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  • Fitz

    Cuz cops stick together.
    Let’s hope that they get theirs during the next emergency.

  • Aaron

    Why is this considered a “gay” story of interest on this site? Because he had something shoved up his ass?

  • The Artist

    @Aaron: This is an important story, because this could happen to anyone, no matter if your a homosexual or heterosexual or in-between. It’s just wrong to harm people. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • ousslander

    it came down to who was more believable the cops or mineo! Since DNA ecidence was inconclusive. This isn’t a gay story and why automatically belive mineo?

  • ousslander


  • Steve

    Mineo, liar and criminal, does a disservice to queers everywhere by leveraging his fraudulent claims on a hetero’s mordant fear of anal sex. He wants his half a billion dollars, so he figures he’ll go big and exploit every “normal” person’s nightmare: having something penetrate their asshole.

    If this happened in Jerusalem or Mecca, he’d say the cops forced him to eat pork. In India, he’d have said they made him shit on a cow. Lacking these obvious plays, he goes right for the queer card: “they suck something in my bum! Now give me half a billion dollars!”

    Meanwhile this is the type of gang-banger who probably gay bashes when he gets drunk and high on Saturday nights. If I close my eyes, maybe he’ll crawl back into his hole.

  • B Damion

    I’m sorry But this man is a liar. Mr I was sodomized is using “Gay” for pay. Come one he is clearly guilty he is a criminal. He never looked anything but guilty from the start.
    What makes it worse is he is not even a little bit gay. Once again Why is this story on Queerty?

    This man is a striaght dirt bag..just like the cops that he is trying to accuse. This is for the.. “Birds” closed. Off with his head!

  • Ousslander

    @B Damion:Are the cops dirtbags because they are cops or because they are straight? If for either reason you are in the wrong but i do agree about mineo.

  • Chris

    I could see the bullshit coming from the start with this guy. They have surveillance of him walking normally after the incident, plus he didn’t go directly to the hospital. Probably went home, slapped himself in the head and said, “Wait a minute…ca-ching!” and then called 1-800-Lawyers. Screw this piece of shit. Not literally, of course. I’m sure he’s got more STDs than the CDC can count.

  • terrwill

    He is a member of the crips gang, so I am kinda doubtful if we will see him marching proudly at the Pride Parade in June……just because he claims to be baton butt fcuked we don’t need to rally behind him (pun intended)

    ………Plus when you put a hole in your boxers, its best not to make a square hole when you claim to be have had a round object inserted in said butt………

  • schlukitz

    I am going to play devil’s advocate here.

    Were any of us an actual witness to the incident? I know that I sure wasn’t.

    So, unless any of the posters here were actually present when this incident occurred and saw what actually came down (or went up), that would mean that any opinion expressed, including my own, would be nothing more than pure speculation.

    And we can all be thankful that speculation does not hold up in a court of law either.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    This drug dealing, gangbanging dirtbag, once beatup a 14 year old kid, breaking his jaw and kicking out most of his teeth, because the kid dared walk into a tattoo parlar, that this trash was hanging out in. I hope he lives a long, miserable life and dies alone, penniless and diseased.

  • Excreted Justice

    Day one of trial established that he did not have medical evidence supporting his account. We do not need him as a gay poster boy. If the cops do this stuff, let them be punished. But this sleezeball has no credibility.

  • schlukitz

    No. 12 · Mr. Enemabag Jones

    You know, I seem to recall reading that but I can’t remember just where I saw the article?

    Given that piece of information is true, it would certainly seem like poetic justice. Getting fucked twice, I mean.

    Fist by a police stick…and again by a court of law.

    They say what goes around, comes around. If this is true, then it would certainly make a lot of sense to keep one’s nose clean, as my dad used to say. ;P

  • Mike

    Unfortunately, everyone has a reason to doubt Mineo’s story. Why would anyone lie about such a thing? Answer: money. In a sane society, this would be a strictly criminal matter and not an opportunity to hit the Lotto. But Abner Louima walked away with millions of dollars, far more than any New York City victim of violent crime ever gets. Don’t think that penniless punks everywhere didn’t take notice.

    BTW, speaking of Louima, guess which multi-millionaire has been oddly silent about the recent earthquake in Haiti. No doubt he is selling one of his luxury sedans to send a few bucks to Port Au Prince.

  • jason

    Can New York get any worse? It rejected gay marriage and now this. New York’s a homophobic hole.

  • schlukitz

    An excerpt from Wikipedia.

    Louima’s subsequent civil suit against the city resulted in a settlement of $8.75 million on July 30, 2001, the largest police brutality settlement in New York City history.[21] After legal fees, Louima collected approximately $5.8 million.[22]

    Louima’s lawsuit, filed in 1998, demanded $155 million


    In February, 2003, Abner Louima visited his family still living in Haiti.[23] There he discussed the setting up of the Abner Louima Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the hopes to raise money to build a community center and much-needed hospital in Haiti. Louima indicated he had plans to use his own money and donations to open community centers in Haiti, New York and Florida for Haitians and others seeking legal, financial or other aid. Louima also paid the school tuition for 14 poor children in Thomassin, a small community where he grew up. During his visit to Haiti, he met with the President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a former priest that Louima knew from his school days. In a rare interview; Louima said he’s convinced he can make a difference in his impoverished homeland, “Maybe God saved my life for a reason, I believe in doing the right thing.”[22]

    The entire account can be read on this URL.

    Whether Abner Louima fulfilled any of these promises or not, is anyone’s speculation, as I did not find any information on that. That is not to say that it doesn’t exist, I just didn’t feel like spending any more time that I did, searching for proof of his promises.

    Be that as it may, I personally do not see much difference in his holding the taxpayers of New York City Hostage to his excessive financial demands or holding Abner Louima hostage to demands that he “contribute” to whatever cause, however worthy.

    Both, by their very nature, are simply coercion all dressed-up in fancy clothes.

  • tjr101

    @schlukitz: Thank you very much for that info. Some of the fools on this site just like to spout crap from their asses as if they are in the know.

  • schlukitz

    You’re very welcome, TJR101. And yes, several do come to mind. ;P

  • Lukas P.

    If there’s a take-away lesson in any of this “story”, it’s this: if you are the victim of sexual or physical abuse–by police, family or persons unknown, you must demand medical treatment. Paramedics, typically, will provide the transport and provide any needed emegency care. Once at the trauma center/ E.R., get any evidence of injury, documented (via photos, DNA swabs, x-rays, etc.}.

    If your ER claims not to have a camera, then find ANYONE with an equipped cellphone take fotos. Have the date/time of the photos recorded in your med. chart, get them sent to your email and get them appended to that med. record, as well as to your police testimony. Verify that this has occurred with your own eyes. Your right to obtain copies of that documentation may vary by jurisdiction. [i’m not a lawyer–so don’t sue me!]

    If Mineo was, in fact, abused, his mistake was in failing to get documentation or proof.

    In the real world, not everyone who asks is transported to the ER, but the more witnesses, the better,

  • Stan

    actually, Mineo said that the cops called him a homophobic slur before anally torturing him with the police baton.

  • Steve

    Well he’s obviously not the brighest guy, so I’m sure this police slur supplied him with the idea of claiming sodomy.

    What else is new? Certainly not macho dudes, many kinda curious themselves, being homophobes. In my mind, this still doesn’t change the fact Mineo used the “they violated my sacred poop orifice, recreational province of the evil gay man” card to angle for his personal fortune. Whether or not the cops gave him the idea for it.

  • some conspiracy

    Uh, the hospital staff found severe damage to Mineo’s colon and bladder consistent with violent sexual assault with a foreign object, damage that required several operations, and they reported their findings to authorities. Isn’t that… EVIDENCE? Those of you accusing this man of lying, do you accuse the hospital staff of lying, too? Do you think the hospital conspired with him… for what? A percentage of the settlement money? After all, it must have seemed like such a fool-proof, ace-in-the-hole plan to all those educated nurses and surgeons at the time. What could be simpler? Maybe they even destroyed his colon for him, to make it merely LOOK like a typical, everyday, run-of-the-mill police rape with a plunger, and who would be the wiser? Money bags galore! My God, why didn’t I think of this very simple get-rich-quick scheme before? I’m gonna call my physician right now! Doc, grab your scalpel and I’ll pull down my pants… we’re gonna be RICH!!!


    I’ve known that cop’s kind. Absolutely OBSESSED with violent penetration, in uniform.

    Some police forces do a good job of weeding out these monsters who flock to enlist for a chance with the big black stick. Some don’t do such a good job. These rapist pigs are not gay; they’re monsters.

    Lying schmying. The hospital staff likely saved many more civilians from becoming crippled victims of this fiend with a badge.

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