Brent Corrigan Entertains With His Pants On In Judas Kiss

Brent Corrigan is going by Sean Paul Lockhart these days.

It’s his “real” name and an indication that the 25-year-old is taking more legit roles, with credits including Big Gay Musical, Another Gay Sequel and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-him appearance in Gus Van Sant’s Milk. Now Lockhart is getting closer to center stage in the indie gay thriller Judas Kiss, coming to DVD on October 25.

In the film, Lockhart plays Chris, the love interest to student filmmaker Danny (Richard Harmon). Danny’s kind of going through a rough patch after a strange encounter with… himself. Well an older version of himself, played by Charlie David (Dante’s Cove).

Where does Lockhart think his older self will be in a decade or two? “Directing and writing! I’d like to have had a few books published. Once I get my nonfiction piece, Incorrigible, done, I want to visit some works of fiction,” he says. “In fifteen years [I want to be] married with five horses and 2.5 dogs. No children. I’m not fit for that!” We chatted with Brett… er, Sean about the film, the movie industry (both adult and mainstream) and what he’d tell his younger self.


How did the part in Judas Kiss come your way?

I got the part from previously working with J.T. in a short film written and directed by Judas Kiss co-producer Jody Wheeler. That short, “Out of the Closet” did the festival circuit the same time as Another Gay Sequel, where I played Stan the Merman. I was fortunate to get such a big break with a director as understanding as J.T. and actors as supportive as [Judas co-stars] Richard Harmon and Timo Descamps. I was very new to the whole process and required more rehearsal and prep time. They were all so willing to put in the extra hours with me to ensure that the movie could be as great as possible.
What made you want to do the movie?

J.T. felt it was high time queer cinema showed a side of me that hadn’t yet been revealed in a larger capacity. He was adamant about not using my physicality to sell the film. Though, honestly, we all recognize the Brent Corrigan name has garnered the movie some much-needed [publicity]. Viewers are hooked by the name and interested to see whether I can hack it or not. And then, thankfully, pleasantly surprised I’m not half bad with my clothing on after all [Laughs]. I just needed that first chance—and Judas Kiss was it.


Did you relate to your character?

Chris is a good, honest kid with a true heart and soul—he’s the golden boy. I was surprised, personally, at how easy it was for me to become so open and vulnerable , which is Chris to the core. I relate most to Chris’ determination and work ethic. I started my first company at 19. Now, at 25, I’ve signed an option for my book and a film based on my book. The exterior of Judas Kiss is about filmmakers and what a rat race, or even crap shoot, getting to become a filmmaker can be. Chris does his time, pays his dues, doesn’t manipulate people, chooses not to cut corners and it ultimately pays off for him. While I can’t say as a young person I didn’t cut a few corners myself, I can say I learned first hand just how severe the backlash can be.


How was working with Richard Harmon?

Richard is immensely talented! He’s going to do some really great things and I feel very proud to get a chance to know him at this stage in his career.  I’ve avoided seeing him in Dear Mr. Gacy because John Wayne Gacy’s story makes my skin crawl. He reminds me too much of my first adult-film producer. That guy was very predatory—even if he wasn’t necessarily murderous about it.

NEXT: spilled Milk, going back in time, and more!

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  • John

    Gay cinema/movies are all awful. They’re all the same and glorify horrible stereotypes.

  • Cam


    Which stereotypes and which movies?

  • dazzer

    Sean Paul Lockhart is the most interesting thing about Brent Corrigan. Judas Kiss is an excellent indie movie and Lockhart is good in it. I’m also impressed by his considered approach to his career and the answers he gave in the interview.
    I was never a fan of Brent Corrigan, but I think I could easily be a an of Sean Paul Lockhart. I know it’ll be a long hard slog for him, but I hope he makes it in the mainstream and starts picking up some meatier roles.

  • Little Kiwi

    define “horrible stereotypes”.

    some people have this kneejerk response wherein they think anything deemed a “stereotype” is inherently negative. usually, when pressed to explain why it’s considered specifically negative it all comes down to “because straight people think it is.”

    Well, that’s not actually a legit or solid answer.

    I’m not a fan of most direct-to-video gay films. I wrote about why. It’s like straight-to-video horror films – cheaply produced to the lowest common denominator.

    That said, there are some terrific and important queer films you should all check out.

    Get Real
    Better Than Chocolate
    The Times of Harvey Milk
    The Boys in the Band
    Beautiful Thing
    The Sum of Us
    Bhaji on the Beach
    Edward II
    Longtime Companion
    Torch Song Trilogy
    The Children’s Hour
    Brokeback Mountain
    The Wedding Banquet
    Edge of Seventeen
    Mysterious Skin
    Yossi & Jagger
    My Own Private Idaho
    The Opposite of Sex
    Happy Endings
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
    I Love You, Phillip Morris
    My Beautiful Laundrette
    A Single Man

    There’s a few to keep y’all busy.

  • fredo777

    I had almost forgotten, but I saw him in that short “Out of the Closet” + I thought he was pretty good. Good luck, Sean.

  • till the world ends

    @Little Kiwi: And out of all the them…..
    Shortbus has the best sex scene
    My own private idaho is the most tragically good
    I love you phillip morris is funny
    A single man is most distrubing

    and you are forgetting the one of my fav’s LATTER DAYS!!!!

  • Coop

    Considering how utterly nasty Queerty has been to adult stars and especially Brent Corrigan I’m amazed they published this article. And why can’t these people proofread their own work? They misspell his name in one of the first paragraphs, referring to him as BRETT.

    I was at a screening this summer in which both of Sean’s latest non-porn works played. Judas Kiss and I Was A Teenage Werebear. 1) There is nothing typical about Judas Kiss! 2) The Werebear one is gay but a segment from a much larger horror Grind House-esque film called Chillerama.

    Sean is more than enjoyable and talented in BOTH. Werebears was totally not my thing (a campy gay musical? Yuck!) BUT, his comedic timing was spot on, he grounds the film perfectly, and he has you rooting for him from the get-go. He’s no singer but from what I took out of the Q&A he’s more than honest about knowing it.

    That said, Judas Kiss was a really well-made gay film with heart. It was superbly written and Sean was properly cast in his role. I know this kid has more to him in there and if he wants it he’ll have it.

    I don’t watch porn. I think it’s a shame he used to do it. I’m happy he’s doing this now. He’s genuinely good and I’m betting Sean will only get better. Can’t wait for more!

  • Sal

    Funny how the only performer to say that Bryan Kocis was predetory is this sleezy fuck Sean Lockhart. A man who was an underaged hooker before he lied his way into porn before he turned 18.

  • cccole

    You guys- I saw Judas Kiss at NewFest this summer. It one of the worst movies I have ever seen, including one of the worst indie gay films. Terrible acting, terrible writing, plot makes no sense. Not even bad in a ‘good’ way. My friend and I were sitting behind the director trying to stifle our laughter. Seriously worse than Dune, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, etc. Don’t waste your money.

  • Ryan

    And I saw it in Palm Springs and thought it was one of the better gay movies I’d seen, with good acting, a different storyline than what I was expecting and production values that were pretty impressive.

    I’ve seen enough films, gay and straight, to know the difference between “good” and “bad.” This is one of the good ones.

    Pretty neat to see that one of the actors was a porn star / former porn star. Congrats on a good acting job.

  • denny

    @Little Kiwi:

    you forgot “Wild Reeds”

    great little French film

  • Stephen

    “Weekend” is a great new movie that came out this year. Much better than I expected.

  • Cam

    @Coop: said….

    “Considering how utterly nasty Queerty has been to adult stars and especially Brent Corrigan I’m amazed they published this article.”

    Once again we have somebody talking about what Queerty ALWAYS does…and yet failing to provide any examples.

  • So Yo

    If he’s going to get all bent out of shape about one bad audition, he’s in the wrong business.

  • BubbasBack

    Well hehehe, it’s the little porn star-murder suspect-Dustin Lance Bareback pal-now wanting to be a legit actor- slut Brent Corrigan. Boy, in my town you’d be working at the Sanitation Dept.! This movie is as bad at Gaga’s song “Judas”. Lord have mercy. Burp.

  • JoeyB

    Did Charlie David bang Corrigan in his latest cinematic masterpiece? I read somewhere that Corrigan said he is retired from porn. Riiiight. Wait till no one from Hollywood calls him other than to use him, and he’ll be back naked in front of the cameras announcing his return, and doing what he does best: sticking his ass out in the air on all fours.

  • Bryan

    As long as he does a better job of acting in real movies than he does in porn, he should be all right. Though if he does, it’ll make me wonder if he’s intentionally bad in porn movies.

  • DenverBarbie

    @Stephen: I was going to add Weekend to this thread after catching a screening last night. IndieWire ranked it as the best film of the year, and after hitting up several film fests this year and screening a lot, a lot, a lot of films (I’ve probably spent the better half of this year in theater chairs)- I’d probably agree! It was uncommonly intimate, intensely sexy, deeply affecting, and just all-around beautifully executed by all involved. Loved it, and encourage everyone to run to the nearest showing.

    As far as Brent Corrigan/Sean Paul Lockhart goes, I’ll be giving this flick a try when it hits my video store’s shelf. I (admittedly) don’t have super high hopes for the film in general, based on the trailer. However, I got a kick out of his cameo in Another Gay Sequel. Hardly a good judge for acting skills, but I thought he did a ?cute? job.
    …and I do believe that he can have a pretty successful career in the world of queer cinema. He has a large enough fan base to keep him going. Mainstream cinema, not so much (if that’s even a goal)- the tabloids would dig up his porn career and destroy him or constantly mistake him for Zac Efron. (Though, it would be neat to see a gay porn star win an Oscar…)

  • bebe



    BRENT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ZAC EFRON, but his voice sounds like Taylor Lautner

  • David Gervais

    Thanks for the list Little Kiwi. I’ll look for the ones I haven’t seen yet.
    I’d like to add: Were the World Mine, available from all the usual sources.

  • DG

    This is legitimate theater? Lol! Give me a break. Brent Corrigan is a used up whore trying to take advantage of his waning last few minutes of fame. Give it up twinkie whore. Fall back into obscurity and take all your sleazy HIV infected buddies with you. You made your sleazy crab infested bed now lie in it!

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