Brendon Ayanbadejo: Marriage Equality Win In MD “Like Christmas”

I’m so stoked. It’s like I woke up and it’s Christmas… It’s something I’ve been passionate about a long time. Even though it doesn’t affect me directly, it affects a lot of my friends. It affects my family. It affects Ravens fans. It affects Marylanders. I’ve worked very hard on it; I’m especially proud of the Marylanders who went out and voted and made a difference.

The majority of the people got it right. Who cares what they think in the locker room? Who cares what they think anywhere? The people decided. People have to take heed and listen to what people are crying for and what they are wanting. The majority of people voted it in.

It’s a done deal and we did the right thing. It took too long. It shouldn’t have been up to other people to decide other people’s fate as far as who they can marry. But we’re progressing, so I’m happy about that.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, addressing the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in Maryland.