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BREAKING: Vermont House OKs Gay Marriage, But …

Parsing Gay Marriage

Gov. Jim Douglas could still veto the bill, which he’s promised to do, although that sentiment remains cloudy. Having already made it through the Vermont Senate, the state’s House passed the measure 95-52 after four hours of intense debate on the floor, falling five Yays short of a 100-vote “veto proof” vote. Tomorrow there will be a “final approval” measure before it’s sent to Douglas’ desk.

If Douglas signs off on it, the U.S. will have eight percent of its states with legal gay marriage on the books. Tomorrow’s decision in Iowa could bump that to 10 percent.

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  • The Gay Numbers

    Because there is not federal recognition the claim of 8 percent is inaccurate. Gay marriage is still less than marriage until we obtain federal recognition by ending DOMA and achieving equallity at the federal level (at the very least).

  • Chris

    uh………..6%? Hopefully 12% in a couple months though!

  • RM

    Yeah, I can’t get 8% either.

  • Bruno

    Actually I think after tomorrow’s 3rd reading, where amendments will be added, the bill will head back to the Senate first to re-vote on the amended bill. Then it’ll go to Governor Uglas.

  • Brianna

    What is the likelihood that Douglas will change his mind and let it pass? Not very likely I think.

  • Bruno



  • Andrew Triska

    So fill me in–if he vetoes the bill, is that it? Can the House or Senate do anything after that?

  • Bruno

    @Andrew Triska:

    They can override his veto with 2/3 majority in each house. The Senate has it (26 out of 30) while the House apparently doesn’t (probably 100 votes), so it’s possible a few more reps can be convinced to override the veto.

  • Wayne

    It looks like 11 Democrats joined the Republans to make 52 “no” votes. We should find out who these 11 Democrats are – Bigotry and Betrayal should not go unanswered. We have the power to vote these cowards out of offices.

  • patrick

    If the governor vetos this bill, I hope that the legislature votes down every program or bill that this governor supports or wants passed. The legislative body can completely nullify the governor and turn him into a lame duck. I agree with the last post, we need to find out which democrats voted against this and work on them. Hopefully the pro-equal rights supreme court ruling in Iowa will have some influence in Vermont

  • rogue dandelion

    [email protected]patrick: hopefully he won’t need to be threatened with quackitude. Who knows, he may be inspired by Iowa to do what is right. Here’s crossing my fingers.

  • Nate in SLC

    I think that it is definitely possible to override his veto. However, if it doesn’t happen this year, next year may be a different story. Also, the governor of Vermont is elected every 2 years. This may be an issue in the next gubernatorial race, and I’m betting a pro-marriage equality candidate would have a good chance.

  • Attmay

    @Wayne: Threaten to donate money to their opponents.

  • Seriously?

    @Wayne: I think you’re being just as bad as they are.

    You claim they’re bigots, and you have no tolerance for their bigotry. That in turn makes you a bigot.

    Anti homosexuals = bigots

    Homosexuals who are intolerant of anti homosexuals = bigots

    Hey I’ve always wondered, where the hell did the term homophobe come from and why is it applied to everyone who isn’t pro gay? I saw in other posts here, people referring to anti gays as homophobes. I always took the term to mean those that were afraid of gays for reasons regarding their own sexuality. I in no way believe most of these “bigots” as you call them, are in question of their own sexualities. They simply don’t agree with us, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s like a Christian disagreeing with a Catholic about the lord, or a pro abortion disagreeing with an anti abortion. Why does everyone have to be categorized as being afraid of us? They can’t just disagree without being called a bigot or a homophobe?

    At least they don’t kill us like they did the blacks back in the day, or the pagans.

  • Jon from Maine

    Hey Guys….I’ll take the Civil Union over marriage any day….That’s all marriage is. Rest is religious crap. You need the license before the ceremony anyway and and long as my partner of 30 years and I can legally take advantage of the same rights of property and money the rest of the world does without spending a few thousand for a pretty white dress and a few flowers hey…..I’ll take it…J

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