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Breaking news: 8 more hunky news station gays who are keeping us both thirsty and informed

This just in: They’re hot. They’re gay. And they’re some of the first and the last people you see before you go to bed and when you wake up. They’re your favorite TV meteorologists and local news reporters. We already did one roundup of hunky gay meteorologists. For part two, we’ve expanded into the news room…

Tevin Wooten 

Before joining the NBC10 Boston team, weatherman Tevin Wooten spent four years as an on-camera meteorologist with The Weather Channel. While at the network, Tevin covered hurricanes, winter storms, and reported amidst the rubble after many tornadoes (and broken hearts, probably). The Emmy-award-winning forecaster’s passion for math, science, and technology started at a young age; in high school, he even interned at NASA. With bravery, brawns, and brains, we only have one question for Tevin. Are you single, boo?

Tim Joyce


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With more than 25 years of telling viewers what type of coat to bring, Chicago’s WGN-TV’s Tim Joyce is our storm center stud. Before joining the Windy City station, this bearded beauty was a meteorologist and reporter for almost ten years with Q13 News (KCPQ-TV) in Seattle. While there, he also worked at their Portland sister station, CW32 TV (KRCW-TV), as the Chief Meteorologist. With all that experience and facial hair, Joyce can tell us what we should wear (or shouldn’t wear) any day.  

Raphael Miranda 

A two-time Emmy award-winning meteorologist and a two-time father, Raphael Miranda is a weather daddy (literally and obviously). Raphael started his career as a weather intern in 2007 before graduating to production and reporting. During his time at the station, he has covered major weather moments like, Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene, and the 2011 Halloween nor’easter. When not on NBC 4 New York, you can find Miranda on MSNBC, The TODAY Show, and more. You can also find him in the heart-shaped locket around our neck. 

Drew Tuma 


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Who ever thought seeing someone pointing at weather things on a green screen would look so… hot? Not us. But here we are, talking about Tuma and his pointing out the flash flooding in our pants… we mean “area.” A self-described “shy kid,” he first found his calling when a blizzard dumped 40 inches of snow on the Philly suburb he grew up in. He later started his career at WHSV TV3 Winchester, where he was honored with the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorology seal. He found his way to WTTG-TV in Washington, D.C., covering everything from Hurricane Sandy to the June 2012 Derecho. You can now tune in and watch him pointing with perfection at that green screen on ABC7 in the Bay Area. 

James Longman 


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English accent. Boyish good looks. Perfectly coiffed hair. It’s hard to not get heart palpitations when Longman hits the screen. As an ABC foreign correspondent, James has covered the fight against ISIS, faced the Chechen government denouncing LBGT abuse, and climate change in Antarctica. The reporter won the David Bloom award and a Deadline Club award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and has been a News Emmy nominee for his work in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Antarctica, and the Middle East. Amongst all his other talents (like giving us butterflies), Longman is fluent in Arabic and French. 

Gio Benitez 


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Ooooof. Those arms. Those eyes. Those tight shirts. From the wet t-shirt contest-like coverage of Hurricane Irma to El Chapo’s underground escape from prison, Gio has us tuning in to ABC News. Apart from being easy on the eyes, Benitez is the recipient of three national Emmy Awards and two regional Emmy Awards. Most recently, he has been named Transportation Correspondent for ABC News. And obviously needs no GPS to find a way into our hearts. 

Edward Moody 


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Moody is a reporter for WSAV’s First News at 4 in Savannah. This suited stud’s career started nearly 20 years ago, reporting in places like Rochester, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis. He has interviewed high-profile people like Caroline Kennedy and Martin Luther King III. During his time behind the mic, he has won two Emmy Awards. From anchoring on top of a waterskiing-human pyramid to reporting live from the Super Bowl, this newsman has no bounds. Moody is a mood and he’s putting us in one too. *cues up the smooth jazz and lights candles* 

Jorge Estevez 


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Inspired by Peter Jennings, WSB-TV Channel 2’s Estevez knew his path from an early age. With more than 20 years in the news biz, he’s been anchoring and gracing us with his million-watt smile from places like New York City, Orlando, Miami, and now Atlanta. And with nine Emmy Awards under his belt, that’s just nine more reasons for us to fawn over him.

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