BREAKING: Dharun Ravi Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail, 3 Years Of Probation

Judge Glenn Berman sentenced Dharun Ravi to serve as part of a probationary sentence a 30-day jail term, starting May 31.

The probationary period is three years. There will be a $10,000 assessment paid to probation department. “That sum will be allotted to a state-chartered community program dedicated to helping victims of bias crimes.”

The total Ravi owes will be $11,905 to the state, and he recommends that Ravi not be deported. Ravi will also have to complete 300 hours of community services, and attend a counseling program relative to cyber bullying and alternate lifestyles.

Judge Berman focused on his obstruction of justice in tampering with evidence—deleting tweets and texts—which the judge called “cold, calculating and methodically conceived.”

“While I am loath to use the L word—lie—the jury essentially convicted you of lying to law enforcement officials.”

The judge delivered the following remarks alongside his sentencing:

“As to Mr. Ravi. Let me stay this to you in advance. Nothing I say is intended in any way to disparage you or to demean you. I don’t even know you… Whatever I say is said for the purpose of there being a full record. I heard this jury say guilty 288 times. 24 questions, 12 jurors. That’s the multiplication. And I haven’t heard you apologize once.

And the letter you gave to the pre-sentence people, I’ll called unimpressive. I know in that letter you apologize to Tyler and his family, but you didn’t even mention M.B. and the seven cover-up charges. and here are some of the most salient ironies

The person who described your conduct best, [Tyler Clementi,] isn’t even here… I know I redacted that comment from the jury, but I didn’t redact it from myself.

While your letter doesn’t even mention M.B., he wrote a letter trying to help you avoid deportaiton, which is the main reason when I sign my judgement there will be a notation that you not be deported. It’s understood of course that that’s not my final decision…

In my opening statements, Ms. McClure described your conduct as mean-spirited, malicious, and criminal. Mr. Altman described it as juvenile and prankish. Now if anyone is wondering why two incredibly competent attorneys disagree, its for the simplest reason in the world: it depends on which side of the camera you’re on… You can expunge this judgement, but you cannot expunge the conduct or the pain you caused.”

It was delivered after emotional impact statements from Tyler Clementi‘s family, including his heartbroken mother and gay brother and his hookup partner M.B. and Tyler’s father Joe.

The judge also ruled to terminate Molly Wei’s PTI early.

My snap judgement: alongside such harsh words for Ravi, a month in the clink is nothing. He could’ve served up to 10 years. He should’ve served perhaps a year.

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  • QJ201

    Read the summary. The judge pointed out that the sniveling little sociopath never apologized once for his actions or the impact of his actions.

  • John McLaren

    He would have gotten the same sentence in traffic court…for no paying infractions. He’ll probably be released after serving 18 days. Not a great message to those who think bullying gays is fair game.

  • SteveC

    30 days?

    So he’ll serve a few hours and be released because of overcrowding.

    He’s gotten off completely.

  • RomanHans

    Well, it’s probably long enough to teach the little idiot a lesson.

  • Continuum

    Ravi acted in the same way a peeping tom would.

    Would a peeping tom only get 30 days, and then have his record expunged.

    Would Ravi get the same sentence if Tyler had been a women and not a gay man.

    Or, would a peeping tom get a longer sentence, and have had his name put on the sex offenders list.

    And, tell me again why this snot nose, self-entitled, unrepentant jerk should not be deported.

    The INS deports Mexicans for not having a valid drivers license. Why is Ravi getting off light, and with so much sympathy for his illegal, immoral, and malicious actions.

  • sabatghzl1098

    Both sides have just indicated that they want a stay of the sentence (10 days), and that they will appeal (both have the option to withdraw that within the 10 days).

  • KV

    So his “hook-up partner” delivered an emotional statement? Why can’t I find one of those online?!

  • Regina

    I’m so glad the prosecution will appeal this judge talks to damn much. I’m shocked…30 days is he kidding me.

  • Victor

    Yep, that’s really a pretty lenient sentence. A mere slap on the wrist for spying on his roommate. That won’t have any kind of educating effect on him. But thet state will appeal.

  • Proud

    thank god…this should satisfy people on both sides of the sentencing debate. The judge was spot on with his remarks.

  • Chopsie

    Let us hope that his 30 days in the big house prove to be memorable. Preferably in the shower.

  • D P

    Thirty day’s concurrent, money, three years probation, a DNA sample, education about alt lifestyles, and what was it: respect for others? This isn’t justice. In the end, Dharun Ravi will get past the time and money and then proceed to rebuild his life. His family will have him back by the end of June. Meanwhile, Tyler Clementi’s family will have only memories and a grave to visit.

    I acknowledge that of the counts Ravi was found guilty had nothing to do with the death of Clementi, but how does this really send a message of society’s intolerance of destroying evidence and obstructing an investigation?

    I hope the Clementi’s take the option to pursue civil remedy beyond this.

    Hmmm… Maybe that’s what the judge was preparing – an avenue for that option to take place, and succeed.

  • Kev C

    Judge Berman likes practical jokes too. But seriously …

  • Tony

    Seriously? A $12,000 fine, jail term and three years of probation for being a jerk to someone who overreacted to some name calling and derision? He’s an ass, but who the hell is the real bully here?

  • Helga Renfro

    What a miscarriage of justice. What is that judge smoking?? The kind of message the judge sends is terrible. I hope the prosecution appeals and I hope that judge will be thrown of the bench. Shame on Glenn Berman. I hope this lunatic judge will get his in the end.
    Judge you should be in jail along with this digusting Dharun and his family.
    Shame on this nutjob Judge again. The world is outragged, rightly so. Dharun has a great big smirk on his face, this kid should be deported sooner than later along with his family and lets deport Glenn Berman also.

  • D P

    @Continuum: — Hey, you raise a good point. Given that Ravi conducted an invasion of privacy to view uninvited, a gay man having sex, why shouldn’t Ravi have been sentenced as a registered sex offender? Wouldn’t a peeping Tom also have that designation?

  • D P

    Quoting Evan Mulvihill — “My snap judgement: alongside such harsh words for Ravi, a month in the clink is nothing. He could’ve served up to 10 years. He should’ve served perhaps a year.”

    I completely agree. That was the _least_ I was hoping Ravi would get. Thirty days IS nothing. He’ll probably look on that time as a vacation.

  • Kamuurie

    30 days despite Ravi never apologizing? A sad day for Tyler Clementi.

  • LaTeesha

    Too many otherwise law abiding people wish to be in this country legally. Why are we allowing a convicted criminal to remain here? Send him back to his own country.

  • David Ehrenstein

    This will make Andrew Sullivan very happy.

  • LaTeesha

    He also won’t make it through 3 years of probation. People with serious personality/character flaws are usually unable to keep their noses clean for that long. He will be arrested again for something. I guarantee it.

  • Oh, ok

    @Tony: Thank you! I’m reading some of these comments and all I can do is shake my head.

    They make you defend the little bastard because they want him hung over a kid committing suicide.

    Fact of the matter is this kid would most likely have killed himself at some point anyway. If this is all it took to make him kill himself then there were much bigger problems at play and Ravi shouldn’t be paying for that.

    He’s paying for what he did and got sentenced accordingly. It’s very fair and will be on his record. He will never do something like this again and that is the point of the justice system.

    Some “people” think the justice system is for hangings and think every crime deserves losing huge chunks of your life in already over-crowded jails that taxpayers have to pay for.

    Ravi didn’t murder anyone, he didn’t maim anyone, and he didn’t threaten physical violence. He doesn’t need to be taking up jail space that a physically violent person should be in who actually will hurt someone.

    I went through something similar to Tyler just a few months ago with a neighbor who can apparently hear me if he opens his balcony door. Am I ok with it? No. Will I kill myself? NO! Will I get “justice”? Nope. Do multiple people know about it via a “listening party” yes.

    It’s not the end of the world. Shit happens and there are jerks everywhere.

  • Wow

    He can do more as a poster boy for anti-homophobia than he can as an ass boy at a jail.

  • 1equalityUSA

    His face is so recognizable. Though LGBT has not been given justice in the case of Tyler Clementi, people will recognize this ass and not want to hire him, date him, or be friends with him. He will be forever defined by his cruelty. What a lonely life. He should just move away to England or somewhere. I hope he is haunted by the memory of Mr. Clementi every time he hears a solo violin playing. He is a liar and cruel. To be publicly known for this is quite devastating. Have a fun life, Dharun Ravi, justice turned a blind eye, karma will not.

  • Erik

    @Oh, ok: So what if he did suffer from depression? If someone has a physiological illness and your actions, criminal in nature, trigger an episode that leads to their death, are you not responsible?

    If an individual is committing a burglary, and the victim has an asthma attack during the crime, from which they die, should that not be an aggravating factor at sentencing for the burglary?

  • Tony

    @Oh, ok: I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees it this way. One of the most notorious emotions that supposedly floods through the heads of people contemplating suicide is that by committing suicide, they can make other people “pay”. With this reaction, we’ve set a precedent where this is exactly the case. Unstable gay kids, low level jerks (I’m not even sure I’d call Ravi a “bully”) and society as a whole are worse for this decision.

  • Oh, ok

    @Erik: No you’re not responsible or it would be labeled a homicide. There’s a reason it’s called a suicide.

    Asthma is not the same as suicide.

    If you read the story Ravi IS paying for his part in what happened. What he’s not paying for is Tyler’s part in taking his own life.

  • Rockery

    After watching the interview with him – I cant stand him “hook-up partner”? What an odd choice of words LOL

  • Oh, ok

    Oh and for the “no apology” crowd, the first thing any lawyer will tell you is not to apologize because an apology is an admission of guilt and would be used as a way to say Ravi believes he killed Tyler.

    So get over it.

    You’re also not supposed to apologize in the event of a car accident or pretty much anything else.

  • FunMe

    “when I sign my judgement there will be a notation that you not be deported. It’s understood of course that that’s not my final decision”

    Sounds to me like he could still be deported. If he continues with his smug attitude and not taking responsibility, it could happen.

  • Oh, ok

    @Tony: Exactly! I’ve been saying this with every article. This is the law these twits want to screw with. You get away with twisting the justice system and there’s a trickle down effect that creates terrible consequences for the rest of us.

    Tyler chose to take his own life rather than choosing life and moving on. He would’ve eventually moved on past Ravi and forgotten all about him, that’s life.

    Tyler is not the first person to be “bullied”(and this was hardly bullying I’ve been through MUCH worse over the years) and he won’t be the last. Time to tell people to stand up and face it because the world is changing and it’s gotten a lot easier.

    Many of the people who faced bullying for many various reasons had nowhere to turn, now there are zero tolerance policies, groups, clubs, and understanding people all over the place.

    There’s no excuse for this coddling anymore. The pity crowd is the reason suicides are getting worse and not better. People commit suicide hoping to impact people they left behind in the aftermath and that needs to stop. It’s not an answer and it just makes everything worse.

    I feel sorry for Tyler’s family because he hurt them a lot more than he hurt Ravi. But that’s on Tyler, not Ravi.

  • Tony

    @Erik: I think you’re on thin ice here. There is a world of difference between an involuntary athsma death from a burglary and a suicide resulting from embarassment. It is true that our society sometimes holds people accountable for unintended consequences, but it is rare that we go this far. To do so is to advocate exactly the type of “special rights” that conservatives have long accused us of seeking, and could have the sort of political backlash that many gay rights leaders familiar with this case have expressed concern about. God forbid we would expand the scope of this law to other areas too. I’d hate to think that any loose cannon I flip off in traffic or unstable neighbor who is angry that I stole her parking spot could have me arressted just by choosing to hurt themselves as a reaction.

  • Axel Rod

    A slap on the wrist for Ravi and a slap in the face to the LGBT community.

  • Avriele

    @Oh, ok:
    I’m in somewhat agreement with Tony. It is a horrible tragedy that Tyler Clemente killed himself, but I feel young people do really stupid things, and I agree Ravi should be punished. I wish Tyler could have come to his family for help. What about the older man that was having sex with this young boy. Why isn’t he held responsible for something also. Why didn’t he help Tyler. All in all, like I said before it’s a tragedy that this young man commited suicide.

  • Joe

    “Keep the gays away”. -Dharun Ravi

  • QJ201

    @SteveC: He isn’t a celebrity and he’s not doing time in California.

  • Dennis

    All I can say IS WTF. This judge should be ashamed of himself!!

  • John Doe

    This was a fair sentence. I know gays wanted 10 years but that would be vengeance not justice. Let’s get real had Tyler Clemtni been straight and the same thing happened no one especially gays would not care.

  • cam

    @Tony: said…

    Seriously? A $12,000 fine, jail term and three years of probation for being a jerk to someone who overreacted to some name calling and derision? He’s an ass, but who the hell is the real bully here?”

    Give me a break, he obstructed justice, tampered with a witness, and don’t even get me started on how severe this would have been if he had broacast a freshman GIRL around campus. That isn’t a jerk, that is felony invasion of privacy.

  • Paul Halsall

    That is a good result. Bill Dobbs (a gay lawyer activist) can be a pain at times, but he is VERY good at resisting group hysteria and has a very honourable place in the history of NYV activism, and he worked a lot here.

    Look, Ravi may be a snot, and nasty, and a peeping tom, but he was not a murderer.

  • Axel Rod

    @John Doe: You must be one if those self loathing GOProud queers.

  • MakesYouWonder

    Personally I feel this was a missed opportunity to show that this sort of behavior isn’t tolerated period. Like others here have mentioned what sort of punishment would he have received if the victim hadn’t been a gay man? I’m especially displeased considering the judge’s words beforehand. Granted yes, ten years seems a bit much but the sentence he did receive seems lacking at best and insulting at worst, and to behave as Ravi has just seems to add injury to insult considering the added charges of trying to cover up his actions. I’m not mad… just disappointed…

  • Carlos

    @11 Chopsie-Rape/prison rape and gang rape isn’t something that you should joke about or wish upon anyone.

  • Oh, ok

    @MakesYouWonder: Get a life, most people aren’t even punished for stuff like this it happens every freaking day.

    The only reason he was punished at all is because Tyler killed himself and got pitied.

    Has America really become this pathetic? Yes Ravi is a jerk, guess what…THERE ARE JERKS EVERYWHERE AND YOU CANNOT PUNISH THEM ALL.

    The real world isn’t always nice and friendly. Man the fuck up.

  • Axel Rod

    @Oh, ok: Why don’t you STFU.

  • P

    Regardless of his criminal sentence, the guy’s name and face will forever be associated with these events when googled. That’s arguably worse to contend with than jail time; any time he applies for a job, goes on a date, or even meets a new friend, he’ll be known first and foremost as the asshole who prompted his roommate’s suicide. He’s done.

  • Bill

    Once again, the juducual system tells us that our lives have no value and that whatever a straight sociopath does to us will be excused.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    #32 Tony “I’d hate to think that any loose cannon I flip off in traffic or unstable neighbor who is angry that I stole her parking spot could have me arressted just by choosing to hurt themselves as a reaction.”

    Don’t diminish what this jerk did to Mr. Clementi. He filmed him and invited friends to watch and then tried to cover his tracks. That is a Hell of a lot more than flipping off someone in traffic or stealing one’s parking place.

  • Oh, ok

    @Axel Rod: Because that’s not how the world works, get over it.

  • Oh, ok

    @1EqualityUSA: And what exactly was so terrible that they saw worth killing himself over? What couldn’t they have seen on television or porn?

    They freaking lived together. What exactly was the big secret?

    You people try so hard to make this out to be something bigger than it really is. Was it wrong? Hell freaking yes it was wrong. Is it worth a prison sentence? No not really.

    As I’ve said before I’ve dealt with invasion of privacy twice, it makes you feel vulnerable, and upset. But you do get over it…rather quickly I might add.

    The sane response is to move away from the person doing it. The insane response is to kill yourself.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Oh,ok–We disagree.

  • Jurlesia

    @Oh, ok & Tony: If you actually read the article you would see that Ravi is basically being sentenced for 7 counts of evidence tampering (i.e. deleting txts, emails, and tweets)–a criminal offense–and not for being a gay bully as you would like to conveniently imply. The veracity of your defense of that hate-mongering, peeping tom is alarming. The fact that you’re dismissive of someone’s invasion of privacy which clearly was based on anti-gay bias, and the veracity at which you are defending that loser Ravi makes me suspect you are most likely a shill of friends and/or family of him. Get a life, instead of defending those who take away others.

  • Raymond Nadeau

    A twenty year old man who is a sex offender gets off with thirty days? What if he had filmed a five year old girl taking a bath and posted it on youtube? He would be labeled a sex offender and deported.

  • Oh, ok

    @Jurlesia: “Get a life” says the tool who’s wishing to lock away others.

    He got 30 days in jail and 3 years probation. Problem?

    Your whining won’t change it, the fact that you have nothing better to do than cry about it online says a lot about you.

  • Robert Abrami

    @Tony: He could have served ten years and deportation and you seem to say, well Tyler was just too thin-skinned. Once again a gay man’s life was worth nothing while the “straight” guy goes back to mama and papa.

  • david sprong

    How much does it cost to buy(or rent}a judge in new jersey? this sucks!!I’m not even gay , And I think this sucks!!This guy certainly should be deported if possible. we’ve got enough assholes who were born here that we can’t deport!That judge is a p.o.s.I don’t think the jury intended for the defendant to walk with 30 days.

  • Danny

    He committed a crime against an American. Deport him! What the hell is the government for if it doesn’t get rid of foreign criminals! If they insist on keeping him, he better be registered as a sex offender for trying to covertly film people having sex, so the rest of us know he is being monitored!

  • mike 07042

    Neither he, his parents nor his attorney expressed the slightest bit of remorse for what he did. The sentence that he received was lower than the mandatory minimum in New Jersey for shoplifting (which is 90 days). A slap on the wrist like this sends a clear message to the community: In the eyes of the state, gay people’s rights to privacy and dignity in their personal relationships is only one-third as valuable as a dollar store’s right to protect merchandise from being taken from its shelves.

  • Steven

    Where is the idiot who calls himself “B”? C’mon B, we need some entertainment and nothing is more entertaining that watching you pretend to be a real lawyer. Put to good use that degree you got from the correspondence course at Volusia Community College!

  • What the f**k

    @Oh, ok: You’re lack of empathy is staggering……it doesn’t come across as strong -more emotionally stunted! I feel sorry for you and you,re nazi self…there’s something wrong with you!

  • Alister

    This sentence is fair. The bottom line is that Ravi did not directly cause Tyler’s death. He didn’t even pose an imminent threat to Tyler’s life. Tyler killed himself; and he committed suicide following mild bullying. It would have taken much more trauma than Tyler experienced for most people to take their own life.

    Ravi should not spend years in jail just because Tyler could not withstand the same bullying that millions of teenagers face every day.

    That does not mean that Tyler deserved to be bullied or spied on, but Ravi’s actions and intent do not warrant spending years in jail.

  • Jay

    @Raymond Nadeau-Ravi is not a ped0 or a sex offender at all.

  • Jurlesia

    @Oh, ok: Actually, I wasn’t whining, I was just trying to interrupt and correct your campaign of intentional misinformation and scapegoating. Fyi blaming the victim for being too upset never wins over many fans.

    And yes, I do wish those who break the law for reasons such as evidence tampering, invasion of privacy, and bullying (without remorse) SHOULD be put in jail. The fact that you believe otherwise leads me to believe you either prefer anarchy or you are one of Ravi’s family members with WAY too much time on your hands. The fact that you are “battling” just about every commenter who disagrees with your opinion (which is all but one) is further proof of what is painfully obvious.

  • Kev C

    @Alister: Ravi didn’t legally cause his death. But he did trigger his suicidal tendencies and depression. The concept of Triggers is well accepted in psychology. Certain states of mind can be triggered by words or actions. PTSD can be triggered. Anxiety and panic attacks can be triggered. Psychotic episodes can be triggered. Tyler Clementi was a depressed person with suicidal thoughts, and Dharun Ravi’s thoughtless prank set him off.

  • Will L

    I can’t help but smell something fishy here. I wonder how much the judge was paid for such inappropriate leniency. Thirty days for what he did and how he has acted? There has been money change hands.

  • Oh, ok

    @What the f**k: This coming from the moron who wants someone put away in prison for a crime they did not commit. Get a life.

    @Jurlesia: tl;dr

    Cry more, get a life, etc.

  • Lane

    @cam: Totally agree. If this happened to a blond blue eyed girl, Ravi would be seeing more jail time. I also don’t know why he is not being deported. You may say he is not responsible for the suicide, but invasion of privacy alone is a reason for more of a jail sentence. This judge is basically saying you can record someones intimate actions and broadcast it to the world and get a slap on the hand.

    Why do corporations have to send privacy notices every year, if privacy is not taken seriously.

  • TomMc

    @Oh, ok: I’m not sure who’s paid you to post your comments, but I hope it’s a good deal.

  • Tim

    @Kev C-Actually we do not know if Ravi triggered Tyler. In the end when someone makes the choice and personal decision to take their own life only they know the reasons why. Tyler had issues with depression/suicide that he probably would have acted upon anyway even if Ravi didn’t spy on him. Oddly enough before a lot of people end their lives they don’t give off any warning signs, pretend to be content and happy, and kill themselves out of nowhere.

  • Sansacro

    @Oh, ok: How clairvoyant of you! And how emphatic!

  • Kev C

    @Tim: Don’t be naive. He was very upset about the spying incident prior to his suicide. What else would trigger it? We know Tyler was depressed, but did Dharuan have any idea? You would think he would, being in close living arrangements. And Dharun does mention that Tyler was a shy person.

    So how would a normal, mentally healthy person deal with someone who was shy or depressed? What would they do? They’d show some understanding, empathy, friendliness. And if they really didn’t want to be bothered, they would leave them alone. But Dharun didn’t do this, choosing instead to antagonize him. Spying on him at his most vulnerable, and making him the butt of a joke.

    To me, this indicates malice, bullying. Dharun Ravi shows indications of being sociopathic. And the proper treatment of sociopathy is punishment. Because sociopaths will continue until punished. It’s the only effective treatment for sociopaths.

  • Oh, ok

    @Sansacro: More clairvoyant than the people claiming to know what “triggered” Tyler’s suicide?

    Hypocrisy is fun!

  • Kev C

    @Oh, ok: Some people are more educated than you. And depression and suicidal thinking can be treated and reversed. Or it can be antagonized and triggered.

  • Martin

    Kev C-Just because Tyler was Ravi’s roommate it does not mean that Tyler was somehow obligated to tell him “Oh BTW I’m depressed, very anti-social with social anxiety, and I’m suicidal too!”

    Ravi didn’t drive Clementi to jump off the bridge. Ravi’s actions might have impacted Clementi’s decision making but he wasn’t the root cause. I think the larger issue here is systemic: What societal factors are detrimental for gay people and can, in this case, drive a person to commit suicide. Umm… I can list 100 off the top of my head! This is something that Clementi had been thinking about for a long time. It wasn’t impulsive. Suicide never is. It’s always calculated and thought over for a long time. So, yes, Ravi was fucked up and he knows it now! But he’s not a murderer.

  • Kev C

    @Martin: Dharun showed some indication that he knew Tyler was shy, sensitive, a loner. So he had some consciousness of mental state. So if you’re Ravi, here’s your decision tree:
    1. You can leave Tyler alone
    2. Or – be nice to him.
    3. Or – be a dick to him.

    If Dharun had chosen options 1 or 2, like a decent person, Tyler is not upset, not as depressed. He has a boyfriend. He’s respected by his peers. He has something to look forward to. And so, maybe he’d lives a little longer. Maybe long enough to get help. But I think it’s obvious that Dharun upset him just enough.

  • Oh, ok

    @Kev C: Jumping to conclusions about what triggered someone’s suicide shows a lack of education. Nice try.

    If you knew anything about the subject then you’d know it’s no one’s fault except in the most extreme cases such as rape.

    Most suicidal people were suicidal from jump, get over yourself, and get a life. You “care” about this way too much. You didn’t know Tyler, you don’t know Ravi, and you just want to see a life ruined because in your mind Ravi is some terrible criminal yet you weren’t even there.

    This is his first offense or we would have a history of crime, we don’t, that’s a fact. If he had more crimes on the list he’d have been given a harsher punishment.

    Go outside, take up a hobby, find a boyfriend. Anything to stop sitting around wishing ill of people you don’t even know on the internet anonymously.

  • What the f**k

    @Oh, ok: Excuse me!!??…..what the f**ck are you on about …you’re confused dear…if you’re gonna take a pop: direct it at the right person…When you’re ready …..

  • Oh, ok

    @What the f**k: Do you read your posts? You sound pretty nuts right now.

  • christopher di crapito

    @Oh, ok: Follow your own advice. Go outside, take up a hobby, get a boyfriend. I find it really hilarious when you keep advising people to get a life when you yourself are here just as often, replying negatively to anyone who disagrees with you. You’ve made your point and you have virtually no supporters at all here. Now it’s your turn to get a life.

  • Kev C

    @Oh, ok: You sound like a defeatist. The depressed are going to kill themselves anyway, nothing you can do about it. Bullies are going to bully anyway, may as well accept it.

  • Henry Holland

    I just did a search on this thread for “mom” and “mother” and “Mrs. Clementi” and got no hits, so I’m wondering why nobody has brought up the fact that he came out three weeks before he killed himself and in a IM to a friend wrote:

    “It’s a good thing dad is ok w/it or I would be in serious trouble/ mom has basically completely rejected me

    Mrs. Clementi apparently totally freaked out when Tyler came out, started in with the loathsome, selfish “OMG! OMG! I’m never going to have grandchildren” rubbish (because both sons were gay and she’s never heard of surrogate mothers) and so on. She claims she was working on it, but 3 weeks? Please.

    How about the possibility that he killed himself because of the rejection from his mom?

  • Oh, ok

    @christopher di crapito:LOL I only replied to negative comments. I frankly don’t care if anyone disagrees with me aside from the fact that some of you sound literally insane expecting a court to hang a bully for being a bully.

    If my comments made you mad I must’ve struck a nerve. Go outside and get a life then that won’t make you mad when someone says it anymore. You know you don’t have anything better to do.

    And please don’t be so pathetic that you need “supporters” on the internet. That’s just sad. This is anonymous and there’s no “winning”.

    @Kev C: Blah blah blah. You don’t know what drove him to suicide and it most likely wasn’t a ridiculous prank that anyone in their right mind would get over considering the solution is moving out.

  • christopher di crapito

    @Oh, ok: The “supporters” comment was directed at you. But that completely flew over your head. You’re unable to notice or even understand when people point out your very obvious character flaws. With rare exceptions, no one here agrees with you. That’s why I mentioned that you have no supporters. Do you understand now? And yet, you keep coming back for more. You are here for the sole purpose of provoking people and picking fights. People call you out on it, as I am doing now, but you keep coming back. And you think I’m sad and pathetic? Speak for yourself! If any nerves are being struck here, they are yours, not mine. Not once have you ever written anything constructive. All you do is disagree with people, no matter what they write. Again, you think I’m the one with the problem. Everytime people point out your glaring flaws, you use the classic defense tactic and accuse them of your own flaws. Not THAT is pathetic!

  • christopher di crapito

    @Oh, ok: You want to come and say that to my face? 3822 19th Street, in San Francisco. I’ll wait for you. Then we’ll see who’s the big tough guy! Go on, I dare you. Come and see me. I’ll be ready for you!

  • Kev C

    @Oh, ok: Not only are the psychological concepts of triggers well established, but so are the legal concepts of causative links and consciousness of guilt. This happened 2 days before his suicide and was his main concern in those 2 days. Certainly the ignorant can deny things they don’t know about because they are uneducated.

  • Oh, ok

    @christopher di crapito: @christopher di crapito: LOL! Are you a clown? Do you charge by the hour? You’re hilarious.

    @Kev C: You’re trying way too hard.

    By the way: “I just did a search on this thread for “mom” and “mother” and “Mrs. Clementi” and got no hits, so I’m wondering why nobody has brought up the fact that he came out three weeks before he killed himself and in a IM to a friend wrote:

    “It’s a good thing dad is ok w/it or I would be in serious trouble/ mom has basically completely rejected me”

    Mrs. Clementi apparently totally freaked out when Tyler came out, started in with the loathsome, selfish “OMG! OMG! I’m never going to have grandchildren” rubbish (because both sons were gay and she’s never heard of surrogate mothers) and so on. She claims she was working on it, but 3 weeks? Please.

    How about the possibility that he killed himself because of the rejection from his mom?”

    Right above your ignorant posts. Try thinking outside of the box pissant.

  • Kev C

    @Oh, ok: Oh Ok’s science of life: Things happens mysteriously for unknown reasons. The sun comes up. The sky is blue. You can’t explain it.

    I’m sure he was depressed by his mother’s lack of acceptance. But her attitude is also reflected in society. Ravi’s attitude reinforced this attitude towards gays. It wasn’t just his mother who didn’t accept him, it was total strangers, it was society. Realizing this can be depressing.

  • Oh, ok

    @Kev C: LMFAO you are a total tool. Yes I’m sure he killed himself over spats with his roommate of which he was no innocent either. Rather than killing himself because his own MOTHER rejected him and disowned him as her son.

    You have a screw loose.

  • Kev C

    @Oh, ok: What did Tyler do to Ravi? He didn’t spy on his lovemaking and try to publically humiliate him. Hey, the jury found Ravi guilty of bias intimidation. Dharun is a bully. So say we all .. except Oh ok.

  • Joel

    @Chopsie: There is nothing funny about prison rape. It is a horrifically violent act that overwhelmingly happens to gay men in prison. Being violently raped is not part of the sentence, and you are a disgusting human being for wishing it on someone. Shame on you.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Oh, ok: And you ,my little irritant, are showing all the signs of a sociopath.Where did I say that?!Punishment for the 15 counts he’s accused of would be enough.They’re now saying he will serve 20 days -does that make you feel better!!Ya throw insults at people you presume to be weak because they show empathy or insight and, yet,you and I KNOW you wouldn’t say shit to our face!But, I suppose you’re good for a laugh-so….KEEP SLIDING BITCH!

  • matwiz

    Yes the sentence is light. Now, let us hope that US Immigration will compensate by going on full force to deport the idiot. We have enough American trash, we don’t need a non-American one.

  • Matt

    Let’s deport you Matwiz since you’re American trash.

  • nhf7170

    @LaTeesha: The more I think about this case, the more I am inclined to agree with you. Ravi will re-offend. He is clearly innately disordered (no doubt exacerbated by indulgent and delusional parents), lacks anything even remotely resembling a conscience and won’t be able to help himself. Thank goodness people know what he looks like, because a good many people will be keeping an especially close watch on him.

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