shame on MN

UPDATED: Double-Ban on Marriage Cruises Through Minnesota Senate, Thanks in Part to Three Anti-Gay Democrats

As expected, the Minnesota Senate squirted out a ban on marriage this afternoon by a 38-27 vote. How do you like that, New Gays?

From here, it’s on to an easy passage in the Republican-controlled House, and then voters in 2012. Minnesota already has a ban on marriage, but anti-gay legislators aren’t content to stop there — why slap your gay constituents in the face once when you can do it twice?

We’re trying to track down who voted yes and who voted no on the bill, known as SF1307 in the Senate and HF1614 in the House. We’ll let you know when we have more details.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader Xavier, we have a list of how everybody voted. All the Republicans voted yes, and were joined by Democratic Senator LeRoy Stumpf. And two Democrats didn’t vote at all: Richard Cohen and Linda Scheid. So, Minnesotans, now you know who to vote out the next time they’re up for election.