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BREAKING: Michael Jackson Dead at 50


After going into cardiac arrest this afternoon, paramedics were unable to get a pulse. He was taken to UCLA Medical Center. TMZ says he could not be revived; CNN is reporting he is a coma.

MORE: CBS News, LA Times report Jackson died.

MORE: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, now Michael Jackson.

ALSO: “The singer was taken to UCLA Medical Center where, according to a source at the hospital, Jackson was at some point in the early afternoon Thursday taken off life support. The Jackson family, including his children, had gathered at the singer’s side. Sources also tell me that Debbie Rowe, the mother of Jackson’s eldest children, Michael and Paris, is ‘inconsolable’ and ‘very concerned about her children.’”


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  • SIgh....again?

    No one else is reporting hes dead….everyone is saying he’s in the hospital. Next time please use a reputable news source.

  • TANK

    He was reportedly rushed to a hospital. Okay, Perez?

  • simon

    OMG! OMG! OMG! are you sure?

  • mightyten

    Since when is TMZ a legit source for news? It could be true, but come on, guys. That does not count as fact checking.

  • TANK

    He’s dead. But still…only bbc is reporting it. You die if you go into cardiac arrest for more than ten minutes. It’s too bad. He was very talented.

  • linda

    No queerty! he is not dead!

  • @Daniel_Baylis

    A question for everyone:

    Is Michael Jackson a gay icon? Should we be sad?


    RIP MICHAEL. I grew up dancing to MJ’S hits. I still have all his music. In my opinion he was the king of pop!

  • Saturn Love

    fox11 here in los angeles and tmz are both reporting that he has allegedly passed so only time will tell…

  • Erick

    CNN reporting he is in a coma.

  • Mike L.

    OMG CNN just reported that the LA Times has reported Michael Jackson has died at the age of 50!

    Wow, I’m in shock.

  • stephan

    MSNBC reporting Jackson dead.

  • Alexa

    @mightyten: TMZ actually has a pretty good accuracy record. First Farrah, now Michael Jackson. Sad day.

  • galefan2004

    Is QT trying to appease the conservatives by pandering to pedophiles now? If not, why in the hell is this news gay related?

  • puck247

    It was confirmed on the LA Times website and it was just confirmed on Fox News.


    2 legends die in the same day. Michael Jackson music reminds me of my dating days back in the day RIP

  • puck247

    And now on NBC

  • RainaWeather

    @galefan2004: It’s news because he’s Michael Jackson and pretty much every demographic has huge numbers of MJ fans

  • Erick

    Well, very sad. How ever weird and difficult his life turned out to be, the man was extremely talented, its a shame that that talent got lost, maybe even before this latest news. May he finally have peace.

  • Orpheus_lost

    @@Daniel_Baylis: Try not being such an asshole for a minute or two. See if that changes your perspective in life. Someone has passed away and deserves a modicum of respect if only for the happiness he provided to millions through his music.

  • Dabq

    Such a sad day for anyone who loves music and he could not be touched when he was at his prime. Farrah and now MJ, a very sad day.

    Too bad the same hate fill trolls are mocking the guy in death, disgusting the hatred that so many of the homebound, friendless trolls here have.

  • Ricky


    All wackiness aside, he was an icon to many.

    I will be listening to him tonight.

    RIP MJ

  • galefan2004

    @Orpheus_lost: Sorry, but I don’t personally buy this separate the artist from the man argument. When it became obvious that Michael liked to diddle little boys and pay them off when they started filing court cases, or pay his lawyers to destroy them if they wouldn’t take the bribe, every ounce of respect I could possibly garner for the man was destroyed, and I honestly am glad no other kid will have to suffer for what this whacked out maniac has done to them. I will celebrate his death the same way I celebrate the death of every rapist or pedophile.

  • Jay Pat

    aw so sad…

    …they at least could have chosen a better pic.

  • HayYall

    TMZ is now reporting that doctors are uncertain whether cause of death was, in fact, cardiac arrest or choking to death on an 8-year-old wiener.

  • edgyguy1426

    Well you always KNEW he’d experience SOME kind of arrest. C’mon!

  • Dave

    Looks cutting off his “fountain of youth” supply really affected him. Never cared for the guy. You guys know that all the celebrities created within the last fifty years are going to start zonking out sooner than later.

  • The Gay Numbers

    It always happens in 3s. That’s the old saying about death.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I thought Michael Jackson doing all the sold out shows in London would take it’s toll on his health. However, I never imagined he would pass away at the age of 50. What a tragedy!

  • TANK

    Meh, fawcett and mcmahon mentioned in the same sentence as jackson is offensive. He was actually talented and larger than life. The undisputed King of Pop. No one in that genre holds a candle to his talent.

    I think he was working out with lou ferrigno…

  • cayuga

    Anytime his songs came on in the club everyone, and I mean everyone, of all ages would dance. It had that effect on people. That is the definition of true masterwork.

  • GBM

    @galefan2004: You really sound like a FUCKING IDIOT. He was ACQUITTED of all charges.


    And all the rest of you saying negatve shit FAGS die at 50 also!

    And we wonder why folks have issues and say negative things about our community!

    Think before you speak if you liked his music or not!


    May he rest in peace!

  • galefan2004

    @GBM: If everyone that was acquitted of all charges was innocent then I guess OJ never killed Nichole although he later wrote a book detailing exactly how he committed the crime called If I Did It. The truth is that when you pay of the first person to come forward with the fact that you molested them you set a precedent that you were probably pretty fucking guilty. On top of that, when you lead young boys to your play place to get them drunk and in bed with you its pretty obvious what your intent is. I’m sorry if you think his music is so good that you can look the other way from his moral character, but I don’t believe for a minute that he was innocent. I believe he could bankrupt himself to get a lawyer that was good enough to get him out of legal trouble. That is the truth about this justice system works.

  • galefan2004

    @GBM: Oh, and I’m shocked at you GBM. I was almost certain you would have accused QT and the rest of us of being racist by now. I’m shocked you haven’t claimed the only reason we don’t like MJ is because he is black. Then again you might have forgotten he was black like he tried to do through various cosmetic procedures.

  • AlwaysGay

    Very sad. Just last night I was looking at his final cover on Ebony magazine. His music video for Thriller has been on the iTunes top 50 for more than two months.

    Can anyone confirm if he was gay?

  • edgyguy1426

    Somewhere Macaulay Culkin is starting his tell-all book.

  • galefan2004

    @AlwaysGay: For the love of god, please don’t try to link MJ to the gay population. That is the last thing we need.

  • DaveO

    The real story is how TMZ scooped everyone.

  • dvlaries

    Were did you get that picture, queerty?! I love it. :)
    Hey if you were the posted guard at the Pearly Gates, would you let that in..?!

  • curt wilde

    RIP MJ, truly one the greatest music makers possibly the last of his kind :(

  • RIP MJ

    Shame on you HayYall, EdgyGuy, Daniel, and people talking smack at a time like this.

  • traffick

    I’m with galefan2004, at least the children of this world are a little safer with him gone.

    As gay men we should be mourning someone who brought style and beauty (plus a great head of hair) to the world. Rest in the Peace Farrah!

  • Absolom

    Surprised: Yes. Saddened: Only momentarily.

    See, Priestess McKinney and me know that Michael Jackson *chose* to die today.


    thrilller…..thriller……..Thats my all time fav MJ song. My partner and I used to compete dancing to that song when we met 25 years ago. RIP!!

  • Trichele

    @traffick: Guess who’s death is all over the news? Farrah? I don’t think so.

  • James Davis

    what a bunch of f’n assholes some of you are. Did the man have problems, yes, was he more talented and influential than any other artist on todays music, also yes.

    For that alone he deserves respect.

  • Trichele

    @galefan2004: don’t worry hon, we already have Perez Hilton. MJ rocked! like it or not.

  • cayuga

    @galenfan2004…..how pathetic….ideally we should realize that there is no gay community..no black community…just a human community and on top of that, your insensitivity and ignorance leads me to believe that you belong to no “community” save the one that exists in but your self absorbed mind…Michael Jackson deserves respect because he has died….you fag

  • Fitz

    May his death bring his victims some peace.

  • cayuga

    The amount of vitriol and talk that “as gay men we should” do this or that is quite frankly .. disgusting…. If I ever meant one of you assholes I’d have no problem gay bashing you upside your heads.

  • TANK


    Which ones? In fact, how the fuck do you know he did anything? IT seems to me that those parents who made the accusations wanted a pay day. He was acquitted, so what proof do you have?

  • TANK

    And if you have no proof at all (OJ was a different trial and a different accusation and different evidence–nonsequitur), THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU VILE FUCKS.

  • galefan2004

    @cayuga: Sorry but its not the fact that you died that earns you respect it is how you lived. He lived as a pedophile, and for that he deserves no respect. It doesn’t matter if he could make decent music, the fact that he diddled little boys kind of makes him unworthy of respect.

    As far as there being no gay community… I’m not the only one that uses that term. I’m not the first person to use that term. I won’t be the last person to use that term. So, if you don’t like the term that is your problem.

    Thank you for jumping straight to the f word as an insult. Who are you? Perez Hilton? The problem is I stopped being insulted by my own identity years ago. Think of something more creative.

  • Trichele

    @Fitz: we are the victims of your hate speech.

  • cayuga

    @galenfan2004….you’re a fag and a nigger….dirty words exist to describe dirty people….you offer no love or real analysis…you are a mere vulture picking away at the rotten meat that is pop culture….fuck off with the pc shit.

  • galefan2004

    @TANK: There was evidence. The fact that he paid off the first kid and tried to pay off the second (but they went to court anyways) kind of makes him look guilty as hell. He looks even more guilty than OJ because of the pay offs. If you didn’t do anything then you don’t pay anyone off now do you? ESPECIALLY, when what you are accused of is so heinous that you want the truth to come out if the truth benefits you.

  • TANK


    Where is this evidence that proves his guilt? Where? He had handlers that instructed to him pay. Those parents were predators and set him up.

  • TANK

    You want rumors and accusations like that to go away so rather than linger in a messy public trial that would ultimately exonerate you.

  • cayuga

    and then at the end of the day, I’m sure we all have our dirty little secrets, but dear virtuous gay folk like galenfuck and his ilk, have douched their minds as well as their asses today, so I guess their super squeeky clean!….who made you all hall monitor?

    jesus fucking christ!

  • galefan2004

    @TANK: The pay off itself is evidence in the mind of many Americans. Also, they had all kinds of evidence in the second trial that was circumstantial. Hell, they had more evidence on MJ than they did on OJ. I’m sorry, but regardless of what anyone tells you to do, and I don’t believe his people are to blame for a second I think he scapegoated them, if someone calls you a pedophile then you do whatever it takes to prove them wrong. You don’t let them call you a pedophile in the national media and then give them a back door deal where you pay them cash so they will simply go away.

  • galefan2004

    @cayuga: You know I have done a lot of really fucked up things. However, I never fucked a 15 year old as a grown man. Even I have my standards.

  • TANK

    You keep bringing up OJ as if that’s a valid comparison. No, it’s not. There was actual evidence implicating oj. All you have is idle speculation and, what usually happens when high profile people are targeted by predators who make accusations like child abuse–settle out of the spotlight.

  • TANK

    They didn’t have more evidence on MJ. What’s your evidence? The payoffs? That’s not evidence for anything.

  • cayuga


    moral relativism , how appropriate….I bet one of those fucked up things you do is …. TALK

  • galefan2004

    @TANK: I don’t know CA law, but my guess would be that you guys still start the case off with grand jury trial. You know, a trial of the evidence to see if there was enough to go to court with the case. Apparently, the grand jury found that there was enough evidence or the case would have been dismissed. Therefore, its kind of insane to try to argue there was no evidence. The truth is, his really expensive lawyers got him his freedom. Also, its interesting that MJ never even denied the fact that he molested the child in either case. He simply said he never hurt the child. Its the same thing every child molester says when he thinks that his contact wasn’t forced on the child therefore it didn’t hurt the child.


  • edgyguy1426

    @cayuga: Looks like you’re in epic denial as to MJ’s sexuality and problems. Talented? Absolutely but his ‘creepy’ factor (and I mean in behavior, not looks)did him in. There won’t be any talk of his death without mentioning the children he was involved with.

  • galefan2004

    @TANK: Apparently the testimony of the child he molested and the fact that they could prove that what the child said happened actually did (all except the molestation itself) is just irrelevant to you. I don’t really relish blaming the victim.

  • traffick

    Actually there was evidence that was released during his trial.

    The police found porno mags obtained from his home that had both his fingerprints and fingerprints of the boy who accused him of molesting him.

  • galefan2004

    @cayuga: Bitch, when I told you to get more creative, I mean be more creative. Calling me Galenfuck isn’t being more creative. For your information, if you understood my screen name you would realize just why that is not an insult at all. I would very willing Gale fuck.

  • edgyguy1426

    @Trichele: Traffic accidents and shootings are all over the news as well, what does that prove?

  • edgyguy1426

    Cayuga? MJ behavior defender? Good call on the hate speech, it really solidifies your arguments.

  • harlem white boi

    I would like to submit that the the whole world should all turn on an play out the windows and from the rooftops tomorrow at 2:26 PST or 5:26 EST……………. the greatest song ever performed by Mr. Jackson “Man in the Mirror”. Regardless what you think about about MJ’s life and how he lived it…you must acknowledge that that from “black and white” to “Man in the mirror” he was deeply in touch with the humanity of being human, and did it in a way that made us all want to sing along to (and more importantly to remember)! Man in the mirror was not his best selling hit….but for queerty readers in particular….from Obama on DOMA and DADT to the protesters in Iran….Man in the Mirror is a genius song with a message for EVERYONE….and I thank him for it….it makes me a better person everytime I hear it….and as an artist there is now better tribute.

    Peace out to all.

  • edgyguy1426

    @harlem white boi: Will listen to it later and will keep your comments in mind.

  • Joanaroo

    Just weird to have 2 70s icons die on the same day. As someone nearing 50, I liked MJ with the Jackson 5 and liked his danceable music as he got older, but grew away from admiring the person he became. Farrah I didn’t follow her career as much but admire that she spread the word about her cancer before she died and hopefully early detection will keep someone else from this horrible death.

  • schlukitz


    Tank, peddlers of hatred do not need proof. Their deeply ingrained hatred is proof enough for them. They “know what they know” and arguing with them is an exercise in futility. You know the old adage “Don’t confuse me with the facts; I’ve already made up my mind.”

    Have you ever noticed how many gay posters that come to this site have as big an obsession with pedophilia, incest and beastiality as people like Reverend Haggard, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, et al?

    I have long maintained, and we have seen this repeatedly being proven to us on the media, that those who are so absorbed, unhealthily so, with issues such as this, are usually the ones who are doing what they are accusing others of.

    Just sayin’

  • galefan2004

    @schlukitz: Its funny for you to say that. Its funny because I’m not obsessed with pedophilia. I wouldn’t call someone a pedophile unless they have a long history of behaving in such a manner that leads me to believe that they are a pedophile. MJ has over 16 years of behavior that leads me to believe that he is a pedophile.

  • cayuga

    @schlukitz…well said

  • edgyguy1426

    Smoke? Fire. Fire? Smoke.

  • Distingué Traces

    No offense, but is that photo altered? I realize he was much altered, but the smile seems unnaturally wide.

  • Trichele

    @galefan2004 Your insisting michael was a pedophile without proof is the same thing right wingers accuse gay men of without proof.

  • galefan2004

    I honestly can’t wrap my head around MJ being innocent of the charges. I know that he was acquitted, but this country has a long history of acquitting men that are truly guilty. I guess for me, I feel that if MJ was truly innocent then he shouldn’t have paid the kid in the first case not to testify in the case. Its not that he simply paid the kid off so that he would go away. He paid the kid off so that the state would lose its case as the kid refused to testify. That sends up a huge red flag of guilt to me.

    While I understand that some people appreciate his music, and I respect their right to do so, I simply do not believe that the man was innocent, and that leads me to not really care that he died.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: The proof that a plaintiff got $20 million from him because he/she maid them squirm?

    Sorry but never convicted =/= not guilty.

  • TANK


    What are you talking about? Having this predatory people who are carnivorously trying to extort money from him by destroying his career and reputation with these accusations seems like a good reason to shut them up. I don’t believe them. I think those parents are scum–and the people who accused him. THere zero evidence, and until there is actual evidence there’s no reason to believe it.

  • Michael

    Billy jean was the ‘sickest’ video of all time! I just loved it.

  • Michael

    @galefan2004: Hon, you are in the minority and therefore irrelevant. Turn whatever media outlet you have on and digest what I mean. Or hide in your basement and continue spewing hate on queerty. whatever will help you sleep tonight hon.

  • Shannon

    @Michael: Yup, Billie Jean was hot. Every MJ album had killer tracks. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

  • schlukitz


    @schlukitz: Its funny for you to say that

    Actually, it isn’t funny. Someone I know was booted off this site because he was trying to defend himself from the same charges of pedophilia being made by several other posters on this site. I won’t mention names, because they know who they are.

    The person they railroaded off this site is involved with a Philippine man who is almost 40 years old, but that did not stop either of them from deciding that the only reason he as in the Philippines, was that he was a pervy western man who takes sexualy advantage of little boys who are poverty-stricken and who will do anything for money.

    This man learned, first-hand, how the meanness of some members of our community can make the lives of others very unpleasant. Like you, they had no proof to back up their comments, yet they stuck to their guns and kept repeating these hateful stories over and over and over until anyone coming into the conversation at a late date, would most likely believe the charges, not having been privy to the entire story.

    I am certain that there are many people just like yourself, who cannot wrap their head around MJ being innocent of the charges. For all we know, he may well have been guilty of them. I respect your right not to like the man personally and to say so publicly. But to keep repeating, ad-infinitum that he was a pedophile, when he was exonerated of those charges doesn’t serve any useful purpose that I can see.

    Like you, I am not grieving over his passing either. I’ll admit that his music was great but I was not an avid, adoring, life-long fan of his either. He left us a legacy which many will be able to enjoy for many years to come, and for that, we do owe him, not only a thank you, but the space to rest in peace.

    After all, he wasn’t Hitler. ;P

  • Able de la Torre


    Dude you are nothing but a judgmental cunty queen. You bring nothing but drama to this site. Everytime I see your username I know that it will be attached to negative comments. A man died today and he’s fans and admirers gathered hear to express their feelings and you dive right into attack mode. You thrive on this bullshit. If you didn’t you’d make your comments and be done with it, but all you do is just drum up crap and sit idly by for acknowledgment so you can make your retort. God you’re a pathetic bitter troll.

  • Marc

    Shock!??! I’m shocked that he live past 40. Sad that he is dead, but didn’t we all see this coming?

  • galefan2004

    @Able de la Torre: Thank you for your opinion. I am definitely judgmental. I’m definitely a queen the majority of the time. We will just gloss over your other comment because no man with an ounce of respect for women would ever use that word as an insult. I bring drama to a gay site, imagine that.

    Funny how every single time you see my user name you just know that it will be attached to negative comments, seeing how about 25% of my comments are ever actually that negative.

    No man died, MJ died. I don’t consider pedophiles to be men just because they make good music. I don’t give you a pass to diddle a kid just because you can sing. Sorry if you think I should.

    Again, thank you for your opinion.

  • HayYall

    Shame on me? Okay.

    I’ve never conceived or perpetuated molesting a child. It’s beyond my psychology. I’m guilty of a great many things, but pedophilia isn’t one of them.

    If you want to enshrine this piece of filth, knock yourself out.

    If you were accused in a civil suit of molesting a child, would you settle for $20 million or clear you name? I’d air everything out in front of a jury just to remove the slightest tinge of guilt from my reputation.

    Apparently, for many of you, the fact that a pedophile can entertain you grants that pedophile some exclusion from his “indulgences.”

    Congrats on being moral failures, please feel free to step off the high horse now.

  • Douglas Gibson Jr

    @galefan2004: Judge not yest ye be judged. What a very sad day for all of us. One of the only people to come forward on Ryan White’s behalf. I will never forget that and will always love Michael for the joy and love he brought to the world with his music.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: Let me clear this up for you really quickly. If you had a reputation to protect, would you let some scrub ghetto whore roll up with a PI attorney and threaten you?

    The very fact you have a reputation to protect denies any other course of action. If you are innocent, air it out in a court of law. If your character = I’m just a moronic Peter Pan in a confused 20th Century world, whatever. If a plaintiff can land a charge of molestation, then you have serious problems.

    Sorry, but MJ was no saint. Ride you white horse to the funeral if you want, but pick up copy of OJ’s “If I Did It” on the way. You might find him a forgivable and misunderstood person, I’m sure.

  • TANK


    No, these cases drag on and are notoriously hard to discredit. Even after one is exonerated and cleared in court, the rumors and reputation remains. There’s absolutely no proof other than these money grubbing PIGS’ accusations that he’s a kiddy molestor.

  • galefan2004

    @Douglas Gibson Jr: Please don’t quote the bible to me while defending a pedophile. I get enough of that when people defend their rights to be bigots. When a man is guilty of pedophilia (which is quite honestly the lowest path you can ever take in life) then I will judge away. If people want to judge me for it then they can go right ahead.

  • HayYall

    Really? A civil suit can drag on? If the defense had hard evidence that it was frivolous the court would have dismissed it out of hand.

    Blaming the victims because you want to lionize MJ is more horrible than what you accuse me of being. I guess Step’n Fetchit never died, did he?

  • paul-e-wog

    If ever I stand trial being judged before my peers, I certainly hope Tank is seated in the jury box. Incredible how many demonize this man without a PROPER trial. I have my suspicions to what he may have done but it doesn’t mean he is guilty.

  • rhydderch

    Interestingly enough the mother of Gavin Arviza who accused Jackson of molestation was charged with welfare fraud, trying to scam JC Penney, and extortion. There were a number of prosecution witnesses whose stories were full of inconsistencies including the bodyguard who was accused of robing a Subway, KB Toys and a Jack in the Box. It’s no secret that celebs are easy prey for lawsuits and often it’s easier just to settle since all the alleged victims really want is cash anyway. If someone molested your kid, could they buy you off? Unrelated but to the point – the chick who accused Kobe Bryant of rape actually went up to his room on her free will and after she decided to allege rape, went away after he decided to settle the cash. So again if you were raped could your perpetrator pay you off? I’m suspect of the allegations pressed against Michael Jackson and think that any reasonable person would be too. But to sit by when we don’t know all the facts and slander a man the very day he died is just mean and heartless. Hell even Rush Limbaugh waiting until a week after 9-11 before he resumed attacking the Democrats.

  • TANK

    And what constitutes hard evidence? THe description of his penis? That case was tossed out because it was a joke! THey even examined his peen. Stop promoting lies to descredit a dead man. Have you no shame at all?

  • TANK


    EXACTLY! Those people are SCUM.

  • Douglas Gibson Jr

    @galefan2004: Please don’t tell me what to do. I will quote the bible as I wish. You on the other hand should not be judging others if you yourself do not wish to be judged. You have your right to your opinion and I have my right to mine, but when you are esposuing your opinion about someone’s character and can’t prove it, don’t forget that when they come to hall your ass away for something you didn’t do.

  • alan brickman

    all the petty nastiness over someone’s death..it still proves that GAYS HAVE NO CLASS….r.i.p. Michael….

  • Douglas Gibson Jr

    @alan brickman: Amen RIP Michael – Thank you for bringing us back to what this should be about.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: Hard evidence would include never having the claimant’s children at his house, having them spend the night over, or being close enough to them for them to warrant a claim of molestation.

    If you can’t provide such evidence with such means as the late MJ had, then you’re a sucker. He has video cameras all over his estate. Given the ongoing claims against him for being a pedophile, you’d think that he’d especially guard against them, wouldn’t you?

    But please feel free to defend him just because he entertained you. It makes your argument all the more pathetic.

  • TANK

    So “hard evidence” (do you have any idea how inappropriate that is for this discussion?) to you is basically what those greedy, scumy litigious grifter parents coach their kids to say at trial. Hey, that’s great!

  • HayYall

    @TANK: No dipshit, hard evidence means that the claimants have no proof to their claim.

  • TANK


    Well, if that’s the case, then the “claimants” sure had a lot of hard evidence…which is why they lost when it went to court.

  • Roxi

    Well I think it’s sad when people die and they will pay for what they have done in life in whatever way it may be, he’s only been gone barely 8 hours and everyone brings up his past b.s. so it’s all irrelivant. And I don’t believe gays have no class because of some opinions, that’s like going into a rap chat room and say that they don’t have class cuz of a convo they are having lol. But anyway…..R.I.P. MICHAEL THANKS FOR THE TUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roxi

    I have to say though I was proud to be born in a decade when the Great Late Ms. Farrah Fawcett was the biggest sex symbol!

  • HayYall

    @TANK: Oh fuck all you are retarded. They didn’t lose anything, they forced a settlement for $20 million. If MJ and his attorneys could have prevented that, don’t you think they could have?

  • TANK

    You’re talking about the chandler case where the 13 year old testified that MJ touched his penis? That 13 year old’s father Evan CHandler doped his son up big time on sedatives and filmed his HIGH son (who he got high) make the accusation. THen that pig used that tape to blackmail MJ, saying he’d expose him. This guy’s scum. They settled out of court to avoid the bad publicity. It would have been a bigger hassle to take these scumbags on and WIN than settle out of court.

  • TANK

    And most people at the time believed that MJ was innocent. You have no evidence that he did it.

  • TANK

    In fact, he was advised to settle to avoid more negative publicity.

    Today, Jordan Chandler is in his late twenties living in a $2.35 million home in Long Island under an assumed name. He and his family also own a high-rise apartment in Manhattan and a condominium in Santa Barbara. Chandler lives in Long Island under an assumed name, and June Chandler’s second marriage ended sometime afterward. Jordan Chandler and Jackson never spoke to each other again; he received his last installment from Jackson in June 1999.

    This guy’s father was a predator and the entire family is trash. I believe MJ was innocent over the likes of these people.

  • TANK

    And jackson was found not guilty on all counts (8 of them) of child sexual abuse in people v. jackson–against accusations made by gavin avizo. All counts, not guilty.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: Me? No evidence? You’re right. I don’t. I live an entire continent away and I don’t care about the case save to educate MJ apologists like you.

    Here’s a tip for you, mister PR, settling for child molestation charges does absolutely zero to further your career. I refer you to post-Chandler case MJ. Cases like that demand swift and terrible legal retribution. MJ’s counsel sought it, but the accusations were too strong to counter their character charges against the plaintiffs.

    Were the claimants without fault? No. But then again they didn’t have to withdraw their charges in the face of greater legal counsel and in fact were rewarded with $20 million in damages. I’m not sure how the facts of the case square up with you, but that, to me, smells like guilty.

  • TANK

    Here’s a tip for you, mister PR, settling for child molestation charges does absolutely zero to further your career.

    You’re absolutely right. IT was huge mistake, which I believe he admits to making. MJ should have taken this trash family on with a high priced legal team and destroyed them, vindicating himself in the process. Trash like this family gets lucky only once. They deserve nothing but the universal condemnation and ridicule of everyone.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the claimants were saints, but it just strikes me that if they didn’t have shot they wouldn’t have shot in the first place.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: And yes, I’m at home on Thursday night trolling the Queerty comments.


  • TANK


    Of course they would have. Trash like that family has NOTHING to lose. NOTHING AT STAKE. They gambled with a false accusation and won. There’s a great track record of innocent people settling out of court for large sums for pedophilia accusations that mar and destroy careers regardless of their truth. It happens all of the time where disgusting pig parents exploit their trashy little spawn to cash in. NO one wants to be called a pedophile, and most people will do anything to get out of it. MJ made a terrible mistake of pitying these vipers and taking them into his confidence and generosity, but moreso, not destroying them completely as he could have in a big showy public trial that ultimately would have hurt him anyway because, once again, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or false–pedophilia accusations LIVE ON beyond that. These scumbags took falling on purpose in a private business and suing to a new low.

    and $22 million was nothing to MJ back then. He had no concept of money, anyway. He just wanted to be done with the hassle, probably.

  • HayYall

    @TANK: I really think you’re missing the point that most people would never have these pedophilia charges pronounced against them in the first place, without some sort of cause.

  • TANK


    MOST PEOPLE AREN’T MICHAEL FUCKING JACKSON. These people were looking for a pay day. Is it possible that it’s true? Sure…but I don’t believe it, as there’s NO evidence beyond this sick repulsive TRASHY family’s accusation. That POS father drugged his son to get a taped “accusation” out of him after he’d coached him on what to say. Not buying it.

  • HayYall


    So if I stroll up to you, and serve you with papers, and say you molested my kid, would you settle?

    You may have deep pockets, you may not, but if I can get $50k off you, who cares, right? I mean, as long as you aren’t convicted or anything. Who gives a shit about your reputation, unless you can’t prove it?

  • TANK

    So if I stroll up to you, and serve you with papers, and say you molested my kid, would you settle?

    That depends on if I were an emotionally vulnerable international superstar who was advised to make this go away (for the public court of opinion determines my success and the industry that is my name) by family and counsel. Either way, this would would harm me–but which choice would harm me less? In retrospect, it harmed him more than it would have had he taken these people on in a high profile trial, exposing them for the frauds that they are. IT’s really difficult to disprove a child’s accusation…and even if you do, it stains your career (at least that’s what I see).

    Me? Of course not…but then again, I’m the type of person who if, say, I and another were struggling and fell off the side of building, plummeting to a certain death…would attempt to scratch the eyes of that person out before we arrived at our final destination, as it were. I don’t care how trivial the fight, I always bring it to its conclusion. THat’s why so few people screw with me in real life.

  • Geoff M

    Wow………such emotional and intense defense of a creepy superstar whom many believe was a pedophile.

    Just because he was slick enough and rich enough to escape prosecution does not make him innocent.

    For those who love him or his work, good for you….for the others who don’t, does it really matter?

  • Philip A

    He is talented but he is BS. He killed himself. He’s gay and he hides it. He’s the worst gay ever….

  • TANK

    Keepin’ it classy, queerty huh? Tussaud’s wax MJ? Unreal…literally.

  • Tallskin

    Pffff, whatever next, Princess Diana dying?

    I can’t say that after the initial excitement of some dumb star dying that I give a damn, to be honest.

    I have a vinyl copy of ‘Billy Jean’ but that’s as far as my interest in the man went.

    But it’s a bit of a pain cos it means I shall have to avoid the TV, reading online newspapers cos of endless reports of his death, life, loves etc!!

    “Oh here we have an interview with another fucking grieving fan”

    And Jo the Builder is in tears.

  • dannyal

    for those who keep saying “if Michael didn’t molest the boy, why did he go for the $20 million settlement?”

    Think for a second. $20 million for him was probably not that big of deal for him.

    and look at it from another angle too: If your son had actually been molested by someone, as a parent, would you settle for $20 million or keep trying to prove that the man had molested your son and bring him to prison?

    I wouldn’t settle for the $20 million if my son were actually molested by someone. knowing full well that he can do this again to other children. unless….

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Hey stupid assholes!!!! I can’t believe you’re doing this to someone who has just passed away.
    As for that child molestation thing–even Larry King THE CONSERVATIVE was going to testify in MJ’s BEHALF because he overheard Plantiffs talking about extorting money from MJ. But he wasn’t allowed to testify because his testimony was deemed as hearsay.

    Consider this. I’m a mother. While I don’t believe he was guilty the first time around, would I still allow my children to hang out with him after the first set of legal troubles? Even though I’m 99% sure (I never trust anyone 100%–it’s something I just don’t do) I would still never take a chance and allow my child to spend a night. But you know what? That second mother did!!!! She actually USED HER CHILD AS BAIT to extort money from MJ. Social services should have taken that child away from the mother!!! I’m talking about the second incident. So before you go running your mouth stop and think, but no, you don’t have the capacity for that.

    You know, first I argued with you guys over Adam Lambert, and now this. Do all of you people do dope that seriously impairs your mental functioning? Because y’all are the dumbest bunch of mother f***er’s I’ve EVER seen in my whole entire life. You couldn’t even put 2 and 2 together if you had a calculator by Texas Insruments!!!!!

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    And when I say Y’all, I’m not talking about you because you may be gay. I’m talking about people who are actually on here talking S***.
    Dumb people get on my nerves. So I’m talking about dumb people. If that’s you, then that’s who.

  • bobito

    Guys, the jurors on the Gavin Arviza case publicly stated that they were pretty convinced that, in other instances, MJ had molested boys, but because they couldn’t say for certain in this case, they gave him the benefit of the doubt. Much of this was due to the incredibly unsympathetic (and money-grubbing) impression made in court by the kid’s mother. I did not follow the case detail by detail, but I did read what the jurors had to say about how they arrived at their decision.

    I’m no lawyer, but it seemed to me at the time that they reached a false conclusion, because benefit of the doubt should only be accorded when a previous precedent for such behavior has been established – as it apparently was, if the jurors who acquitted him are to be believed.

    I took no pleasure in Michael Jackson’s long and seemingly endless fall from public grace, nor do I take pleasure in his death. It is a big disappointment to his many fans who were eagerly awaiting his comeback. They have my condolences.

    Nonetheless, I do believe that the case evidence (not just rumour) supported the claim that he was a sexual predator.

  • bobito

    Paragraph 2 should say: “… benefit of the doubt should only be accorded when a previous precedent for such behavior has NOT been established” Sorry about that.

  • dvlaries

    I’m five years older than him.

    Plastic surgery is still serious surgery and he’s had too many, way too many. And who the hell knows what the lasting effects are of whatever chemicals and treatments were needed to turn himself white.

    By the end of his life, in no way at all, did Jackson resemble the black man this kid should have grown up to reasonably look like. And some suggestion of longevity was on his side; I believe both of his parents are still alive.

    And he was always way too thin too, which is never necessarily healthy. I cannot imagine Jackson a drug user, he just never seemed the type. And it’s never been suggested about him. But if there is anything embarrassing connected to the cause of his too-early demise, we’ll probably never learn it. Few celebrites lived their lives in such guarded secrecy.

  • kevin57

    I agree that the deceased deserve respect in the wake of their deaths…

    Questions: Did you give respect when Jerry Fawell passed? Just asking.

    When priests who have been accused of molesting kids (and not many of them have actually been found guilty in court, truth be told) die, will you also separate their lives from the good they did in their ministry?

  • osocubano

    Think how much bigger the news would have been if he had died 20 years ago, before he became a white woman.

  • marius


    There is no privacy in death and money to be made. Many books will follow despite the secrecy.

  • brandon

    this is why im almost ashamed to be gay. yall think your so funny with the lil jokes and the little puns. just STOP. not only was he a celebrity but he WAS ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. your being hateful and disgusting. i cant believe what ive read the past 24 hours, its awful and yall queens are the WORST. its not cute, its not fucking funny and you will never be a friend of mine.

  • galefan2004

    @cayuga: Hating pedophiles is PC? Oops, my bad. Also, I never really called you out on the words you used. I think that was everyone else. If hating pedophiles is PC I will gladly stay PC though thank you very much.

  • Synnerman

    It is always amusing that those pedo charges never stuck. The first case was settled. If justice was so important, the kid’s daddy should have won the criminal case and made out like bandits in civil court. But they didn’t, they settled.

    The second case was supposedly iron clad, but the DA built his case around the word of a grifter. Even a stacked jury acquitted him.

    Innuendo and parody do not make a criminal case and grifters will always take advantage of people.

  • galefan2004

    @Douglas Gibson Jr: I’m just fine with being judged. I have done a lot of things that are judge worthy. Pedophilia just isn’t one of them. If someone wants to judge me for everything else then that is just fine with me.

    As an adult man with a brain, I wouldn’t get young kids drunk at my house and look at porno magazines with them then try to claim I’m innocent of all charges. I would realize exactly how guilty that would make me look. However, I don’t have MJ’s money. The only difference between MJ and the pedophiles sitting in jail is that they didn’t have 20 million to pay off witnesses or to higher attorneys.

  • galefan2004

    @TANK: Actually, you are so incredibly incorrect. Its pretty damn easy to prove a child’s accusation incorrect. That is why most cases do not even go to trial without multiple victims all testifying. It is actually pretty freaking hard to prove a rape/molestation case in a court of law. So hard that most don’t even go to trial. When the state goes to trial against a defendant in such a case they are 100% convinced of his guilt. However, high priced lawyers normally poke just enough holes that the jury has a REASONABLE DOUBT. Not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt is not even close to innocent.

  • galefan2004

    @dannyal: Unless the case was going south because the defendant had a good legal team and you decided that you would rather get money than nothing?

    Seriously, I don’t care if $20 million is $1 to MJ. If someone accused me of being a pedophile, I wouldn’t give them $1 to make it go away regardless of what people told me to do. MJ is not an idiot. Also, $20 million must not have been that big of a drop in a bucket seeing he was pretty much bankrupt in his later years and had to move to a country where he could diddle young boys as he pleased with no fear of any charges ever being brought again.

    The main stream media can say and do whatever it wants to “honor” (oops I meant exploit this man’s memory), but what I’m really looking forward to is the South Park episode about MJ dieing.

  • galefan2004

    @brandon: I never asked to be a friend of yours. I also never volunteered to represent the gay community, so your shame in being gay is on you not on me sorry. I also never tried to be cute or funny. I just don’t put a very high value on human life unless that life directly matters to me in some way to begin with. I put even less value on someone when they buy their way out of a trial for pedophilia.

  • tsmcl

    is it true he is going to be melted down and turned into carrier bags so he can stay white and plastic and still be a danger to children?

  • joy


    I read every page of manuscript from that trial and let me tell you the “evidence” was shit. It was one of the most pathetic cases ever. The difference between what happened in that courtroom and what was reported by the hate media was vastly different. But, hey, they need to give hate filled losers like you something to feel good about.

    I love to hear moralizing from people who have no problem bullying a disfigured, mentally ill person who has died. Look in the mirror.

  • galefan2004

    @joy: How the hell do you consider MJ to be mentally ill and disfigured? He had elective surgeries to “improve” his look. That is nowhere near being disfigured through no choice of your own. While I do believe he was mentally ill, I also believe that he was a pedophile. I look just fine in the mirror, and when I look in the mirror I kind of revel in the fact that I never had a claim of pedophilia made against me.

  • joy

    “I put even less value on someone when they buy their way out of a trial for pedophilia.”

    I remember when the first accusation came out and people said it was that he settled out of court – if the matter had gone to court and he’d been found not guilty, that would be another matter. Then when he did go to court (and no settlement was every contemplated, that’s something you apparently just made up) and was found not guilty that still doesn’t stop the haters.

    Jackson was offered a plea deal but risked 20 years in jail to clear his name. Probably hoping it would end the hate. Instead the bullies just continue with their hate uninterupted and Jackson a few years later is dead, I’m sure in no small part due to the stress of that trial. Jackson was a brave soul. So easy to judge.

  • galefan2004

    @joy: I never said anything about a settlement being offered for the second case. I said that he bought his way out of a trial the first time. He paid off the witness so there wouldn’t be a trial. That made him look as guilty as hell. It was at that point that most people started to believe he was a pedophile. If he would have went to court and been found not guilty in the first case, chances are I wouldn’t stand by the fact that all signs point to this man as a pedophile.

    The legal system offers plea deals to just about everyone. However, its the poor people that take them. The rich just hire better lawyers. Rich people very rarely take plea bargains. He didn’t go to trial to clear his name he went to trial because he felt that his rich lawyers could get him off. Then he moved out of this country to a country where they would let him be a pedophile in peace. Everything that man has done since 1993 screams RICH WHITE PEDOPHILE. I’m glad you can sit there and say because he was found NOT GUILTY (not innocent…you see our fore fathers understood when they set up our judicial system that not guilty =/= innocent) he must be innocent. I wonder if you would say the same thing if the man wasn’t rich and famous.

    I mean honestly, do you believe that those that were acquitted of sexual abuse charges in the Catholic church are 100% innocent to?

  • joy


    Don’t be so sure of yourself, very easy to be accused of anything these days. Maybe one day that smugness you see in the mirror will be ripped off your face by life.

    I have someone who is disfigured in my family, as a result of cancer, and I actually see Jackson’s situation as sadder because it was unnecessary. To do that to yourself a person would have to be psychologically unwell, so any doctor performing surgery on a person who is clearly ill is who I see as to blame. I do remember people ridiculing my father about his disfigurement and I feel really offended by anyone trying to justify that kind of treatment of any human being. period.

  • joy

    Two things you may not know:

    1) Someone I know attended college with Jordan Chandler (13 yr old accuser from 1993) and reported that he spoke with great love and affection of Jackson. She knew who he was while other students did not. During this time the whole Martin Bashir documentary happened and there was discussion about it at the school. Jordan defended Jackson’s reputation and spoke quite emotionally about how horrible people treated Jackson. So all the people using Jordan as an excuse for their hateful comments should realize he loves Michael Jackson and is upset by the hate.

    2) The recent trial was a joke, they all lied on the stand including making up a completely fabricated story they were all kidnapped, Jackson wasn’t even at Neverland most the time, and all the supporting claims of other molestation was denied by the supposed victims.

    I think Jackson has deep psychological problems and needed help. But I also think the public’s response is even more disturbing.

  • galefan2004

    @joy: You see the difference is that when I do actions I think. I’m smart enough to figure out that if I get a kid drunk and look at porno magazines with him and invite him to sleep over that chances are I’m going to be accused of being a pedophile even when I’m not. I’m also smart enough to know that when I pay someone off just to go away that most reasonable people will see that as a sign that I might just be guilty of what the person that I gave $20 million dollars to accused me of. Are you trying to claim that MJ isn’t a pedophile but just an idiot?

    I don’t feel bad for MJ because of his disfigurement. I don’t judge him on it either. If he was truly unwell then he should have gotten help. If you are going to claim that he didn’t know he was mentally unwell then all I can say is that most people do know, and MJ might have been an exception to that, but I highly doubt it seeing most of the people that don’t know truly are criminals. Well hell, maybe that supports my argument that he is a criminal, but I don’t think that is what you intended to do.

    As far as point 1. It is OFTEN common for the abused to feel “great love and affection” for the abuser. Hell, its often common for the abused to believe that they were in love with the abuser. Its often common for them to believe that the abuser loved them. Its often common for them to believe that the moments of intimacy shared with the abuser are special and that they are special because the abuser decide to share that intimacy with them. We aren’t talking about stranger/stranger rape. Pedophilia is not a power crime like rape is. The abuser is not trying to take power over the victim. The abuser is just following a sexual urge. Often times the abuser can not even control that sexual urge. Often times the abuser realizes this and its a faith worth than death for the abuser. The amount of guilt an abuser feels eats away with them over time. I would imagine that much guilt would probably take a good 30 or so years off of your life. It might do something like make you die of a heart attack at the age of 50.

    At point 2, please explain the double finger prints on the porno rag if you want to claim that MJ was never at the ranch with the kid and that the kid just made the whole story up. That is the smoking gun in the case. It would have gotten any man without MJ’s financial means convicted. The fact that the mother was a con-artist had very little to do with the actual case, but because MJ has wonderful (and wonderfully expensive as well) lawyers we heard much less about the evidence and much more about the character assassination of the mother.

  • joy


    A person who is mentally ill often does not know they are ill. They generally need others to intervene, which obviously should have happened in Jackson’s case. Again I would be careful of those judgments – we are all more vulnerable than we think, you could act as the perfect citizen and still be accused of anything at anytime. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

    I don’t know if Jordan Chandler was romanticing Jackson in his mind, but he did defend him against the same accusations and said he didn’t think it was true. That’s what was odd.

    About the fingerprints, that “evidence” wasn’t used in the trial because the prosecutors gave the accuser the unprotected magazine to hold during the grand jury, effectively putting his fingerprints on the magazine. Quite an oversight for someone who has been in law enforcement 20+ years don’t you think. They contaminated the evidence by having the boy handle the magazine. The fingerprints were only reported after the purposeful contamination. Of course the media never reported this.

    And not only the mother lied – the family who previously made up different accusations that they all conveniently witnessed pulled the same thing. The mother spoke of the kidnapping, the sister of the booze, the younger brother supposedly witnessed the abuse and all were caught in their lies. Every one of them. They hardly asked the accuser anything about the supposed five minutes of touching by Jackson. Instead most of his testimony was complaining about Jackson not returning his calls.

    I also loved how the media described the accuser at 15 and also a high school quarter back as a little boy. I guess that’s what you do though when you are trying to justify 20 years in solitary confinement for the same accusation that the prosecutor gave one of his buddies early retirement with a pension for.

  • galefan2004

    @joy: I never said I was perfect. What I said is that the majority of the people that have mental problems know that they have mental problems. They chose not to get help. The majority of people that have mental problems but don’t know it are psycho/sociopath and they act out in vastly inappropriate ways that are more than likely borderline illegal.

    Do you know why most defense lawyers never put their defendant on the stand? It is because they simply don’t stand up under cross. Its not at all uncommon for someone to fall under cross. Actually, it happens more likely than not. It doesn’t mean that they lied. It means that expensive ass lawyer team was able to make it seem like they lied.

    Prosecutors commit misconduct regularly. I don’t support that his “buddy” got off while diddling a kid. However, 15 is pretty young. Are you seriously trying to claim that the fact that he was 15 and a high school qb makes it more acceptable for him to be diddled by MJ simply because he might have wanted it.

    Seriously, everything you have said so far reeks of the “if MJ did it it was because the kid wanted him to do it” excuse. Yet, you think I’m the one that has to examine myself.

  • joy

    I am doing no such thing. I simply believe the same crime should be described, prosecuted and punished the same. Seeking an extremely harsh punishment against someone who is disfigured and ill then treating the same allegations against others (R.Kelly, the prosecutor’s pal) because its a normal looking person and an accusation involving a girl pisses me off. There are a lot of layers to the Jackson hatemongering, and this is one of them. the other issue I have is false reporting of the trial. And I do realize people make mistakes on the stand, but this family made ridiculous, over the top lies. And lies they had all told previously. People always bring up that Jackson was previously accused, but the fact is this family had also previously made the same accusations, complete with being held against their will as a group and all witnessing the sexual molestation of the mother. And in regards to “high priced lawyers” the prosecution spent millions on their case and came up with nothing. They put a lot more resources into it than Jackson did his defence, and certainly into other cases involving the same accusations. they had a team of investigators, Jackson had one. the lawyer who represented him takes on death penalty cases involving minorities who can’t afford lawyers. He said he viewed this as a death penalty case because Jackson would surely die in prison.

    btw, another tidbit is the mother herself has been accused of molestation. Interesting the public didn’t demand her kids be taken from her the way they did Jackson’s children.

  • TANK

    Actually, you are so incredibly incorrect. Its pretty damn easy to prove a child’s accusation incorrect.

    Not necessarily when they’ve been coached to lie by parents who are skilled at these types of operations. Jordan Chandler’s father drugged him and coached him on what to say; videotaped it and blackmailed jackson with it. No police. You’d think that if your child were actually molested, you’d go to the police.

    ?That is why most cases do not even go to trial without multiple victims all testifying. It is actually pretty freaking hard to prove a rape/molestation case in a court of law. So hard that most don’t even go to trial.

    This was planned and staged months in advance. And more importantly, a high profile celebrity like michael jackson, who depends on his public image being flawlessly clean–was found guilty in the court of public opinion (which isn’t hard to do), no matter what the truth of those false accusations were. This is normal. Even if the pedophilia charges are false, people don’t care and convict anyway. This is a common occurrence.

    When the state goes to trial against a defendant in such a case they are 100% convinced of his guilt.

    And this has traditionally been shown to require shifting standards and proof for being convinced.

  • TANK

    You, however, have repeatedly accused MJ of being a pedophile without any proof. It is empty, baseless hate mongering.

  • rhydderch

    @kevin57: When Jerry Fallwell died I heard that there was going to be a party in the Castro. Initially I felt glee and jumped on muni to head down after work. While I was train I was overcome with sadness and regret. I knew I wasn’t raised to take joy in someone’s passing and I felt pretty ashamed of myself. Once I arrived at the Castro I was glad to see that there was only one nut there dressed as Tinky Winky and a news crew.

  • TANK

    Ashamed of yourself for celebrating jerry falwell’s passing? Are you comparing it to mj’s passing? I’m saying two things here. He was a pop icon–a positive force in this world who entertained millions of people and set the standard for pop and rock (jerry falwell was an “agent of intolerance,” spreading misery and hate wherever he went); and that there are no good reasons to believe that michael jackson was a pedophile. NONE. One is not entitled to respect just because they have died. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Michael Jackson is entitled to some fucking respect if overblown talentless tramp Madonna is (and she’s still alive).

  • rhydderch

    @TANK: No I’m not comparing Falwell to Jackson at all. I was responding to the question that Kevin57 posed. And yes I am ashamed that I even considered celebrating someone’s death. It’s pretty sick to me. Falwell owned his beliefs and I definitely disagreed with him. Out of respect to his family and and to my conscience I chose to remain silent (although I did drink a hellavue lot that night.

  • AlwaysGay

    Gavin Arvizo, and his family slept in guesthouses at Neverland (and not in Michael Jackson’s bedroom), that they caused a great deal of trouble at Neverland, left a huge mess at Neverland, damaged and defaced property at Neverland, attacked the animals at Neverland, pulled knives on Neverland employees, stole from Neverland employees, stole from Michael Jackson, extorted Neverland employees by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted the government by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted other celebrities by lying to them and falsely accusing them, caused trouble wherever they went, and to whoever was unlucky enough to befriend them, overall having been shown to be users, liars, thieves, troublemakers and criminals.

  • edgyguy1426

    How many people couldn’t tell the wax figure from the original?

    Michael Jackson ADMITTED TO TAKING YOUNG BOYS INTO HIS BED. If that alone doesn’t send up a red flag, what does? Sadder still, are the number of parents that would offer up their children as sacrificial lambs just for the chance of a brush with fame or maybe they had dollar signs in their eyes. EVEN after allegations of molestation, parents were still shoving their children forward for a chance at contact- what does this say about our unquenchable hunger for fame?

  • brandon

    is JOY the only one with some sense? thank you joy for standing up and defending this man. GALEFAN2004, did u know him personally? your so quick to judge. when a camera is on someone and E! entertainment says something, you believe everything they say, dont you?? thats makes you a follower just like the rest of them. have some faith in people, and if you cant have faith, at least have some sympathy for a man that just died.

  • rhydderch

    Since it’s Friday and Pride weekend I’m not really doing any work today. And since many here are so certain of Jackson’s guilt I decided to do a little research. I found this interesting website that links to a GQ article from 1994 that’s well research and goes into possible motives of Chandler case.


    I was a nerd who loved classical music as a kid and never really was into MJ. I don’t have a dog in this fight but as I was riding my bike to work this morning I was listening to Rock With You” on my iPod and just started crying. My heart just sinks when I think about what his family and especially those 3 kids who lost the only parent they ever knew. Sadness.

  • hyhybt

    @DaveO: TMZ doesn’t have to be as careful as, say, CBS in getting absolute confirmation first

    @Trichele: Well, Farrah was known to be about to die any day now already; as far as I know, Michael Jackson wasn’t.

    [email protected]TANK: It also sometimes happens, especially in that sort of case where there’s not likely to *be* absolute evidence, that the innocent are convicted. It may be a rare event, but I could certainly understand someone in that position who is innocent choosing to pay them off just in case. (I have no strong opinion on whether he was actually guilty or not)

    @galefan2004: Cases where the accused is innocent often get past the grand jury stage. Their job is just to see if the accusations are credible enough to bother proceeding further.

  • hyhybt

    @schlukitz: Oh, is *that* why you changed your name? I’ve been wondering.

    @HayYall: “Most people”, no. “Rich, famous people that most folks think are weird anyway”, yes. And yes, most people have at least some decency and honesty in them and so wouldn’t make false accusations, but it only takes one.

    @edgyguy1426: Doing that means that either they believed him to be innocent or that they were hoping he’d molest their children too so they could get their own settlement.

  • Tonyboy

    Has anyone ever wondered if Michael was trans and never able to cme to terms with it? It seems that before out eyes he not only transitioned from a black man to a white man, but from a man to a woman. His nose, eyes, cheeks, etc. all seem to mimic female characteristics. He obviously had identity issues he couldn’t handle but I wonder if part of the problem was that he was living in the wrong body.

  • dannyal


    “Unless the case was going south because the defendant had a good legal team and you decided that you would rather get money than nothing?”

    dude, I think you’re contradicting yourself. I believe you have said something along the line of the evidence is clearly (to you at least) suggesting that he had molested the kid. If that’s the case, even the best legal team in the world wouldn’t stand a chance to save Jacko, no? If I were the father, what I WOULD want is to sue Jacko all the way to prison AND get compensation. Of course, the father had no problem settling just for the money. Sounds fishy to me.

    “Seriously, I don’t care if $20 million is $1 to MJ. If someone accused me of being a pedophile, I wouldn’t give them $1 to make it go away regardless of what people told me to do. MJ is not an idiot.”

    He’s not an idiot, for sure. But you did agree he was mentally unstable. AND, you shouldn’t base his decision on your own experiences – I don’t think any of us can even come close to comprehend what it’s like to BE Michael Jackson. I’m not saying I KNOW he didn’t do it, but you couldn’t possible KNOW if he did it either – you’re basing it on your own logic, which doesn’t apply to Jacko, sorry. So I wouldn’t be so quick to judge him if I were you.

    “Also, $20 million must not have been that big of a drop in a bucket seeing he was pretty much bankrupt in his later years”

    Oh please, yeah sure he was about $400 million in debt, well his estimated asset is about $3 billion. His definition of bankruptcy was probably A LOT different than yours or mine.

    “and had to move to a country where he could diddle young boys as he pleased with no fear of any charges ever being brought again.”

    Now you’re just being judgmental. First of all, I’m sure he didn’t HAVE to move to a country out of fear of bankruptcy. As far as I know, he needed to get away from all the stress of dealing with the allegation. Makes sense to me. Second of all, it is YOUR ASSUMPTION (and probably your twisted imagination, I’m starting to wonder) that he would diddle young boys in another country.

    Let’s face it, we know you don’t like him – and that’s fine. But could you not spread hate when you don’t know the facts for sure? Especially not on the day where the person died.

    “The main stream media can say and do whatever it wants to “honor” (oops I meant exploit this man’s memory), but what I’m really looking forward to is the South Park episode about MJ dieing.”

    Good for you….. yay.

  • galefan2004

    @rhydderch: When Jerry Falwell died I was happy as all hell. I was raised that you get what you give, and the memories of Falwell protesting Mathew Shepard’s death are burnt forever into my brain. Probably doesn’t help that my brother was in Casper, Wyoming at the time of the funeral.

  • galefan2004

    @rhydderch: Respect to his family? Jerry Falwell’s family is possibly more fucked in the head than he is. I wouldn’t be worried about giving them any respect.

  • Joanaroo

    Either way, there is now no chance to hear from the man himself-you know how you hear about a late-life confession if a person was guilty at all. This person is physically dead and obviously the remains will be put to permanent rest soon. Guilty or not-that goes to the grave. Life goes on.

  • bobito

    @Tonyboy: Was he attempting to mimic female characteristics, or those of a pre-pubescent white boy? It would fit in with his obvious Peter Pan complex – let’s face it, he named his estate Neverland – as well as his desire to hang around with ‘other’ pre-pubescent white boys, having pillow fights and potentially (for the sake of argument) a little pre-pubescent sexual experimentation.

    I’m not saying he actually looked like a pre-pubescent boy – the heavy makeup is not something I usually associate with young boys. But when you’re in your 30s there’s only so much younger you can look. He seemed never to have developed an adult male physique, but maintained a physique that many young boys have. That could be due to many causes – high metabolism or eating disorders for example – but it seems to me that anybody who was as obsessed with his appearance as MJ would not have been that thin unless he wanted to be – there are muscle implants, and we all know he didn’t shy away from appearance-altering surgery.

  • demi

    this is still so devasting, i can’t believe he’s gone, michael ur the BEST and u are missed so MUCH!

  • Speakindatruth

    I don’t know about you but i certainly wouldn’t except money from someone that molested my child, I would put them in jail for the rest of their lives so that they can never do that to another child. Michael Jackson never even touched kids. Where is your proof if you believe it so much?!
    There is a taped phone conversation of Jordan Chandler’s father talking to Jordan’s step father saying that he was going to ruin Michael Jackson’s life and disgrace him in the public eye, all because Michael refused to give him money.
    If he was such a concerned parent then why the hell was he caught on tape planning to ruin Michael over money. Even chandler tried so hard to force his son Jordan to testify against Michael, but Jordan didn’t want to because he knew that it wasn’t true. In the 2003 case the prosecutors tried to get Jordan Chandler to testify but yet he refused again. Why the hell would somebody do that if they were molested. Wouldn’t they want to tell their story so that it wouldn’t happen to any other child. And there was absolutely no evidence against Michael in neither case. The description Jordan gave to the police about Michael’s body parts didn’t even match the description of the pictures the cops had of Michael.

    In both of the cases the prosecutors didn’t have one shred of evidence proving that Michael was a child molester. Every time they went to search somewhere Michael lives they came out empty handed. How can you say that he is a child molester if they couldn’t even find one single shred of PROOF!

    Oh and the phone conversation is on youtube. It came out when the case was happening.
    You are such an ignorant idiot who chooses to believe the ridiculous lies that the media and the tabloids tell you. You don’t know Michael Jackson but yet you choose to believe in a lie. TELL ME WHAT PROOF YOU HAVE OF HIM MOLESTING CHILDREN?!!!

  • Speakindatruth

    @bobito: You idiot Michael was not trying to look like a girl. He even said it himself. He just wanted to look the way how he felt that made him looked good and he wasn’t trying to look like a white boy. Why are you even talking about his looks. It doesn’t really matter. If somebody was talking about your looks to your face and saying shit you wouldn’t be talking about anybody else’s. And Michael didn’t do anything to little boys. He just wanted to have the childhood that he never had. His father beat him and forced him to go on stage at a young age. He was teased about his looks by his brothers and father. He never got to have real friends because he was always in the studio. When he got older he was able to take control of his own life. He decided to have the childhood that he never got and you people criticized him for it, lied on him, humiliated him, and tore him apart. Michael was basically a child who just wanted to live his childhood in peace. All he wanted to do was help the world and the children of the world. He wanted to help our planet and make the world a safe place for everyone to live in. He was just an innocent soul. All those kids that were at Neverland were mostly sick, dying, or poor who wanted to live a good childhood. It would seem like Michael was contradicting himself if he never had a childhood and wanted to let children that probably couldn’t afford one or were dying before they could even live their childhood to be taking away their’s with something as horrible as child molestation. These were children who were dying and just so sad. Burn victim children who were hurting. Michael took them all in paid for some of their medical bills because they couldn’t afford it. He gave money to people who needed it, people who asked him for it. He was just nice like that. And the some parents started to get greedy and wanted money Michael refused to give them it so they decide to ruin his life by accusing him of horrible things just to ruin his reputation and break the sweet innocent spirit he has.

  • Speakindatruth

    @@Daniel_Baylis: You dumb ass piece of shit. Michael Jackson was not gay I know for a fact. He has had a crush on Diana Ross for years and has had many girlfriends. Why would you think he’s gay, especially when you don’t even know anything about him. Why don’t you go fuck yourself you useless piece of shit.

    And even if he was WHICH HE IS NOT i wouldn’t care. I support gay people and i love them. You are probably one of those close minded people. If this was back in the day you would still be fighting to keep segregation alive. Oh and to all you gay haters, having equal rights for blacks is the same thing as having equal rights for gays. Telling people that they are going to hell because they are gay is basically telling people that they are going to hell because they are black. Both have fought for their rights. Its not different.

  • Speakindatruth

    @Tonyboy: OMG people MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT GAY!!! What is wrong with you people. He didn’t want to turn himself into a woman either. I have seen a video of him that one of his “friends” husband taped of them talking. He was talking about some girl that had him whipped and also was talking about how he didn’t want to look like a girl. He just wanted to look good, that’s all. You can look this up on youtube for yourself.



  • Speakindatruth

    @joy: Just to clear up the record Michael Jackson did not bleach his skin as everybody thinks on here. He was actually tested for the disease vitiligo and had lupus. These two horrible diseases were the cause of his skin changing. When he died they even had photos of it only the news because somebody took a picture of his legs and i think arms too. It showed some blotchy parts of his skin being two different colors. And Michael only had so much plastic surgery because his father and brothers would tease him about how wide and big his nose was. His father use to call him ugly and would tell him that he wasn’t his child because he was too ugly or his nose was too wide. That is why he kept on changing his nose. It doesn’t even matter if he had plastic surgery on his face or not. Michael was trying to make himself look like how he wanted to. I know there are some people on this web or out there in the world who don’t like something about themselves and want to change it. So why are you criticizing Michael for changing something he didn’t like about his face. Its not that big of a deal. He is trying to please himself with his face not you. He has the right to do whatever he wants to his face. Its not yours i don’t know why you people are being so rude and saying that he shouldn’t have this or he shouldn’t have that. LEAVE IT ALONE!!! ITS NOT YOUR FUCKING FACE THAT’S CHANGING!!!



  • jason

    Michael Jackson definitely gave me the vibe that he was a self-loathing gay or bisexual guy. He came from a strong Christian background, which may have drummed into him that homosexuality was a sin. All of his self-destructive behaviors may have been the result of a failure to come to terms with his sexuality.

    Being black, the homophobia would have been quite bad.

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