BREAKING: Washington State Senate Approves Marriage Equality, All But Ensuring Its Passage


The Washington State Senate has approved, by a 28-21 vote, a marriage-equality bill. That’s three votes higher than expected.

A vote in the State House is expected as early as next week, and Governor Christine Gregoire (right, seated) has indicated she will sign the measure into law. (Opponents are expected to launch a referendum effort to overturn it.)

Gregoire championed the measure at the start of the year, but it took some time to convince enough Democrats and two swing Republicans to vote yes on the issue. Major corporations headquartered in the state, like Microsoft and Starbucks, also endorsed the measure.

If Washington State passes marriage equality, which is likely, it will join Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont as a haven for same-sex marriage.

Next on the slate: New Jersey, Maryland and Maine.

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