BREAKING: NJ Assembly Passes Marriage-Equality Bill, 41-33. Over To You, Christie

As expected, the New Jersey Assembly passed the marriage-equality bill late Thursday afternoon, with a 41-33 vote.

Four Democrats voted no, and zero Republicans voted yes.

The state Senate passed the measure on Monday, 24-16.

“Trenton’s two-year evolution from just missing the opportunity to give couples the freedom to marry to enthusiastically sending it to the governor’s desk this week has been remarkable, but we are far from achieving our ultimate goal: getting the bill signed into law,” said Deborah Jacobs, executive director of the ACLU of New Jersey. “Even if it takes until the end of this legislative session, we have faith that enough legislators will recognize a piece of themselves in the stories of gay and lesbian couples who simply want the chance to fulfill their lives together without their love declared ‘second-class.’”

Republican Gov. Chris Christie has vowed a “swift veto” and tried to intimidate lawmakers from moving the measure forward by calling it “political theater.”

Yes, Gov. Christie, you have veto power and a veto-proof majority will prove difficult to muster, but, if you’re saying this is pointless, you’re wrong. It shows that gay marriage can pass in any fairly progressive state that has a liberal governor.

And they’re not that short of a veto-proof majority, either. In order to override Christie’s veto, the Assembly will need 54 votes and the Senate 27. It’s not that close to happening, but it ain’t that far either.

Photo via Bob Jagendorf