythology for the dumbfuck generation doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pretend it’s legitimate. And yes, Jesus liked to rub one out while thinking about Simon’s Peter, but that doesn’t give you the right to complain about having no rights. You should be glad all we do is beat you and rape you and kill you. It could be a hell of a lot worse. You could be a straight christian terrorist like me. I hate everything, and I demand that everyone else hates everything too!!!!

  • Wes B

    I certainly hope a hell of a lot changes before they get the Olympics there. To think Chicago was sacrificed so that we could sent the world into a death trap. How sad!

  • Pecoros

    @Wes B:

    Nice. Some guy got almost killed for being gay, and all you worry about is that the goddamn olympics aren

  • Pecoros

    @Wes B:

    Nice. Some guy got almost killed for being gay, and all you worry about is that the goddamn olympics aren’t being held in american soil. That’s Really sad indeed.

  • mk

    @Wes B: Chicago has a LOT of violent crime and murders while having none of the natural beauties of Rio. And it’s not as though Chicago is free of all homophobia, even New York has had those recent violent horrible anti-gay attacks.

  • bob

    I hear about rape in a lot of anti-gay attacks. I don’t get how forcibly penetrating another man demonstrates your disapproval of homosexuality. Very strange indeed.

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