Breaking: Falwell Killed By Hex!

The Lesbian Death Angels – a group dedicated to setting “the world back on its axis one hex at a time” – have claimed responsibility for 73-year old Reverend Jerry Falwell‘s death. The boastful baddies issued a press release reading thus:

[We], concerned that Rev. Falwell’s followers will misattribute the cause of their leader’s demise to their antigod or to some weenie group like Soulforce, have announced that, in a mass worldwide action, they hexed at 10:30 am today and that the subject of their hex was the Rev. Jerry Falwell. In other words, they are claiming to be responsible for Jerry’s death and wish the world to know that they are proud of it to boot.

The LDA also noted that though they don’t usually take credit for their high-profile hexings, they feel compelled to break their routine silence.

One member, coochie-loving, spell-casting Connie L. Ingus, remarked: “”Proselytizing is usually so rude”. Indeed.

The press release also warns that the ladies will hex again. It did not, however, name a specific target. Be Afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Lesbians Claim Credit For Falwell Demise [bilerico]