Brendon Ayanbadejo: The 49ers’ Homophobic Comments “Will Be A Positive Thing”


If people hear you say those things, regardless of whether you mean them or not, they’re going to fry you for it in a public arena. Culliver apologized, and hopefully he’ll learn. I guarantee that his comments will be a positive thing, because it sheds so much light on him and on guys who think like him. Because a lot of guys do think like him.

“I’ve preached since Day 1 that there are certain words you can’t say. They know that when you’re around me, you can’t say ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner. You can’t say the three-letter F-word. Is it a hard burden? No. It’s doing what’s right. I used to say those words. Then I learned those words hurt people.”

“Look, what I advocate for happens to be a lot more controversial than the things other people advocate for. There’s a lot more media today than there was [Wednesday] or Tuesday, and that’s because of this negative thing.”

Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanabadejo continues to make good on his promise while addressing comments made by Super Bowl rivals, Chris Culliver and other San Francisco 49ers, via ESPN. Meanwhile, we know who we’re rooting for (Beyoncé).