BREAKING: Marriage Legalized in Hawaii After Decades-Long Struggle

Hawaii-Lesbian-WeddingsMazel tov, Hawaii! You’ve finally won the freedom to marry the person you love. And it only took twenty years.

Today the Senate approved an amended bill that provides marriage equality to LGBT citizens. Governor Neil Abercrombie has pledged his signature, so it’s pretty much a done deal at this point.

According to news reports, the signing will likely happen tomorrow, and the weddings will start on December 2. Anti-gay freakouts are already underway and are scheduled to continue for the indefinite future, eventually dwindling to a few ranting weirdos.

It’s a sign of the times that this all happened so rapidly: in the 1990s, it took eight years to go from “couples apply for license” to “constitutional ban on marriage.”

But now Hawaii has moved from passing civil unions in 2009 to full marriage equality in just a few years. Won’t be long now before every other state joins in.