BREAKING: California Supreme Court Will Rule on Prop 8 This Tuesday

Word just arrived the SCOC will rule on Tuesday, and with that, demonstrators and organizers move in to effect for a blowout on May 26 — though it’s only then that we’ll know whether we’re protesting or celebrating. Extensive details at Day Of Decision. The announcement is expected to be posted on the Court’s website at 10am local time.

Now keep in mind: The Court will not be ruling on the legality of same-sex marriage. They already decided last year that gays have that right. What Tuesday’s decision will make clear, however, is whether California’s Constitution permits a voter-driven ballot initiative to overturn their ruling and amend the Constitution. If they decide the Constitution does not permit measures like Prop 8, the amendment becomes invalid, and their previous ruling for same-sex marriage will stand. If they decide Prop 8 is valid, they will also declare same-sex marriage supporters have the right put a reversal of Prop 8 to voters.