Brendon Ayanbadejo: Oakland Raiders “Congratulated Me On Working For Marriage Equality”


Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo, an outspoken supporter of marriage equality, is beaming now that Maryland passed a referendum legalizing same-sex marriage. Surprisingly, he even got some praise from opposing team members during Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

Ayanbadejo told TMZ, “Three Raiders congratulated me on working with and for marriage equality. I remember their names but I will keep that to myself.”

It sucks that supporting equality is thought of as something that needs to be kept secret, but Brendon knows the lockerroom environment better than we do. He did make a point of revealing the players’ race, though: “Ethnicity-wise, it was two white guys and one black guy,” he said. “Ethnicity plays an important part in this movement.”

Ayanbadejo says that now Maryland is a marriage-equality state, he’ll be bringing the fight to his native California.