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  • John

    YAY! cake for everyone!

  • getreal

    Poor Mathew let’s hope this helps our country heal itself and end the persecution of LGBT people.

  • Alec

    Obama promised to sign it? I thought he hated gays? That’s all I’ve been hearing lately.

    Bring back Japhy!

  • The Gay Numbers

    Its not possible that Obama agreed to sign it. He’s not going to do anything for gay people, and even if he does pass this bill that took years to get passed, well then, it means nothing because he should have signed it. Yes, I am anticipating the next level of b.s.

  • Dennis

    I’ll bet he vetoes it just for spite, God that Obama’s a homophobe…why couldn’t he travel back in time and get it passed earlier? I just know he hates us….

  • Michael W.

    If our girl Hillary had won, she would’ve signed the bill before congress even passed it.

  • getreal

    @Dennis: LOL!

  • Slider

    What happened to Japhy? Don’t tell me he is no longer at Queerty…boo hiss if that is the case… to the Hate Crimes……let’s hope the Senate doesn’t screw it up!

  • Chitown Kev

    @Michael W.:

  • Nick

    That good-for-nothing Obama. All he does is give us lip service and ignore our needs. Except, you know, sign hate crimes legislation we’ve been trying to pass for a decade. Bring back Japhy!

  • afrolito

    This is great news. Hopefully it’ll pass through the senate, and make it’s way to Obama, before the dems have a chance to water it down. In any case, a new law is not gonna stop the hate and discrimination against gays any more than laws that punished racial discrimination. Real change starts in the heart.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Afrolito- the value of this bill is that it helps to combat hatred in places where local officials let it flourish. To me this bill is not for big city america, but more for small towns down south and else where people are attacked, but may not obtain justice.

  • LASO

    This is great news!!!

  • uncgpc

    Yes #12, because only in “small towns down south and elsewhere” does hate exist. There is no hate in cities like New York or LA….right….

  • Dennis

    As an aside, can we get an icon or image for this article on the main page?…or do items that might seem to benefit Obama not deserve that endorsement?

  • atdleft

    @Michael W.: Come on. I voted for Hillary in the primary. And am I a bitter bitch? Don’t paint all us Clintonistas (especially the vast majority of us that then backed Barack Obama!) with such a broad stroke!

    @The Gay Numbers: You weren’t serious, right? You do know there are still hate crimes being committed in “more enlightened” places like Ventura, CA, and Las Vegas, NV? We need this hate crimes bill passed so that ALL OF US are protected, no matter whether we’re urban, suburban, exurban, or rural.

  • The Gay Numbers

    Reading comprehension: In bigger cities, the cases are more likely to be prosecuted by the authorities regardless of who the victim is. It is less likely to happen in smaller towns. So, telling me that there are victims of hate crimes everywhere is not a response to my post. It’s mentioning a fact not in dispute.

  • Bruno

    BTW the only way this thing would lose in the Senate is if it were filibustered and a Democrat besides noted homophobe Byrd of WV voted against it. Bob Nelson (NE) is actually a co-sponsor, and both Maine Repubs are as well. Finally, about 3 million years too late, we’ll have a gay inclusive hate crimes law.

  • tarxien

    My thoughts are with Matthew’s mother, Judy, who has fought so hard for this. She must be feeling a great sense of relief and achievement. But, of course, still enormous loss.

  • RichardR

    @Chitown Kev: Thanks, Chitown Kev, that was stirring. Rep. Lee rocks.

    I plan to write the foolish Rep. Foxx to thank her for helping North Carolina, and the south, turn bluer with each election.

  • alejandro

    am i the only one that sees a typo??

  • Dennis

    Still no icon or photo on the main page…A laughably short intro to this thread for a MAJOR victory in GLBT rights…22 Posts?

    Really, Queery? REALLY?

  • wowjustwow


    They’re too busy being upset that Barack Obama didn’t use the word “gay” in his latest press conference.

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