BREAKING: Tyler Clementi’s Father, M.B. Deliver Emotional Statements At Ravi Sentencing

Tyler Clementi’s father Joe has just delivered an emotional statement to jurors, judges, and the media, prior to the judge’s delivery of how much jail time Dharun Ravi (right) will be sentenced to. M.B.’s lawyer also delivered a statement on M.B.’s behalf.

You can watch the sentencing live on CBS.

Holding back tears, Joe Clementi delivered a statement indicting Ravi as a remorseless bully who has not yet truly apologized for what he did to his “vulnerable son” Tyler.

Ravi appeared shaken but unmoved, and did not cry.

One snippet from Joe’s statement: “When asked why he covered up evidence, he said he was trying to fix a problem. That is chilling.”

Said M.B.’s lawyer on his behalf:

“In [Ravi’s] gratuitous media appearances after the trial, he made clear that I was to be his scapegoat… His concern that I may be a thief was difficult. He even went so far to say that when he learned about Tyler’s death, he thought I might have been involved… I do not mind that Mr. Ravi has never apologized to me for what he has said… I also want to say that I do not want him to be deported… To sum up my feelings, I wish to state to everyone involved… have given their time, energy, emotion, and much public money to see that justice was done. If the laws mean anything, then they must be respected. That is why Mr. Ravi must be held accountable.”

We’ll have more on the story as it breaks.