Breaking: Paul Walker Apparently Dead, Despite Conflicting Reports

imagesThe internet was abuzz Saturday with conflicting reports that actor Paul Walker had died in a fiery car crash. The likable 40-year-old thespian who appeared in films such as Joy Ride and The Fast and the Furious, an action film about illegal street racing, is reported by TMZ and ABC, among other reputable outlets, to have perished in a traffic collision at 3:30 p.m. today in Valencia, California while riding as a passenger in a car driven by a friend, Roger Rodas, CEO of Always Evolving (a car customization shop in Santa Clarita), following a charity event for Reach Out Worldwide. Both men died in the single car accident and excessive speeding appears to have played a factor in the crash.

Although other outlets claimed reports of Walker’s demise was merely the latest in a series of hoaxes about bizarre celebrity deaths, the actor’s official Facebook page soon posted the following note:

“It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences.”

Walker began his acting career as a young man in TV commercials and series such as Charles in Charge, Who’s the Boss and The Young and the Restless. He went on to appear in feature films such as the 1998 satire Pleasantville followed the next year by  the football drama Varsity Blues and three years later in the first Fast and the Furious film. He’d eventually appear in all but one of the race car thrillers and had just begun filming the seventh installment in the popular franchise.

The L.A. Times reports investigators are looking into whether speed played a role in the accident. Walker, who developed an extensive gay fan base due to his photogenic good looks and appealing screen persona, is survived by a 15-year-old daughter named Meadow.

Soon after news of Walker’s death was confirmed, other celebrities tweeted their shocked reactions.




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  • Cagnazzo82

    Terrible ironic/unnecessary tragedy.

    There weren’t even any other cars involved, and he wasn’t even driving.

    Basically none of this was even his fault. Sad.


  • jwrappaport

    I mean this without a shred of sarcasm or snark: why is this gay news? I’m not really familiar with Paul Walker. Is he a prominent ally perhaps?

    In any event, the loss of a young, beautiful, talented person is still very sad. My condolences to his family and friends.

  • Rockery


    It’s buzzing everywhere. I expected it o

    The Fast & Furious franchise is pretty popular, there is like 10 of them

    (and yeah he is hot)

  • Rockery

    The conflicting reports are from the fact that yesterday there were reports he died and that was a hoax and then he actually died this afternoon

  • Cagnazzo82

    @Rockery: I read that on another site as well.

    Was there really a hoax that he died yesterday?

    That is creepy.

  • Rockery


    I don’t know, I just read it on another site as well. Creepy indeed

  • Tackle

    Sad to hear about the death of Paul Walker. I think it’s good that Queerty is reporting this because I’m sure that many in the GLBT community enjoyed the “Fast & Furious” franchise, and was fans of Mr Walker. I happend to love the film “Joy Ride”, But Queerty, maybe that pic of Paul is not appropriate at the moment? A nice face pic, or him with a shirt on would be just fine. No need to sex things up during death. And the last thing ( I think) Queerty would want at this moment, is a bunch of gay men posting about how hot he was. There is a time and place for every thing…

  • Daniel-Reader

    The first Fast & Furious has the pointless f*****-slur bomb thrown in which ruined it.

  • Tone

    Stay classy Queerty.

  • jimbryant

    The Fast And Furious movies are quite homophobic. I won’t shed a tear if they cease production. They are up to no. 7, which is quite ridiculous.

    As for Paul Walker, of course it’s sad when someone dies in a car crash. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. I’m interested to know the circumstances of the crash, such as whether speeding was involved.

  • Caleb in SC

    It’s sad the light went out of those beautiful eyes.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @jwrappaport: God, you people are the worst gay stereotypes out there. It’s sad when a “beautiful” person dies? What kind of a piece of shit are you anyway?

  • jwrappaport

    @Eric Auerbach: Yes, it is sad when a young, beautiful, talented person dies (my exact words). I’m not sure why this is an objectionable claim, except that you probably read into my words a tacit assumption that it would somehow be less sad if an ordinary looking person died or that my compassion is a function of one’s looks. I said no such thing, and no fair-minded person who read my comment would think so.

  • Stache1

    Your point of him being so young and beautiful was telling. Even with other celebrities I sure don’t hear he was so talented or so gifted. Just that he was so beautiful, had a great body, or he was such a fun guy. All of which he was. Hell, if people wanted to talk that way about me after my death I’d be happy with that :)

  • Large Marge

    @Tackle: Now I’ll never get to bang Paul Walker… well, unless I get a job at the coroner’s office.

  • the other Greg

    @Tackle: “And the last thing ( I think) Queerty would want at this moment, is a bunch of gay men posting about how hot he was.”

    That’s pretty much all Queerty EVER wants!

  • DShucking

    Any word on whether or not he has a sex tape?

  • DShucking

    @Eric Auerbach: jimbryant is a troll. Sometimes he’s a conservative hom*phobe, sometimes he’s a gay stereotype. One thing he never is is interesting.

  • Q8_A

    It’s always sad whenever a soul passes away in such tragic accident. I enjoyed the fast and furious movies since the very first one.
    What I don’t understand is why does Queerty think it is the right context to post that hot picture of him as if his worth was based on his physical attributes. That’s not a nice way to mourn or remember someone who just passed away.

  • DShucking

    @Q8_A: His worth was based on his physical attributes. He’s no Marlon Brando or Sean Penn. It’s Paul Walker we’re talking about, not James Deen. Take a step back from the self-righteous tap and recognize where you are. It’s Queerty.

  • DShucking

    @jwrappaport: He’s hot. This is Queerty. You know the score.

  • Stache1

    @DShucking: As far as James Dean goes I can see some similarities. They both died in a Porsche.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @DShucking: Pretty sure someone as private as him wouldn’t have a sex tape floating around.

    He does/did have a pretty phenomenal nude scene in Joy Ride though. Him and Steve Zahn. I remember the scene cause I was totally closeted when it came out, and it was… well… enligtening ^_^

    Unfortunately… I won’t be able to watch that movie anymore without thinking about the title and how he went out :(

  • DShucking

    @Cagnazzo82: Private people make sex tapes. Has nothing to do with wanting it to be public.

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