BREAKING: Henry and Josh’s Deportation Hearing Postponed!

It’s been a crazy week of news for bi-national couples, culminating in an announcement today that Henry and Josh won’t have to face another deportation hearing until December. So is that good news or bad news? Well, a little of each.

It’s great that the judge in the case recognized that they shouldn’t throw married gays out of the country simply because of DOMA. As GetEQUAL put it, “judge acknowledged Holder’s ruling yesterday and the fact that the definition of marriage is ambiguous now.” (That’s a reference to yesterday’s surprise ruling by Attorney General Eric Holder that immigration officials need to tread more carefully when it comes to gay couples and DOMA.)

But it also kind of sucks for Henry and Josh, since it means another six months of uncertainty. Will they be allowed to stay? Will they have to leave? It’s hard to plan a life together when you don’t even know what country you’ll be doing it in.

Henry’s a dancer, and Josh is pursuing a job as a professor, both of which are lines of work where you need to be able to make long term plans.

Nevertheless, Josh says via GetEQUAL, “We understand that this is just a reprieve, but are really happy with this decision.”

We’ll keep rounding up news about this major development and bring you more as it unfolds.

Photo of Henry and Josh at the federal building by GetEQUAL