BREAKING: Has Obama Just Promised To Stop Deporting All Bi-National Same-Sex Couples?

The Obama administration just announced a process which will review all 300,000 current deportation cases on “a case-by-case basis” to focus government resources on high-priority cases—such as repeat immigration violators and those who present a threat to public safety and national security—rather than LGBT families and bi-national same-sex couples. A senior administration official said that the goal is to “keep folks who are low priority cases out of the deportation process to begin with” so that we are “not clogging the system with folks who are not maximum priorities.”

But that doesn’t get legally married foreigners like Anthony John Makk and Takako Ueda out of the forest yet. But if you remember, Henry Velandia and Josh Vandiver avoided being torn apart when Immigration and Customs Enforcement decided their case was “not an enforcement priority.” Does that mean that other same-sex bi-national couples could soon get deemed “non-priority” and allowed to stay here as well? Interesting…