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Marriage Bill Finally Drops in New York — Now the Fight Really Starts

The marriage bill just dropped in New York, and now we’ve entered a full-on war of one-upmanship with the good guys and the bad guys scrambling to top each other. And not in a fun spanky way.

On Monday, a thousand LGBTs rallied for marriage in Albany. On the same day, the Knights of Columbus prayed to stop marriage. On Tuesday, Governor Cuomo launched a statewide tour for marriage. Then the National Organization for Marriage pledged $1.5 million to stop marriage. Cuomo’s doing robo-calls for marriage. NOM’s sending a bus around the state.

And now, Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell has announced (via Twitter, no less) that he’s finally introduced the marriage equality act, A7600.

You can help get the marriage bill passed: call legislators, donate cash, or join a phonebank.

If things keep escalating, we’re basically headed towards a doomsday device and mutually assured destruction.

Monday’s rally was a good sign, though. A big crowd and plenty of supportive politicians made it what one senator called “the best day ever, in Albany.”

But while the gays were stirring up trouble in New York’s seat of power, NOM & friends launched an anti-gay RV in that other important New York metropolis: Elmira. Wait, what?

Yes, it would seem that the anti-gays are pursuing a decidedly small-town approach with their statewide tour: Utica! Buffalo! Fairport! Halfmoon! Who exactly are they trying to rally, a herd of moose?

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