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WATCH: Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle Says ‘NO’ to Civil Unions

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It’s taken nine weeks of deliberation, and hearing from religious leaders and gay advocates, and now Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle has decided — on the last possible day — the fate of the state’s civil unions bill, House Bil 444: It’s a no.

Lingle is vetoing the bill, effectively killing its chances as House leadership acknowledged they don’t have the votes to override her veto; the Senate reportedly does. Lingle announced her decision today at 3pm local time at a press conference. Signing the bill would have added Hawaii to to the list of states with civil union laws, which include California, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington.

A civil union “is essentially ‘marriage’ by another name,” Lingle says, adding, “I want to be clear that my personal opinion is not the basis” for her decision; Lingle does not personally believe gay marriage should be legal. There is no piece of legislation she has thought “more deeply about” than HB 444, but ultimately it is voters and not lawmakers who should have the final say, she says.

“I feel very comfortable with my decision.”

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  • John (CA)

    Not surprising.

    Just another disgusting Republican bigot masquerading a “moderate.”

    I’d rather spend my money in Las Vegas anyhow.

  • Grayson

    It is a basic human right. It needs to be fought in the courts. The more times it’s put on a ballot, win or lose, it promulgates the idea that marriage rights are something that a heterosexual majority can “take away” from us.

  • Ethan

    Let’s put jews up to a vote? How would you like Lingle?

  • Javier

    An even more rightwing Republican will likely be the new governor after the next election. Further, even if she had signed the bill, it would have likely been placed on the ballot by anti-gay referendum groups. Once on the ballot, civil unions would have faced tough prospects with an electorate that overwhelmingly voted against gay marriage in the late 90s.

  • Kalbo

    @Javier Likely? I’ve not seen any reasonable polls to suggest that Aiona (R) has a chance against either Abercrombie (D) (our best choice) or Hannemann (D) (not so great on LGBT rights) … Abercrombie is leading thus far, so there is hope.

  • Mario

    What a bitch, she “feels comfortable” with her decision to bash the LGBT community. It’s easy to screw people over when you don’t have to deal with the consequences. And NO it should not be left up to the voters to “bash the queers” at the ballot box the way they did with Proposition 8. I hope this bitch gets voted out of office.

  • whatever

    Republicans are really, really stupid. Leave the decision to the voters? Uh, you silly bint, the voters elected this legislature that passed the law.

    It reminds me of the teatards who said the health reform bill was undemocratic despite the fact that that it passed by duly elected legislatures.

    Why do Republicans hate democracy?

  • Devon

    Fuck this miserable cunt.

    Fuck her with something long, pointy, jagged and wrapped in sandpaper.

  • merkin

    If we put women having the right to vote to a public vote, Im sure at LEAST 35 percent would vote against it. And a big number of women voters too!

  • al

    She looks like Cruella Deville.

  • Ian

    LGBT Americans need a good PR campaign like when the ACLU told Latino groups to stay out of Arizona for vacationing. We need to have a “warning” for ALL states that treat us as 2nd class citizens under the law and make it a point to say that they CANNOT have our vacation dollars until they can treat us like Equal human beings.

  • Ryan

    Fucking cunt.

  • AxelDC

    Another closet case against gay rights.

  • Brandon H

    Yes yes Ryan, I do believe this is a prime time to use the Cunt word.

  • Paschal

    The USA is first and foremost a republic. There is more than one definition of what a republic is but I would define it as a democracy which treats all people equally despite intolerance among the populace. A constitution is necessary to protect should not decide the worth of fellow human beings. Human rights are the last things which should be put to a referendum. It’s amazing how some people love the idea pf having a referendum on a gay rights issue yet don’t seem to push for refenda on other issues.


    Miserable Crunt-a-Lingle

  • Toby

    Yeah and if we did the same about women’s right to vote…instead of Governor, Lingle would be cleaning my house.

  • Abel

    I hope this bigoted cunt dies a screaming death in the very near future.

  • William

    Given her long standing stated position against same-sex marriage, this hardly comes as a surprise.

  • Dan

    Notice how politicians never violate their own human rights – it’s always the human rights of hundreds of millions of other people. Does that mean the gay community which numbers over a half billion gets to vote on other people’s human rights, too?

  • Daniel

    I hope this really puts into perspective the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Complain all you want about Obama and the Democrats but when put in a similar position, New Hampshire’s Democratic Governor signed gay marriage into law despite considerable opposition. The facts is Democrats may fail to keep their promises or stall, but Republicans just flat out use us as a wedge issue or actively try to take away what little rights we have (Texas GOP’s party platform includes making being gay illegal).

    Always vote Democratic, but hold their feet to the fire.

  • Daniel

    BTW, what a pathetic bitch. When she terms out and the next Governor, who will be probably a Democrat, takes over civil unions/same sex marriage will pass. Republicans and conservatives are so heartless and bigoted that they prefer the wallow in their temporary hate than embrace the inevitable future of tolerance. In the long term they will all lose.

  • William

    @Dan: Actually, yes, you do. For example, in the US, the gay community easily outnumbers the followers of Islam, where many believe a woman should be stoned to death for adultery. Assuming gays, and straights, are both opposed to such behavior, does outlawing the practice make it fair to Islamists? What’s fair for one is not fair for another. Mankind is far from perfect.

  • Dan

    I wonder how she lives with herself. She’s Jewish and now shares a trait in common with another government official – Adolf Hitler; he used his power to violate the human rights of millions of people too during his time in office.

  • Daniel

    @ William

    How is that even the same thing? One’s freedom of religion does not allow for the stoning to death of others. So to answer your question: No. Banning stoning is not discriminatory whether by legislature or referendum because it is a matter of criminal law. It would only be discriminatory if stoning was somehow allowed for Christians but not Muslims.

  • JamesStone

    The Hawaiian constitution forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation. What would you call her act?? Seriously..charges need to be filed!! This is not marriage..this is the about the minority having the same rights as the majority. What a sad day for America….

  • Mikey

    I find it funny that she put on a show for everyone and made everything so complicated by inviting a bunch of random people to her office to explore the issue. I actually pictured her in a lab coat, mixing chemicals in a tube in order to figure out whether or not she will veto the bill. What an idiot.

  • Dennis

    Not sure if it’s been mentioned here, but this COMPLETE BITCH-TROLL-CUNT has already been married and divorced TWICE!

    Yeah, you’re a real champion for sacred marriage, you goddamn hypocritical whore…and by biblical standards, a twice-divorced whore like you stood a good chance of being stoned to death for her sins….boy, guess there is some wisdom in that crusty old book of fables after all.

    So many Christians, so few lions…

  • Sapphocrat

    A civil union “is essentially ‘marriage’ by another name”…

    Oh, that’s the problem, eh?

    Just more proof that the Bigot Brigades are lying. As usual.

    How many times have you heard this…? “I’m all for equal rights for gays, as long as you don’t call it ‘marriage.'”

    Bullshit. They do NOT want us to have ANY rights. Period.

    To hell with Hawaii once and for all. The residents 1) haven’t done a thing to flush the overbearing Mormon influence down the crapper, and 2) like battered wives, they keep VOTING for Lingle, who has long proven herself a sworn enemy of equality.

    Well, I guess the people of Hawaii have the government they want — and the government they deserve.

    What they won’t have is the presence of my wife and me; long ago, we crossed Hawaii off our list of any future vacation plans — with the reservation that we would consider going there if this civil unions bill was signed into law.

    Now, we’ll take our gay asses — and our gay dollars — elsewhere, thankyouverymuch.

    Hawaii does not survive on pineapple and sugar cane alone, y’know. Even a small dent in tourism would bring the state to its knees.

  • William

    @Daniel: OK, following your reasoning, banning stoning via legislative action (passing laws) violates some people’s freedom of religion which supports the practice. Surely you are not making the case for same sex marriage based on religious beliefs.

  • mb00

    what pisses me off the most about this is that Lingle herself is a lesbian. A BIG ONE!!!! Closeted as she may be, Hawaii isn’t that big and people see AND talk…she’s disgusting as a human being.
    Here’s an idea everyone in here should call her office and let her know that by fucking us, she’s inadvertently fucked Hawaii’s economy, call her at (808) 586-0034, (808) 586-0221 or (808) 586-0222 or fill up her email box at [email protected]

  • Daniel

    @ William

    What? You are not following my reasoning. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m saying whether through legislation or popular vote it doesn’t matter if stoning is banned because it matters more to protect those who are to be stoned. Religious freedom doesn’t mean you can shit on everyone else. I just said banned stoning would be discriminatory if it were only applied to one religious group. So I don’t know where you’re getting the conclusion that I said same sex marriage should exist because of religion.

    ANYWAY, I think we can all agree that Lingle is a bitch. End.

  • Mikey


    A ban on stoning would not be discrimination because it violates the Constituion and the criminal justice system. The Constituion is the supreme law of the land and murder violate’s the victim’s rights. Besides, stoning isn’t required in Islam anymore thean it is in Christianity which also states people should be stoned to death. I mean, we have the death penalty here in the states!

  • Mikey


  • Dan

    What’s really appalling is that the Governor is justifying the Holocaust – because the WWII German government was after all a lawfully and democratically-elected government, and the German voters used their votes (which the Governor claims is the final say) to elect a government that took away other people’s human rights (just like she did). Under the Governor’s rationale – since WWII German non-Jews outnumbered Jews and other groups targeted, the Holocaust wasn’t real because it was lawfully performed by a democratically-elected government empowered by the voters (the “will of the people”). That is appalling!!! If you have to be popular to have human rights, few would have them since any 2 people outnumber any individual and can therefore outvote them. Human rights are not up for a vote; they are the birthright of all people and a Jewish governor like her should know that! Governments and government officials either violate human rights or they do not. She should be barred from visiting any Holocaust Museum.

  • Mikey

    *violates, oh I can’t spell or use proper punctuation at this hour!’s late, nite everyone!

  • William

    @Daniel: To be very clear, I support same sex marriage 110%. I cannot find any compelling argument for its denial. Your question was simple, to wit; “Does the gay community get to vote on the human rights of others, too?” The answer, like it or not – good or bad, is likewise simple, and it is, yes, you do get to vote on the rights of others.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    All I heard was, “Blah blah blah blah, I didn’t want this bill to effect my republican career, blah blah blah blah.”

  • William

    @Mikey: You might have a bit of a problem explaining this to the judge in Tabriz who has just “legally” sentenced Sakine Mohammedie Ashtiani to death by stoning.

  • William

    @Aaron in Honolulu: HA! Which is of course, the real answer, and would have saved a lot of time – and film.

  • Desdemona

    she said that she was touched by the story of a woman who feared that her child would be taught in school that a homo family is the ‘equivalent’ of a hetero one. Well excuse me! Didn’t know bigotry was to be taken seriously- especially in the legal system when it comes to gay peoples lives! Why do ours lives get beaten down because some heteros are uncomfortable and think we are beneath them. They need to get the F*CK OVER IT!

  • Steve

    This is not about marriage.

    This is entirely about hatred of gay people. Linda Lingle hates gay people so much, she is not even willing to provide them with Jim Crow “separate but equal” facilities.

    It is also about equal protection and equal rights. Equal protection has never been granted to any hated minority by legislative action. That is a job for the courts.

  • the crustybastard

    Okay, I’ll afford you the same respect and dignity that you tried to afford me:

    Fuck you, Linda Lingle. Fuck you right in the ear.

    I hope you die alone in a goddam fire.

    Christ, what an asshole.

  • gregg

    Hawaii is just one small beautiful place in a whole world of beautiful vacation destinations. Been to Hawaii twice, expensive but worth it, however I have crossed it off my acceptable travel list now in favour of Iceland and Mexico.


    This miserable vile hatefilled reprehensive disturbing looking cunt left out a few lines: in emphisis

    A civil union “is essentially ‘marriage’ by another name,” “And we repugnatican scumbags don’t really get too picky about things like names as long as we are showing how much we hate Gay people”Lingle says, adding, “I want to be clear that my personal opinion is not the basis” “But rather,the need to pander to vile hatefilled scumbags is the basis” for her decision; Lingle does not personally believe gay marriage should be legal. There is no piece of legislation she has thought “more deeply about”“Actually, I gave it as much thought as my decision to go with the Scarah Pallin lookin’ glasses than HB 444, but ultimately it is voters who revel in spewing hate towards anything or one not exactaly like themselves and not lawmakers who should have the final say, she says.

    “I feel very comfortable with my decision.”Just as Hitler did with the final solution, which took away one or two rights from my fellow Jews……….

  • Argos

    I honestly wasn’t particularly surprised that this twat decided ultimately to veto the bill. If she had a shred of decency, she would have signed it into law the day it was placed on her desk in front of her. She just drew it out to pretend that she was ‘thinking it over’. Bullshit. Bigots don’t use reason to come to their conclusions. She made her decision before it was passed in Hawaii’s house and senate, and now she’s lying about it to everyone.

    The fact that this cunt was married and divorced more than once shows she’s a lying hypocrite when it comes to defending the ‘sanctity of marriage’. The bible has something to say about people that get divorced and remarried. They’re adulterers (I’m not religious, and couldn’t care less what the bible says, but she IS religious, and can’t even follow the tenets of her own religion).

  • jason

    Lingle is a cunt.

  • Pitou

    @christopher di spirito: She is Honey, it’s now growing out that Honker she calls a nose!
    I hope some brave Hawaiian(s) has(have) enough courage and determination to fight this bullshit in court. That’s the only way we will ever win. The court system. How many times has it worked in the past..? Just about every State to have it, has it because of the courts. CA is about to have it back via court.

  • Queer Supremacist

    No wonder breeder boys beat their wives. Ugly breeder bitch cunt whores like her are why I am a proud heterophobe, homosexist, and queer supremacist. I’m tempted to add misogynist to that as well if any more of these bigoted bitches keep flapping their gums. Linda Lingleberry, get your bitch ass back in the kitchen and make me some pie!

    Meanwhile, I will be boycotting Heli-waii and everything manufactured in that overpriced hell hole infested with Mormons and other savages like her for the foreseeable future. If the Japanese want to bomb Pearl Harbor again, they can have at it for all I care.

    @Dan: The Krauts elected the Nazi government. The blood of six million Jews and thousands of homosexuals are on their hands. They got what they deserved when their country was bombed into submission.

  • christopher di spirito

    This hideous heffa needs a pie in her face.

    Preferably, a pork pie that was left out in the hot Hawaiian sun for three days so it’s rotten and full of stank.

  • Republican

    I don’t usually support outing, but if in fact she’s gay like the rumors suggest, then someone needs to out her. This is about as evil as you can get without putting people into ovens.

  • CJ

    So much for significant progress in LGBT equal rights over the past few years. We have Republicans that continue to deny equality (no surprise) AND we have a president that is not showing any leadership that is standing up for equality.

  • Tessie Tura

    And she’s a Dyke-O-Matic RugMuncher herself….

  • Troy Boy

    She is WRONG about the people deciding the fate of this bill. We are a Republic NOT a Democracy. In a democracy the majority rules and in a republic the law rules. Laws are made by congress NOT voted on by the people!

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Republican: Please don’t say she’s gay. We don’t want her.

    @Troy Boy: Agreed. That;s why it really makes me angry when people fawn over “Democracy” (aka MOB RULE). And when mob rule calls for violation of the rights of individuals because of the status of their birth, the mob’s wishes must be subverted and suppressed.

  • the crustybastard

    @Republican: She should have been outed before she vetoed.

    She should DEFINITELY be outed now.

    Lady’s ladies of Hawaii: Awake! Your country needs you! Cunning Lingle’s political future must be torpedoed at least as fully as she torpedoed your rights and humanity.

  • David Ehrenstein

    Hawaii,leave us not forget, is President Obama’s birthplace — despite stories to the contrary.

    Were it not for Loving v. Virginia (1967) Barack Obama would not exist.

    HE famously said he was in favor of civil unions because when it comes to marriage “God is in the mix” — marriage apparently being like Bisquick.

    Will he have anything to say about this veto?

    Not likely.

  • Republican

    @Queer Supremacist:

    I hear you, brother. If only there was a required background check before membership, then maybe we could avoid idiots like this. Sure, it would mean fewer toaster ovens for those of us tasked with carrying out the recruitment part of the agenda, but I’ve already got too many of the damn things taking up space in the garage as it is.

  • Jay

    Maybe if wife-beating (a sacred heterosexual marriage right) was banned from gay marriage it wouldn’t be “marriage by any other name” for Linda Pringle.

    Maybe then this nasty witch would sign it into law.

  • Rashid

    Jump off a bridge.

  • TomEM

    — A civil union “is essentially ‘marriage’ by another name,” (Lingle says) —

    No, it’s not Ms. Lingle. And to deny gay people the limited protections and lesser benefits of a civil union is, at best, cruel.

    How I do hope your dreams are haunted by the brave suffragettes who gave their all, so that someone like you could betray the spirit of their truly progressive ideals.

  • wombat

    sea hag.

  • SoylentDIva

    “I feel very comfortable with my decision.”

    It’s sad that you feel comfortable denying innocent people rights you take for granted when they’ve done nothing wrong to deserve such a penalty. It’s sad you feel comfortable being a hateful bitch.

  • Ron

    Despite her constant claim that this decision was not based on her personal opinion and that this decision should not be made by one person but all the people of Hawaii, it is a contradiction of actual facts. Fact 1)This was a bill for CIVIL UNIONS and not MARRIAGE. Therefore her own opinion against same sex marriage illuminates her opposition to any legal recognition of same sex couples. Fact 2) She single handedly just decided the fate of this bill.
    The REAL reason why she wants it to go to a public vote is because she knows the majority will vote against it as they have in every single other same sex marriage referendum in the country. This way she can claim that it was “fairly” decided. When will it get through to people that civil rights have NEVER been put up for a vote in this country and that there is nothing fair about it.
    I’m sorry but I am not buying her empathetic performance about her decision. She knew from get go that she was going to veto it and it just took a while for her to come up with a way to make herself look like a wolf in sheeps clothing instead of an outright salivating gay hating wolf.

  • alan brickman

    Bitch!! there… I said it…..

  • gregorvonk

    I have sent the following to the governor’s email address.

    I’m not sure why the governor feels like civil unions (the right of a minority) is “one of those issues” that needs to be decided by “all the people of Hawaii behind the curtain of the voting booth.” I’m at a loss to understand how any rational and ethical political figure can, in good conscience, offer up the rights of that minority to the whim of majority.

    Why the “anguish” of a mother whose fear that her schoolchildren might actually learn that there are homosexual couples out there whose families deserve respect carries more weight than the actual lives and families of gay and lesbian couples that will be impacted by the legal recognition that the governor is actively denying.

    It’s certainly easy to ask someone to “respect” your decision when that decision has absolutely no impact on your own life but impacts the real lives of thousands of your citizens. That’s pretty lopsided “respect” in the final analysis.

    One thing I do know is that I will never spend my tourist dollars in your state as long as its bigotry remains enshrined in law. I was planning a winter vacation there this December, but I will certainly join those who intend to boycott tourism in your state

  • hephaestion

    Fucking dumb-ass Republican idiot.

  • christopher di spirito

    This Hawaiian heffa looks like the long, lost fifth Marx Brother.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @David Ehrenstein: Obama was six years old when Loving v. Virginia was ruled on, and Hawaii never enacted them. But the same arguments he and this breedercuntbitchwhore use would have kept him from being born. Although, considering how that duplicitous asshole has sold us down the river.

    I wonder if it can be arranged to have Lingleberry “accidentally” fall into an active volcano.

  • PrinceThad

    She’s a bitch. I hope she spends the rest of her career cleaning toilets after she’s voted out of office.

  • Don

    @Ethan: Is this your answer to bigotry? Not Swift.

  • Merlyn


    I agree, Sapphocrat. Homophobes and relious reich types do not want us to have ANY rights at all.

    The whole thing about “marriage by any other name” crap is that even when civil unions are voted upon and approved by the voters or legislature, the homophobes try to get them shot down. This gives the lie to their whole “Civil unions are fine by us. Just don’t call it ‘marriage’. They are lying through their teeth. It isn’t just “marriage” they object to–they don’t want us to have ANY rights at all. In fact, they would be happiest if we didn’t exist. Fucking homophobes!

  • Bobby

    Good for her. :) I am relieved.

  • Chadster

    @Bobby – Fuck you, homophobe.

  • Brian Ansorge

    Gosh, I’ve always known that GBLT’s were different; now, I know they are the same as all the other fucked up haters in the world. Just as bad. Maybe worse. Sanctimonious like the hypocrite religious people I know.

    Toxic, hateful, poison-spewing people obviously are *not* just straight; they are GBLT/Whatever.

    Congratulations! You all have achieved equality and parity with all the NON-GBLT’s—but in all the worst ways.

    Just saying.

    Good luck with that.

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