BREAKING NEWS: Macy’s Pulls Pride Mannequins


A mannequin with a rainbow flag wrapped around its waist (pictured at right) has incited the wrath of some group of anti-gay nutballs in Boston who decided to flood Macy’s, the creators of the display, with angry phone calls, blathering about how “offended” they were. The mannequins were part of a window display listing the events for Boston Pride, and after listening to the screaming of these intolerant dummies, Macy’s officials made the brilliant decision to remove the mannequins, simultaneously giving weight to conservative fringe politics and insulting the entire gay community.

Not they we encourage boycotts without due cause, but we never liked Macy’s anyway. Hello, Bloomingdale’s Barney’s, Sears, and TJ Maxx.

If you’d like to give Macy’s a piece of your mind, contact them here or call their corporate offices at 513.579.7000.

Pride and prejudice: Macy’s yanks gay display, blasted by both sides [Boston Herald]