Brazilian Senator Thinks Gays Are Like Pedophiles

Brazilian senator Magno Malta resembled a Cromagnum yesterday when he compared gays to pedophiles. Made in Brazil translates the gory details, which came in a speech blasting homo-inclusive hate crime legislation. Apparently Malta thinks gay PDA crosses too many lines:

(Homosexuals) may be having sex under your window, and you won’t be able to tell them that there are children around and that that is not appropriate behavior, because then it will be considered discrimination, and you may go to jail for it.

By approving this bill which states that we can no longer discriminate against homosexuality, we would be doing the equivalent of legalizing pedophilia. Bestiality may then also be considered a sexual option. Necrophilia may then also be considered a sexual option. Passing the bill would mean approving that kind of behavior and making it legal.

Necrophilia’s a crime? We’re so fucked!