BREAKING: Dharun Ravi Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail, 3 Years Of Probation

Judge Glenn Berman sentenced Dharun Ravi to serve as part of a probationary sentence a 30-day jail term, starting May 31.

The probationary period is three years. There will be a $10,000 assessment paid to probation department. “That sum will be allotted to a state-chartered community program dedicated to helping victims of bias crimes.”

The total Ravi owes will be $11,905 to the state, and he recommends that Ravi not be deported. Ravi will also have to complete 300 hours of community services, and attend a counseling program relative to cyber bullying and alternate lifestyles.

Judge Berman focused on his obstruction of justice in tampering with evidence—deleting tweets and texts—which the judge called “cold, calculating and methodically conceived.”

“While I am loath to use the L word—lie—the jury essentially convicted you of lying to law enforcement officials.”

The judge delivered the following remarks alongside his sentencing:

“As to Mr. Ravi. Let me stay this to you in advance. Nothing I say is intended in any way to disparage you or to demean you. I don’t even know you… Whatever I say is said for the purpose of there being a full record. I heard this jury say guilty 288 times. 24 questions, 12 jurors. That’s the multiplication. And I haven’t heard you apologize once.

And the letter you gave to the pre-sentence people, I’ll called unimpressive. I know in that letter you apologize to Tyler and his family, but you didn’t even mention M.B. and the seven cover-up charges. and here are some of the most salient ironies

The person who described your conduct best, [Tyler Clementi,] isn’t even here… I know I redacted that comment from the jury, but I didn’t redact it from myself.

While your letter doesn’t even mention M.B., he wrote a letter trying to help you avoid deportaiton, which is the main reason when I sign my judgement there will be a notation that you not be deported. It’s understood of course that that’s not my final decision…

In my opening statements, Ms. McClure described your conduct as mean-spirited, malicious, and criminal. Mr. Altman described it as juvenile and prankish. Now if anyone is wondering why two incredibly competent attorneys disagree, its for the simplest reason in the world: it depends on which side of the camera you’re on… You can expunge this judgement, but you cannot expunge the conduct or the pain you caused.”

It was delivered after emotional impact statements from Tyler Clementi’s family, including his heartbroken mother and gay brother and his hookup partner M.B. and Tyler’s father Joe.

The judge also ruled to terminate Molly Wei’s PTI early.

My snap judgement: alongside such harsh words for Ravi, a month in the clink is nothing. He could’ve served up to 10 years. He should’ve served perhaps a year.